Why do people hire private investigators?

No one gets to the truth in any case as quickly and successfully as a private investigator can.  That is, if the private investigator you hire has the right credentials and sterling reputation of course.

Combining a variety of skills, undercover surveillance and other tools of the trade, a private investigations firm like King Investigators works hard on your behalf to get results that will uncover the truth in any matter.

No one ever wants to be in a position that calls for the services of a private investigator, but for some individuals or businesses it may become necessary, in order to gather evidence of wrongdoing in many different scenarios.

Whether the evidence is going to be presented in court or not, through King Investigators you’ll have evidence that has been collected in accordance with the code of conduct enforced by PSIRA, which governs the industry in South Africa.

Evidence that’s manufactured or illegally obtained won’t be worth anything to you, especially if it comes to a court case.

Here are some of the reasons people hire a private investigator:


This is one of the main reasons people hire a private investigator in South Africa.  It is a specialised field that calls for a lot of undercover surveillance experience so that the party being investigated remains unaware of being surveyed.

If the alarm bells in your sixth sense are telling you that something’s not right, you need to make sure that you hire the number one cheating spouse detective in Gauteng to handle your case successfully.

Child custody

The greatest tug of war in a divorce is normally custody of children. In the case of a spouse that needs to prove the other party isn’t sticking to custody arrangements, or threatening the safety of a child, a lawyer will call on the services of a private investigator to provide the proof needed to protect the child.


Surveillance is a skill that requires a great deal of experience and an ability on the part of an investigator to think on his feet, and to be able to melt into the crowd, without being noticed.

Surveillance is used in many types of cases, such as:


Employee theft

Workman’s compensation fraud

Insurance fraud

Theft of company secrets and more

Tracing missing persons

As long as the reason you’re trying to find someone isn’t illegal, King Investigators will trace adopted children and other long lost relatives, an old flame or someone that has skipped out on a civil case.

Business investigations

Investigations carried out by King Investigators for businesses include employee background checks, background checks on someone you may be interested in bringing on board as a partner, or, finding hidden assets that could prove a case of fraud.

Financial investigations and counterintelligence are also in the scope of business investigations carried out by this team of professionals.

Background checks

As registered private investigators, owner Jacques Botha and his team have the experience and knowledge to put to good use in carrying out in-depth background checks, whether it’s to get the facts about a new love interest, a prospective employee or a new business partner.

Put King Investigators to work on your case

If you need the help of a registered, professional private investigator to gather evidence you need in either a private matter or a business matter, please call Jacques today for a confidential chat to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

PI’s find the proof that attorneys need in order to win cases

Whether a private investigator is working with district attorneys or those in private practice, the burden of uncovering evidence that brings a successful verdict rests with this professional.

No attorney has the time to follow up on leads, pound the pavements looking for witnesses or sitting for hours in a parked car, waiting to snap photos of the villain of the story in action.

This is why most major law firms keep a high level private investigations firm like King Investigators on retainer. This normally comes about as a relationship between lawyer and investigator is cemented over a period of time, time in which the investigator has proven his worth beyond any doubt.

No attorney can afford to stand before his client and a judge with tainted evidence gathered illegally, which makes his or her choice of investigator extremely important.

King Investigators also have a working knowledge of the law, which, together with the strict code of conduct that governs their industry, ensures that they know exactly how to go about presenting evidence that cannot be questioned or doubted in court.

This team of investigators is able to get around, and, not being tied to a desk, they’re able to track down witnesses that were not part of an original investigation, revisit the scene of a crime and review evidence gathered at the scene, as well as tracing hidden assets that would benefit the client.

Depending on each case, the attorney and private investigator will map out exactly what type of evidence needs to be presented when a case goes to court, at which point the investigator leads the way with his experience.

Here are some of the benefits that are gained when an attorney hires a private investigator:

Cost cutting

By hiring a private investigator, an attorney is able to cut down on billable hours a client would have paid if the case had dragged on for lack of solid evidence.

Shifting the burden of proof

In the partnership between attorney and private investigator, the burden of proof is laid firmly at the door of the investigator, leaving the attorney to pursue other avenues that pertain to the case but are within his or her field.

In-depth information

Dealing in finding and assimilating information requires expert training and experience, which are qualities inherent to anything the team at King Investigators do.

