7 lesser-known facts about what it’s like to be a private investigator

The image we’ve been fed in the movies about shady PI’s is just what it is, an image, and, in most instances, a false one. The majority of private investigators are highly trained professionals who more often than not come from a law enforcement background, which means they know right from wrong in terms of gathering evidence legally.

In general, these professionals are hired to investigate anything from hidden assets to locating missing people or finding proof of infidelity, among other investigative services.

Let’s look at what it really means to be a private investigator for hire, and to clear up any myths and misconceptions about the professionals who deserve better for their hard-earned abilities.

Your PI will tap phones or hack into computers

Not so at all! If you’ve hired the team from King Investigators you’ll find that the fact that they’re all licensed, experienced professionals, means that they do have more leeway in terms of accessing certain records for personal and corporate investigations, however, there are limitations to what they can and can’t do legally in some of these investigations.

Only if the owner of a mobile phone, bank account or email account gives permission can the investigator dig into information that may lead to the discovery of wrongdoing, such as in the case of a spouse suspected of cheating.

A PI can assist if you’re being phished online

For many people involved in romances that start online, private investigators have become a great help in checking into whether the person a client is chatting to is who and what they say they are. This is especially necessary when someone starts suspecting that they’re being scammed by the person they’re chatting to online.

The bottom line though, in avoiding the need for a PI in a situation like this is simply to quit talking to people you don’t know online, however, many still get scammed into parting with a lot of money and more, out of sheer innocence.

Private investigators can break the law

This is a fallacy and misconception that certainly doesn’t suit professionals such as the team at King Investigators! This is a team of professionals who are highly trained to use all the skills and tools of their trade to access information the average person is unable to do, but, they do it by sticking to the code of conduct enforced by the PSiRA in South Africa, which is the governing body that keeps a watchful eye over the conduct of the security industry.

Private investigators are able to carry out in-depth background checks on anyone

The fact is that even hiring a housekeeper or new employee has become a risky business in a climate in which crime rates are soaring. This is when the team from King Investigators come in handy, with their ability to carry out an in-depth background check into anyone new, whether on the romantic front, domestic front or in terms of hiring a new employee.

A lot of people simply aren’t what they say they are or what their CV’s say they are, and, if you want to be protected from the start, an in-depth background check is the most proactive way for you to know what you’re getting into!

Private investigators are experts at undercover surveillance

It’s essential that if your hire a private investigator to carry out undercover surveillance, that you make sure they have on the ground experience in this specialised field.

They have to be able to think quickly and adapt to changing circumstances out in the field, making sure that they blend into the background and in doing so, are not picked up by the subject under investigation.

Book learning won’t help with undercover surveillance; only being out in the field for many years will ensure that you as client will be protected for the duration of the investigation.

No nine to five hours for the private investigator!

In most cases, a private investigator may need to work around the clock to gather information and evidence then have the skill to analyse everything that has been brought to light, in order to provide the client with a comprehensive report and trustworthy evidence at the conclusion of a case.

It’s not a thrill a minute as we have been led to believe, a private investigator often has to spend days analysing reams of data to get to the bottom line in order to provide the information required by a client, which is anything but thrilling!

Hire the best private investigators in South Africa by contacting King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, to discuss the way forward in terms of any investigation you need carried out, whether on a business or personal basis!




Here’s what you need to know about polygraph tests & voice stress analysis services

While it’s true that no one can be forced to take a polygraph test, the fact is that the mere refusal to take the test is going to cast suspicion on someone who is already suspected of a crime, whether for a criminal or civil case.

What is a polygraph test?

If you are facing a polygraph test, you will find that a baseline will be established with the professional carrying out the test, which will also assist to set you at ease about the test. The equipment that is used is able to measure changes in your blood pressure, your pulse rate and your level of perspiration, which will all register differently to different questions.

Be assured that even the most innocent of people are uncomfortable with having to take a polygraph test, however, these tests are accurate enough to prove that you are innocent, or not!

What are voice stress analysis services?

A voice stress analysis test is used to measure changes in vocal chords in response to questions, which can even be carried out via telephone. This test cannot be relied on to be 100% accurate, however, it can help a private investigator to go in the right direction to prove innocence or guilt in any particular situation.

During testing, the way in which your voice changes as you answer questions is measured through using computer software, which will then generate a live report; however, these tests can only be carried out by professionals.

