King Investigators bring superb training & experience to any investigation in South Africa

The full-service investigative services provided by King Investigators has equipped this professional team to tackle an extensive range of specialised investigative services, which allows them to adapt tactics at the drop of a hat in order to remain on top of the investigation.

Whether you would like to hire King Investigators in South Africa for personal and confidential reasons, or, to involve them in keeping your business safe, this is the team you can rely on to deliver results that are guaranteed.

Here are five examples of the investigative services this team is qualified to tackle:


Known as the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, the team at King Investigators have a well-earned reputation for leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of the truth for their clients.

The quality of evidence presented by this team is of such a high standard that it cannot be called into question by any court, whether in a divorce case or a custody battle.

Polygraph Testing

Because of labour laws that make it difficult to fire an employee outright, bringing in the professionals from King Investigators to carry out a polygraph test would be a good place to start.

Through the use of polygraph testing and voice stress analysis testing, it becomes a far simpler matter to find out who is telling the truth and who is lying, and these are results that can then be used to institute either disciplinary action or lay a criminal charge.

Pre-employment Polygraph Testing

Because polygraph testing has proven to be up to 98% accurate, this is an excellent way of sorting the wheat from the chaff when you go through the process of hiring new staff.

In-depth background investigations

We live in an age of misrepresentation, which is extremely prevalent in our culture today, where status and the symbols that go with it are considered to be infinitely more important than being ‘real’ and transparent.

It’s become de rigueur for people to hire a private investigator with the training and experience to carry out in-depth background investigations, in an effort to protect you from possible loss, whether personal or on a business level.

Education, experience and other issues relating to the background of someone you may consider hiring, or dating, can be manufactured with ease in our high speed world of technology, making it well worth your while to get professionals in to make sure you’re dealing with who you think you’re dealing with!

Undercover surveillance during investigations

Whether you’ve hired King Investigators to go undercover in your business to root out theft or corruption, or whether you’ve hired him to find evidence that your spouse is cheating on you, you can rely on this team to bring many years worth of experience on the ground to your investigation.

Not every case requires undercover surveillance, however, it’s for your own peace of mind that you make sure you’re dealing with people who can think on their feet and adjust to changing circumstances on the ground.

Due diligence investigative services

As a highly versatile team of investigators that provide a full-service package that crosses over to assisting clients to root out fraud and other white collar crimes, the team at King Investigators bring analytical skills to bear whenever they’re on the trail to protect their clients.

Many of the investigative services offered by King Investigators can be used in conjunction with others to get as full and detailed a report as possible, irrespective of whether it is for individuals, small to medium businesses or large corporations!

Contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town today, to find out just how extensive their experience is as true professionals you can rely on to deliver the goods, on time, always!

Even if you are just thinking about whether or not a private investigator will be of assistance to you or your business, speak to the team at King Investigators, you will then be able to make an informed decision about the course of action you would like to take once all the cards are on the table.

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