Because they’re able to track down information in places a non-professional is not allowed to enter, this team is able to comb databases in search of virtually any information that would be of benefit to the client.

Presentation of proof

King Investigators provides a thorough report at the conclusion of a case, presenting time-stamped photos and videos, along with a comprehensive report to cover any other activities that take place but cannot be documented visually.

Court appearance

There is seldom a reason for a private investigator to give evidence in court as a result of the quality of evidence and professionalism that underlies evidence gathered by King Investigators.

If it is required, you can be certain that these investigators are able to handle cross-examination like the pro’s they are!

A last word

With a sterling reputation for excellence and integrity, King Investigators will provide you with evidence that can be trusted to stand up to scrutiny in court, working with your attorney to bring the case to a successful conclusion on your behalf.

Here’s what you need to know before you hire a private investigator

Dishonesty and criminality is as old as humanity, and nothing has changed, in fact, if anything, they’ve both become very sophisticated with the ushering in and phenomenal growth of technology.

This sophistication has led to the birth of entirely new crimes, a lot of which is focussed on crimes such as fraud, data theft, identity theft, the creation of false identification and backgrounds, online stalking and intimidation, along with a host of others.

However, crime remains crime, and there are many individuals and businesses that need the specialised training a private investigator has to get to the bottom of any crime, and to get to the truth behind lies.

This is especially true in a world where police services are under tremendous strain, with too few of them to police a huge population. The police can also only go so far in an investigation and no further.

They have legal constraints that hamper many investigations, which is not the case with private investigators. There are many instances in which police request the assistance of a private investigator to help them to prove that the case against a perpetrator results in an arrest and successful trial.

This by no means insinuates the private detectives are above the law, they are simply able to knock on doors and carry out an investigation in areas that are restricted for local law enforcement.

The kind of investigator you hire has to have ethics that hold true to honesty, transparency and trust, held together by a commitment to remain within the professional standards and guidelines that govern private investigators.

One such investigator in Pretoria and Johannesburg is owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha. His experience in the field goes back over 10 years, and, as a registered private investigator, he remains committed to staying within the guidelines of his industry.

This is the reason that King Investigators can make the promise that any evidence uncovered in any case will be of such a high standard that it’ll be able to stand up to scrutiny in any court of law.

Having said all this, here’s what you need to know before you hire a private investigator:


Making sure that the private investigations firm is registered is essential. You can check up on the registration on the PSIRA website here, using the PSIRA registration number issued to the investigator.

Broad spectrum services

It’s important that you make sure that when you hire a private investigator, he will have the necessary experience needed to carry out a successful investigation.

For instance, if a private investigator only handles cases involving infidelity, he won’t be of any use in an investigation that centres on cybercrime.

The best you can do is to find an investigator with a broad spectrum of services, especially if you’re going to need an investigator who can carry out undercover surveillance and apply analytical skills to pour over any type of data during an investigation.


You need to know that the investigator you hire will leave no stone unturned in gathering evidence of wrongdoing. A good way to do this is to ask for references from the investigator.


Make sure that not only will all information pertaining to your case be treated with absolute confidentiality, but that the information will be stored in such a way that it will be kept in a secure location.


Your private investigator has to be up to date with state of the art technology. Technology used in the pursuit of the truth in any case can bring down the cost of an investigation as a result of having to spend less time on a case.


You have every right to be kept up to date during an investigation, so make sure that your private investigator will keep an open line of communication with you, from the beginning of the case to its conclusion.


These are the basics of what you need to know before deciding to hire a private investigator, but, to save yourself time, why not contact King Investigators to find out more about how Jacques and his team can help you to put together a watertight case.

Are you living with a cheater?

This is something no one wants to have to think about, but, according to statistics, up to 85% of those who have experienced the terrible gut feeling that their spouse is cheating, are actually right.

At first it’s easier to pass the feeling off as being in your imagination, but if the bells are all ringing in your sixth sense and you see things changing in your spouse, it may be time to face reality by hiring a private investigator.

Not to be a Pollyanna, but there are instances in which the suspicion was unfounded and the breakup of a relationship avoided. Unfortunately the opposite is more often than not the truth.

Even entertaining the thought that someone you love and share your life with is being unfaithful is deeply painful, and it will be even more painful to come face to face with the proof of infidelity.

Because exposing cheaters is such a sensitive type of investigation, you’re going to need a cheating spouse detective who’ll treat your suspicions with respect and give you the kind of support you’re going to need during the investigation.