Combining voice stress analysis tests with polygraph testing

These two tests can be used together to get a clearer result overall in terms of whether the subject is telling the truth or not. Although a subject is hooked up to the polygraph machine, a voice stress analysis test can still be carried out without affecting the polygraph test.

The technology behind both these tests, whether polygraph tests or voice stress analysis tests, has come a long way as technology is continuously changing, reaching better and better levels of reliability than ever before.

If you’re going to need someone to assist you with polygraph testing in South Africa, chose a reputable investigative company such as King Investigators to carry out these tests professionally.

This equipment and the tests they are designed for are not toys, and, in the wrong hands, could lead to results that are false, which no one can afford, especially if there is to be any court case in a criminal investigation, or the dismissal of an employee on grounds of theft.

Contact King Investigators today to find out more about their fast turnaround times on polygraph testing, voice stress analysis testing or any other form of investigation you need highly trained investigators to tackle!

5 Top tips for hiring a Private Investigator in South Africa

Having to face the possibility that you are living with a cheater is never easy, on any level, and, if you’re someone who isn’t willing to deal with the suspicion and all that comes with the feeling that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you, then it’s time to consider taking your suspicions to a professional private investigator.

The suspicions are painful enough to deal with, however, if you’d rather face the truth, no matter how much it hurts, then you need to know how to find a private investigator with the integrity to tackle your case with honesty and compassion.

A licensed, registered private investigator needs to be able to take on a variety of cases, since certain investigations will include undercover surveillance and the need to have the analytical skill to follow paper trails as well to bring everything that’s hidden into the light.

PI’s are hired by private individuals for personal matters or by businesses to assist in identifying employees involved in theft of company property, money or time.

It’s essential that you make absolutely sure that you work with a registered professional; this is easy to do by checking out their credentials with the PSiRA, the governing body of the security industry.

The PSiRA holds private investigators to high standards, enforcing legal practices that have to be upheld in accumulating evidence that will hold water in court or in any legal process in a business.

Reasons for hiring a private investigator

People hire private investigators for many varied reasons, some of which include but are not limited to:

  • Investigating crimes and assisting attorneys or the police with interviewing witnesses
  • Tracing missing people
  • Carrying out business intelligence investigations
  • Performing in-depth background checks on potential new partners or investments
  • Carrying out lie detector tests for possible new employees and for employee theft
  • Expose hidden assets in divorce cases
  • Provide proof of danger to children in custody cases

Here are a few tips that will assist you in hiring the right private investigator in South Africa

Do your homework on whether the PI is licensed or not

A licensed private investigator must be able to provide proof of his license to act in his capacity as an investigator. Check into his background and training, as well as whether he operates in integrity and honesty.

Find out what kind of support team the PI has

If you work with someone like Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, you’ll find that not only does he have a large team at his disposal in South Africa, which is essential to successful investigations. He has also, over many years, developed strong ties with international investigators, especially when they need someone they can trust to carry on an investigation for them in South Africa.

Make sure he is transparent about possible costs of an investigation

If there’s one thing you can count on with an investigative company like King Investigators, it’s that you’ll have absolute transparency about the costs that may be incurred in taking on your case. This is a team that works within the budget of the client, and one that has built a superb reputation for delivering excellent results without having to pad expense accounts without good reason!

If the PI is willing to bend the rules, move along swiftly

If you’ve been talking to a private investigator that intimates that he’ll bend a rule or two to get the results you want, which won’t be legal, then it’s best for you to move along swiftly.

If you take illegally gathered evidence into court it’ll be thrown out, and, you could end up in hot water for presenting evidence gathered illegally, which leaves you out of pocket and in trouble, which is the last thing you need when you hire a private investigator.

Can the PI guarantee you satisfaction at the conclusion of the investigation?

King Investigators will guarantee your full satisfaction with the results they return to you with at the end of an investigation, and, they’ll do it in the most cost effective way possible.

This team leaves no stone unturned in their pursuit of the truth, and, based on their own integrity, you can be absolutely sure that your information will remain secure and confidential.

Contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town

If you really want the best on your case then your first call should be to King Investigators. Give Jacques a call or have a confidential chat online to find out more about how he and his team of professionals can assist you with your investigation!