King Investigators have carried out thousands of cases involving infidelity, which has given them the experience to be able to provide you with incontrovertible proof of infidelity as quickly as possible.

Above all else, this professional team of investigators with over ten years’ worth of experience, will help you to navigate these uncharted waters as they set out on the investigation.

Right from the start you can count on knowing all you need to make an informed decision about the way you want the case conducted.

This would include talking about your budget, and, with these guys you can be sure that no matter what your budget is, they’ll find a way to see that you have the evidence you need, without breaking the bank.

As difficult as this is to share with a stranger, you need to know that Jacques Botha and his team have seen it all and they will handle your case with the sensitivity you deserve.

King Investigators takes an uncompromising approach to uncovering evidence of infidelity, ensuring that the evidence they provide at the conclusion of the case is of the highest quality.

Before the investigation gets started you and your investigator will discuss what you want and what you don’t want to happen in the investigation, to produce the kind of evidence you need, whether you need it for a divorce case or for other reasons.

You will also know what will happen from a financial point of view, so that you don’t get saddled with a bill that’s way out of the ballpark for you.

It’s important to note here that if you hire the wrong investigator you could end up with evidence that’s illegally gathered and a bill that’s padded with expenses that can’t be justified.

King Investigators will also make sure that you understand the importance of not letting on that your spouse is being investigated for infidelity, no matter how hard it is to pretend all is fine.

Confidentiality, integrity, honesty and sheer professionalism is a guarantee when you put King Investigators to work on your case.  If you feel that you’d rather face the truth than not, please contact Jacques. You can chat with him online, fill in the online contact form or give him a call.


What does your gut tell you about whether you’re living with a cheater?

In an era of technology and the freedom that mobile phones and other devices bring, it’s become a whole lot easier for a spouse to cheat on a partner, which has simply complicated an already emotionally painful experience for anyone who suspects a spouse of cheating.

Let there be no doubt about it, more people in a relationship than not feel that chatting which includes sexual talk is as good as cheating.  Not all of us feel that it’s okay!

For many, finding an email love letter addressed to someone other than themselves creates a sense of betrayal, humiliation and pain, no matter whether the recipient of the email is on another continent and hasn’t had physical contact.

If it’s hidden, there’s something not right, which is when you’re entitled to address your own rights with your spouse, but back to what your gut may be telling you about whether your spouse is cheating on you.

Of course it can be a girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on you, it’s no less painful naturally, but how do you know whether what your sixth sense may be telling you is real or imagined?

Simply imagining that your partner is cheating is frightening enough, but when all the alarm bells are going off it’s hard to define the line between what’s real and what isn’t.

None of us ever want to be confronted by words like affair, adultery, infidelity and cheating, but, as any private investigator in South Africa will tell you, this is one of the main reasons that people will contact a private investigator.

Not all the signs that point towards the possibility that your spouse may be cheating mean they are, it takes more than just a few of the red flags to be raised to consider that you may be dealing with infidelity or an affair.

There are people who would rather know than to keep imagining and living in fear of being cheated on, and, who on hiring a cheating spouse detective, are set at ease that the reality is different to what was imagined, taking immense pressure off the ability to trust a loved one.

If what you’re feeling is impacting the trust and comfort in your relationship, and if the uncertainty becomes unbearable, you may choose to confront the truth, no matter how painful it may be if your suspicions are confirmed.

If you’re at the place where you need to take action rather than to live in that uncertainty, choose your private investigator carefully.

The emotions you’re dealing with by the time you hire an investigator are painful enough, without ending up with someone who has little compassion and even less understanding for the place you’re in on the inside.

What King Investigators bring to a difficult investigation like this is to treat you with the sensitivity you’ll need during the process, and to take your fears seriously.

They’ll make what is a shattering experience a little less frightening, guiding you with their experience and professionalism, so that you can make the right decisions about how you want the investigation to go forward.

It’s not about the budget for these investigators, another thing you really need to know going in.  You’ll have a clear idea of what can be done on the basis of the finances you have available to get to the bottom of what’s going on, without a doubt.

The guys at King Investigators are considered the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and they leave no stone unturned in their determination to bring the truth to light on your behalf.

If you suspect infidelity or cheating, chat to Jacques Botha about how and where to start this very difficult journey.  He and his registered private investigators are fully equipped to make sure that you have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at the end of the investigation.