How to prepare for a polygraph test

Facing a polygraph test is much easier when you are sufficiently prepared for it and have an understanding of the process, which will be made clear by a polygraph specialist, who will make you feel more comfortable about the test.

Here are a few helpful tips to assist you in preparing for a polygraph test

Ask your own questions about the process involved in the test

In the initial interview with the polygraph specialist, you’ll be able to ask your own questions about the test, so that you can understand how the equipment works, and exactly what it measures once you’re hooked up to it.

You’ll be asked a few questions to get a baseline, a few of which may be ones you are requested to lie about in order to measure physiological changes such as your blood pressure, perspiration and heart rate.

Enquire about which test form will be used

When you are given questions for the test, ask about which polygraph test form will be used, as there are different tests, such as the Control Quest Test, is the most common form used, or the Directed Lie Test and Guilty Knowledge Test form which are also sometimes used.

Here are the basics of what the different tests mean

A Control Quality Test has control questions mixed into the questions. These are yes/no questions.

A Direct Lie Test requires you to directly lie when answering these questions, which is also a way of determining a baseline for the real test.

A Guilty Knowledge Test includes multiple choice questions on a variety of facts which only you and the examiner know about.

Request to see the questions to be asked

You have every right to refuse to take a polygraph test, which may not bode well for you, depending on the circumstances, and, you would have to give written consent to accede to taking the test.

If you have given written consent, you will have the advantage of being able to go through the questions to be asked in the test, which allows you to gain a clearer understanding of the kind of questions you’ll be answering.

Be sure to disclose pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the test results

It’s important that you disclose any pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure and what medication you’re on to control it, to the examiner. This will then be taken into account in terms of the outcome of the test.

Today, it’s becoming the norm for businesses to include pre-employment polygraph tests to ensure that you are who you say you are, that you do have the qualifications you say you have and that your references are genuine.

It is absolutely normal for you to feel somewhat overwhelmed and nervous about taking a polygraph test even though you know you are being 100% honest, just remember that you’ll be in the good hands of seasoned, highly trained professionals who know well how to read more than just what a polygraph test can show!

If you’re looking for a polygraph testing professional to assist you in getting to the truth, contact King Investigators in South Africa to be absolutely sure that you’ll be dealing with licensed private investigators able to tackle a full range of investigative services, as pure professionals!

King Investigators bring superb training & experience to any investigation in South Africa

The full-service investigative services provided by King Investigators has equipped this professional team to tackle an extensive range of specialised investigative services, which allows them to adapt tactics at the drop of a hat in order to remain on top of the investigation.

Whether you would like to hire King Investigators in South Africa for personal and confidential reasons, or, to involve them in keeping your business safe, this is the team you can rely on to deliver results that are guaranteed.

Here are five examples of the investigative services this team is qualified to tackle:


Known as the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, the team at King Investigators have a well-earned reputation for leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of the truth for their clients.

The quality of evidence presented by this team is of such a high standard that it cannot be called into question by any court, whether in a divorce case or a custody battle.

Polygraph Testing

Because of labour laws that make it difficult to fire an employee outright, bringing in the professionals from King Investigators to carry out a polygraph test would be a good place to start.

Through the use of polygraph testing and voice stress analysis testing, it becomes a far simpler matter to find out who is telling the truth and who is lying, and these are results that can then be used to institute either disciplinary action or lay a criminal charge.

Pre-employment Polygraph Testing

Because polygraph testing has proven to be up to 98% accurate, this is an excellent way of sorting the wheat from the chaff when you go through the process of hiring new staff.

In-depth background investigations

We live in an age of misrepresentation, which is extremely prevalent in our culture today, where status and the symbols that go with it are considered to be infinitely more important than being ‘real’ and transparent.

It’s become de rigueur for people to hire a private investigator with the training and experience to carry out in-depth background investigations, in an effort to protect you from possible loss, whether personal or on a business level.

Education, experience and other issues relating to the background of someone you may consider hiring, or dating, can be manufactured with ease in our high speed world of technology, making it well worth your while to get professionals in to make sure you’re dealing with who you think you’re dealing with!

Undercover surveillance during investigations

Whether you’ve hired King Investigators to go undercover in your business to root out theft or corruption, or whether you’ve hired him to find evidence that your spouse is cheating on you, you can rely on this team to bring many years worth of experience on the ground to your investigation.