Personal reasons for hiring a private investigator

The number one reason anyone resorts to hiring a professional private investigator is that whatever the information they’re looking for, is not what they can find on their own in safety.

Where issues such as domestic abuse are involved there are lives at risk, which makes it extremely dangerous for the person at risk, or even family members, to gather proof of the abuse without raising the risk level of the situation.

If the evidence required is such that it can be used in a court, it’s imperative that a professional, experienced private investigator be hired to do what is unsafe for the individual to do.

The reasons for hiring a private investigator in such deeply personal issues is never easy, but, if lives, children or marriages are at risk, then each of us deserves to have someone who can be trusted to protect us during an investigation, and then to produce irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing.

Dealing with an investigative firm such as King Investigators is the first step to protecting your own interests and safety, based on the fact that this team of investigators are consummate investigators with over ten years’ worth of experience in the field.

Personal reasons for hiring a private investigator

Domestic abuse

Despite the fact that domestic abuse is an issue that is regularly highlighted and discussed in the open, it remains one of the most frightening crimes that are kept secret by those being abused.

Police don’t get involved in domestic abuse, all they can do is arrest and hold the abuser overnight, but this unfortunately often puts the victim in even more danger once he or she returns home.

Having evidence of abuse is a completely different matter.  The only way to get the level of evidence that can be used in a criminal prosecution safely is to bring in a trusted private investigator who will protect the victim throughout the investigation.

This type of evidence is absolutely necessary if it is to be used in a divorce case or custody case, and for that, evidence that’s irrefutable must be presented to the court.

Infidelity and divorce

If there is infidelity involved in a divorce, the proof has to be of such a standard that it will be accepted in court. Evidence has to be of this level so that the lawyer for the opposing party cannot poke holes in it, and the judge will also not be able to ignore this type of solid evidence.

If, for any reason, one spouse suspects the other of being involved in criminal activities, having absolute evidence to back up suspicions is going to be of the utmost importance when it comes to a divorce case.

Child custody

The fight for custody is deeply emotional, with each parent wanting the best for their child, but, there is often one party who may not have the best interests of the child at heart and is simply using the child as a weapon against the other.

Children’s rights come first, and even if custody is to be shared, children are often exposed to drug and alcohol abuse, which can only lead to neglect and child endangerment on the part of the guilty party.

When there is any indication that abuse or neglect of the child is taking place, it’s vital for the party petitioning for custody to have evidence to prove that this is indeed what’s happening.

Your private investigator knows exactly how to go about gathering the type of evidence that will assist you to protect your child from any of these situations, and it’s the foremost way to present your case to the court.

Whether you need evidence in order to protect yourself, your children or any other member of your family, contact the registered private investigators at King Investigators, they have the background, experience and knowledge that’s absolutely necessary in such profoundly personal circumstances.


Let King Investigators assist you to protect your business enterprises

People in the workplace are going to try to get away with anything that’ll supplement an income, especially in an economy on a downward spiral, which includes petty theft and pilfering.

It may be as small as taking printing paper and other stationery home, or as big as funnelling company funds into the account of an employee.

Its more often than not hard for an employer to put their finger on the problem, especially if it’s theft of stock or overtime charged that isn’t worked in, which is why it’s often necessary for a business to hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of the situation.

The selling of sensitive company information, such as customer data bases, theft of company secrets such as an acquisition about to take place, or a new product in development is big business, with crime syndicates offering large sums of money to employees to cough up this information.

Asset misappropriation is one of the greatest threats to business today, brought on by, in broad terms, creating false invoices, stealing information and patents, manipulating accounts and using company assets to line employee pockets, or using company time to do personal work.

A report in IOL about the PwC’s biennial Global Economic Crime Survey released in February 2018 says, ‘South African organisations are facing the highest instances of economic crime in the world, with economic crime reaching its highest level in the past decade’.

These are frightening statistics for any organisation, big or small, and the losses incurred are massive as each financial year passes.

In an economy that is already reaching crippling levels, no one can afford these kinds of losses, which is why many businesses will work with King Investigators to find out exactly what’s happening out of sight.

There are many more examples of the types of fraud committed by employees, but, if you really want to know what’s happening in your business behind the scenes, a private investigator is your best option.