Not every case requires undercover surveillance, however, it’s for your own peace of mind that you make sure you’re dealing with people who can think on their feet and adjust to changing circumstances on the ground.

Due diligence investigative services

As a highly versatile team of investigators that provide a full-service package that crosses over to assisting clients to root out fraud and other white collar crimes, the team at King Investigators bring analytical skills to bear whenever they’re on the trail to protect their clients.

Many of the investigative services offered by King Investigators can be used in conjunction with others to get as full and detailed a report as possible, irrespective of whether it is for individuals, small to medium businesses or large corporations!

Contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town today, to find out just how extensive their experience is as true professionals you can rely on to deliver the goods, on time, always!

Even if you are just thinking about whether or not a private investigator will be of assistance to you or your business, speak to the team at King Investigators, you will then be able to make an informed decision about the course of action you would like to take once all the cards are on the table.

Silent surveillance at its best with GPS tracking from King Investigators

What we hold today in the palm of our hands in the form of mobile phones and other mobile devices such as laptops draped over our shoulders, was just an idea taking shape in the mind of Alexander Graham Bell, until he made the first recorded phone late in the 1800’s.

The giant strides made in technology across more than a century already, has now given birth to the linking of satellites for many reasons, one among them being GPS tracking devices, which serve to track and to give directions.

GPS tracking devices have become an essential tool for companies that manage fleets of trucks and other vehicles, allowing them to keep track of any possible misuse of these company vehicles, no matter where they go.

Used in conjunction with undercover surveillance, GPS tracking devices have become an integral tool for private investigators, allowing them to provide valuable evidence should there be any wrongdoing uncovered.

These tracking devices are also of great assistance when trucks are hijacked, allowing the company security services to pinpoint exactly where the truck has been after the hijacking.

With over 10 years in the industry, the expert, licensed private investigators from King Investigators in South Africa assist companies with the supply and installation of GPS tracking devices, or, should the company wish to buy the trackers themselves, the team will simply fit them professionally for the client.

GPS trackers have certainly come into their own in terms of investigations into infidelity, false insurance claims and other criminal activities, including cleaning up as much as is possible of drug pushers and pimps!

As the top investigative company in South Africa, the team at King Investigators highly value their reputation for being absolute professionals in their trade craft. This has earned top marks from previous clients over the years, for the honesty, reliability and transparency

You can be absolutely certain that this team of consummate experts, wastes no time in getting onto your case immediately!

Because of the nature of their profession, the team at King Investigators has to have the ability to be able to fit in anywhere, from Constantia to the Cape Flats, especially because they are often called to go into less than savoury surroundings, and being exposed to the seamier side of life.

This is a team of investigators with a proven track record for delivering results without wasting valuable time, or your money, for that matter. The quality of evidence produced by King Investigators at the conclusion of an investigation is of such a high standard that it will be irrefutable in a court case.

If it’s the real deal you want, delivered by professionals, make King Investigators your go-to team for the best in highly trained private investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town!

If the investigation you want carried out is of a personal nature, or that of a business nature, this is the team you can rely on to produce results that are infallible and always delivered on time!

Keep an eye out for these pitfalls when you hire a private investigator in South Africa!

Going to the effort of finding the right private investigator to handle your investigation, and making sure you’ll be dealing with bona fide professionals isn’t something you do every other day, so, we hope this information will make it easier for you to sort the good from the bad before you sign on the dotted line!

Don’t get tripped up by these pitfalls when you hire a private investigator in South Africa:

Don’t let the word ‘cheap’ reel you into making a bad decision!

Whatever you do, don’t base your decision to hire a private investigator by prices that sound too good to be true, because they normally are too good to be true!

If you’re going to add King Investigations to your short list, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that this is a team of professionals that are open and transparent when it comes to offering you competitively priced investigations.

If you speak to a PI that’s cagey and hazy about costs and other details, move along swiftly, because all they’ll leave you with is an empty wallet and evidence that is of no value at all!

Don’t be shy to ask for recommendations from previous clients!

You have every right to ask for recommendations from previous clients. This will help you gauge the level of service excellence, honesty, integrity and reliability, especially when it comes to dealing with the expert professionals from an investigative company in South Africa like King Investigators!

In any event, it’ll also give you to the peace of mind you’ll need to trust that this is a team of seasoned investigators that have remained fully committed to an unwavering standard of excellence for over ten years now.