The reason for this is that although you’ll want to call in the authorities, it is to your benefit that you first do your own investigation so that you’ll have evidence of the crime committed, before deciding on the appropriate course of action to be taken against the employee.

Although many people think that private investigators live a high flying life of excitement, the opposite is true, in that an investigator needs to have a high aptitude for exploration and analysis of reams of data in order to get to the core of any investigation.

King Investigators regularly carry out a full range of business intelligence services, which include asset misappropriation, financial fraud, internal theft and accounting theft, to name a few.

These types of investigation require a high level of experience and professionalism, which is why Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and his team, are in demand as partners to businesses experiencing any type of employee theft.

In-depth employee background checks are a good place to start, but when all else fails, it may be time to institute polygraph tests and voice stress analysis tests to get to the truth and catch perpetrators of crime in your business.

Let King Investigators give you the support you need to stop the drain on your profits and to regenerate your profit margin to where it should be, by contacting Jacques today for a confidential conversation about what an investigation would entail.

King Investigators provide high level undercover surveillance

Undercover surveillance is a speciality field in the world of private investigations, and, if you aren’t careful about who you’ll trust to tackle your case, you could wind up with egg on your face.

As undercover surveillance experts, King Investigators bring the highest level of training and many years’ worth of experience in the field to every investigation they undertake.

As a registered private investigator, Jacques Botha, owner, heads an expert team of investigators in South Africa, covering a wide spectrum of investigative services made possible through the use of state of the art technology, which is incorporated into undercover surveillance to achieve high success rates.

Another aspect of what makes King Investigators worth trusting with the most confidential information is the fact that Jacques and his team go to bat to maintain a reputation for honesty and integrity in a field that works at uncovering dishonesty.

As a result of the commitment to delivering honest results at competitive prices, top law firms, companies, corporations and international clients rely on King Investigators to deliver the facts, without any frills.

These are results that can stand up to scrutiny in court, to the extent that it is seldom that an investigator from this team has to back up his evidence in court.

This is a team that knows the value of having an intimate knowledge of law, which is an absolute necessity if you’re looking for evidence that is untainted by methods not acceptable to their industry.

The fact that King Investigators is registered with the PSIRA, the governing body that ensures its members operate according to standards that demand a high standard of evidence gathering, is indicative of their professional standards.

If the private investigator you’re planning to hire isn’t registered as a private investigator or with the PSIRA, look elsewhere immediately!

Back to why undercover surveillance is such a specialised field.  If an investigator is carrying out surveillance on behalf of a client wanting proof of infidelity, divorce or child safety (includes child custody and safety when not with custodial parent), the subject of investigation cannot be alerted to the fact that they are under surveillance.

The danger point in all of these highly emotive situations is when the investigator is exposed, which then leads to danger for the client who instituted the investigation.

Jacques is very aware of these dangers and has had his fair share of high risk investigations in South Africa and internationally, over the course of ten years in the field, which is exactly what any client should be able to rely on in an investigator carrying out undercover surveillance.

Being an undercover investigator is demanding, physically and mentally, calling for the ability to think on the go and to adjust to changes that happen unexpectedly, as they do.

To accomplish this at the highest level requires a lot of common sense on the part of the investigator, as well as excellent communication skills thrown into the mix for a successful operation.

If you’re looking for a top private investigator in Johannesburg and Pretoria, let King Investigators introduce you to the way any undercover investigation should be conducted.

Your confidentiality and security is of the highest value to Jacques and his team, so that even if you simply want to find out more about what these investigators can bring to the table in a case you may want investigated, your query and information will be absolutely inviolate.

When you want evidence that can be trusted in any case, contact King Investigators

Driven by a passion for excellence in the field of private investigations, King Investigators are a prime example of a professional investigative company that can deliver proof of any wrongdoing on the behalf of a client, without in any way compromising on their own integrity.

Integrity is essential in this world that often reaches into the darker underbelly of life to deliver evidence of wrongdoing in any case.

This is where the professionalism of the team of PI’s from King Investigators draws the line between investigating the darker sides of life and remaining objective witnesses, without compromising their own integrity.

Honesty and the swift delivery of results is the bottom line at King Investigators, earning them a reputation for being able to provide the level of evidence that is irrefutable and cannot be torn apart in court due to the professionalism of this team.

As registered members of PSiRA, the governing body of the safety and security industry, King Investigators knows, understands and works according to the strict rules and regulations governing the way in which investigations are undertaken.