Do not hire underhanded, unlicensed private investigators!

There is a very good reason that your search for the right PI should start with the PSiRA, just to make sure your investigator and his company is registered with this governing body that oversees the security industry!

Evidence that gets thrown out of court!

On the date of your court case, whether civil or criminal, divorce or child custody cases, the last thing you need at an intensely painful experience is to have all the evidence you’ve paid for being thrown out of court!

This will put you in a bad light and, if anything, it will help the other party to have your evidence ripped to shreds. Remember, your spouse will have his or her own lawyer just waiting to pounce on anything that cannot be backed up by proof!

The absolute no-no’s include the illegal tapping of phones or wearing a wire when interacting with the potential suspect as an example; this is highly illegal evidence, tainted by the methods used to produce it.

Be a winner by making sure you have King Investigators in your corner!

After over ten years in the industry, the team at King Investigators will introduce you to the very best reflection of what an open and professional can do to tackle any investigation you may be contemplating!

Give Jacques a call for a highly confidential chat about why you need the skill and experience this team offers, the call or online chat is free of charge and, by the time you’ve put the phone down, you’ll already have peace of mind that’ll help you to be able to begin early planning around the case you want investigated!

Mobile devices, cameras, lie detector tests & more all play an integral role in successful private investigations!

Professional private investigators have come a long way since the days of Sherlock Holmes, and, with professional investigators such as those at King Investigators in South Africa, an eye for detail, forensic science and an exceptional ability to communicate across many walks of life, has turned this team into the best we have!

As expertly trained investigators, backed up by many years out in the field across many different types of investigations, the team at King Investigators has a permanent finger on the pulse of the latest in state of the art technology, an essential requirement for investigators in 2021 and onwards.

This equips the team to tackle investigations that range from getting the goods on cheaters, corporate espionage and fraud, right across to divorce and custody cases, all of which uses a mixture of skills to ensure that the quality of evidence will be of exceptional value and quality.

Here are a few of the basic skills and tools used by this team across the board:

Mobile phones

Since everyone who’s anyone owns a mobile phone, it’s easy for a PI to surreptitiously capture images and videos with his own phone, without anyone thinking anything of it! In an age where selfies and group photos are a regular part of daily living, a great PI knows exactly how to melt into the background, without drawing attention to himself in any way.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras come in all sizes and shapes today, and a savvy investigator will be armed with exactly what he needs to capture high definition, time-stamped photos and videos of the subject under investigation.

Mobile phones

Although somewhat of a grey area in terms of legality, if a client is able to secure a mobile phone to be mined for calls made and received, text messages and photos. Since nothing is ever really deleted forever off a mobile device, there is a treasure trove of information to be gathered simply by gaining access to someone’s mobile phone!

Lie detector tests/voice stress analysis tests

It’s important to note that only a trained professional investigator is able to administer either a lie detector test or voice stress analysis test. The polygraph machine works at uncovering the truth due to the physiological changes taking place in the person taking the test.

It should be noted here that even if you’re innocent, there’s no way any of us like the idea of being subjected to a polygraph test, which is why a baseline is established by the investigator administering the test, before you get to the nitty gritty!

GPS trackers

These are the ultimate gadgets to use in protecting a fleet of vehicles, or your personal vehicle!

Permission to fit a GPS tracking device to any vehicle requires the permission of the owner of the vehicle, especially if it is privately owned. If the investigation concerns infidelity and the partner suspected of cheating is using a vehicle in the name of their spouse, a GPS tracker can be attached to the vehicle legally.

Fleet managers have save a fortune by installing GPS trackers to keep track of the routes their vehicles travel, and, they also come in extremely handy should a truck be hijacked and stolen. King Investigators will install the GPS tracker on your behalf, whether you have bought it from them or independently.

The final word about King Investigators in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria!

If you’re looking for a team of consummate professional private investigators to offer assistance to you using a wide range of skills and strategies to bring your investigation to a speedy close, then King Investigators will be your best choice!

This team will hand you high quality evidence that’ll protect you, whether in your personal capacity or as a business owner, so, give Jacques Botha and his team a call to get going on cleaning house and business!

Partner with King Investigators in SA to protect your business on all fronts!

Not to belabour a point but, as we watched our world turn upside down virtually overnight with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, our already crippled economy simply crashed, like never before.

If your business has survived having to close down for months and is beginning to grow again, the best investment you can make in keeping it on an upward trajectory is to take a proactive stance towards ensuring that you aren’t being bled dry by employee theft and the likes.

In this sense, being proactive means hiring your own go-to team of private investigators with the necessary skills to tackle everything that can go wrong in your business, whether from within or without.

Today, many businesses have formed long term relationships by hiring a trusted go-to team of private investigators, which is exactly what the team at King Investigators is all about, bringing experience and skills to the table in order to cover you for any eventuality that could cause your business any loss.

With the high-speed growth of technology and the internet, dishonest people and crime syndicates have the perfect opportunity to manufacture any background information they choose to, and then to send in a potential employee to do the dirty work for them, based on the strength of fake CV’s and references.

White collar crime history has also shown that even the most trusted employees that have been with a company for many years, is now also ripe for exploitation by syndicates.

The other side of this coin is that you, as a business owner, now have equally sophisticated technology to combat theft of products, confidential company information, as well as being able to put measures in place to make it tougher for those in accounting positions to defraud or siphon off your hard-earned profits.

As a full-service investigative company in South Africa, King Investigators carry out investigations that involve everything to do with business intelligence, whether it’s to find the perpetrator of fraud and embezzlement, or to investigate employee theft of products and illegal use of company vehicles.

Should it be necessary to get to the truth, the licensed investigators from King Investigators will go undercover at your company in order to root out any criminal behaviour that is causing you financial loss.

No one will be any the wiser if one of these PI’s are ostensibly hired to work for your company. Owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha and his team, have been in the industry for well over ten years and, if anyone can melt into the background, these are the professionals you can rely on 100%.

Desperation has given crime syndicates many more people to supplement their income by any means necessary, whether through theft of products, supplier kickbacks, sensitive company secrets and even customer data bases, which in turn then get sold to your competition.

If your company runs a fleet of vehicles and you need to keep an eye on how and where your transport is being used, the team from King Investigators will install sophisticated GPS tracking devices, which will assist you with keeping your finger on the pulse of your business!

Should you decide to get proactive about protecting your business, contact Jacques at King Investigators in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria, he will share his recommendations with you once he knows what the objective is for you in terms of hiring a private investigator!

Don’t let anyone new into your life or business, without investing in an in-depth background check!

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a PI to carry out an in-depth background check on someone, whether it’s a new romantic interest, a new business partner or investment, in fact, if you are serious about protecting yourself from getting hurt or experiencing loss in your business, then it’s a good decision to make.

Unfortunately our sixth sense doesn’t always give us the right information, especially when everything seems perfectly right on the surface, but that’s when it’s worth taking the step to check into someone’s background thoroughly.

We all want to believe the best in people, we all want to be able to trust easily, however, though dishonesty has been around since the beginning of time, things seem to have escalated alarmingly in the wrong direction with the advent of technology at our fingertips.

If people in high places can lie about qualifications, a potential employee can give you less than the unvarnished truth and, even if you’re considering adding a new board member or partner to your business, you need to take a proactive approach towards protecting yourself and your business.

CV’s can be manufactured and backed up by what seem to be reliable references to contact, or, if you’re hiring someone to take over a position of trust in your business, without reliable, truthful background checks you could well be letting in someone that will do damage to your company.

On the romance front, we all know how easily we can be fooled by someone that appears to be absolutely perfect, only to discover when it’s too late, that you’ve allowed a fraudster, abuser or drug addict, among others, into your life.

The elite team of private investigators at King Investigators in South Africa know exactly where to dig to find the truth, and, with the evidence they present you with, you’ll be able to decide about your next move. It’s empowering yourself to do this, and it’s worth it in the long run!

As licensed private investigators, the team at King Investigators have access to sources that are not available to the general public, in order to provide you with accurate and honest reports, without wasting your time or money!

On a business level, it’s essential that you recognise and then protect your business from crimes such as industrial espionage or sensitive company secrets that could cause devastation if they’re handed to your competition.

As a full-service investigative company with well over ten years in the industry, King Investigators will take on all manner of business investigations, which include misappropriation of corporate assets, embezzlement, fraud, theft of trade secrets and other sensitive company information.

Contact owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, to find out more about what they can do to protect your personal and business interests on a discreet, professional and confidential manner!