Technology also plays a major part in investigations undertaken by King Investigators. The use of technology during investigations has opened up many new avenues for private investigators to explore, and, with a keen analytical ability, this often leads to the lowering of investigative costs for clients and an even higher quality of evidence.

The hands-on side of private investigations, which is undercover surveillance, will always need feet on the ground and human intelligence, however, technology also plays a major part in undercover surveillance today, giving the team at King Investigators a latitude that didn’t exist prior to the growth of technology.

Having been in the investigative field for over ten years, King Investigators is closely affiliated with private businesses, corporate conglomerates, legal firms and insurance companies, which speaks to their level of professionalism and proven reputation.

In addition to this, King Investigators work with many overseas investigators who need a local investigator in South Africa they can rely on to deliver quality services.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has also undertaken his fair share of dangerous investigations Venezuela and Brazil, as well as in countries bordering South Africa such as Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, right across to Mozambique, which has only served to add to an already outstanding reputation.

Whether you need an investigator in your personal capacity as an individual or in your business capacity, it would be hard to find an investigative firm that has as high a rate of success or experience such as can be found at King Investigators.

For anyone suspecting a spouse of infidelity, at King Investigators you have the number one cheating spouse detective on your side when you decide that you want someone you can trust with this very difficult experience.

Smoking out employees who steal, or finding assets hidden by one party or the other in a divorce case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the range of investigative services offered by King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Contact King Investigators for peace of mind when you’re ready to take the big step towards getting any investigation off the ground.


Private investigators as professionals date back to early 1700’s

Well, not quite, since as far back as the mind can go there has always been a need for spies, especially in the legendary battles of ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Rome, Germania and the city of legends, Babylon, in Persia.

Wherever wars have been fought or information needed to gain the upper hand in any situation, there have been those willing to risk life and limb for the information, either out of passion for a cause or a few pieces of silver to line their pockets.

Naturally, as far as we can cast our minds back, infidelity has existed, the difference between then and now is that a private investigator today is licensed to provide evidence, whereas back then it was more than likely that the procurer of the evidence would also become executioner!

Of course, none of these could be considered private investigators in the true sense of the word, but, information is information and sometimes the only way to get it back then was to spy!

Who were the first official private detectives?

The Bow Street Runners

Set up in 1749 The Bow Street Runners, under these auspices, were the first real professional police force ever established in London, which would, by 1839, ultimately give way to the Metropolitan Police of today.

While this isn’t what would be called a recognised private investigations firm, it was to be the beginning of a semblance of order in the field.

French (CID), the Sûreté Nationale

The French (CID), the Sûreté Nationale was founded in 1809 by the first recognised private investigator, Eugène François Vidocq. This same man had started on the wrong side of the law, doing everything that he would use later to investigate crimes of all types, based on his own experience as a criminal.

He’d made a deal with the head of the Criminal Department in Paris to become an informant in order to serve out the balance of a prison sentence he’d yet again escaped, and turned it into a true baddy gone good story!

Vidocq’s experience as a criminal turned him into one of the first true criminalists, making him the true father of Private Investigators. He also founded Le bureau des Renseignements (the office of information), which was both a detective agency and a private police force when needs be.

The Pinkerton’s

The Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency was founded by Alan Pinkerton.  He was a Scotsman who immigrated to the US to in 1842, became a deputy sheriff and eventually the first police detective in Chicago in 1850.

When Pinkerton found out about a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, he went on to found the beginnings of the US Secret Service during the Civil War.

Private Investigators today

Today, private investigators are professionals who are licensed to carry out their tradecraft according to a high standard of ethics, remaining well within the law in order to provide clients the confidence that they’re dealing with highly trained, competent professionals.

The body that regulates the industry in South Africa is the PSiRA, whose objective is to regulate the private security industry in the interests of the public and the industry itself.

The types of cases that private investigators undertake today cover a vast range of cases, from fraud and criminal investigations to business intelligence, infidelity to lie detector or voice stress analysis tests.

As registered, licenced private investigators, a firm such as King Investigators in South Africa is able to offer services that are versatile, giving this team the upper hand in that it can do more than one type of investigation for a client if needs be.

If you need the benefit of a trusted, honest private investigator in Johannesburg and Pretoria, contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat that will give you a starting point for the case you are wanting to pursue.