Are Private Investigators Expensive?

It’s understandable that most of us would think, based on what we’ve seen in the movies, that hiring a private investigator is expensive, but are private investigators expensive?

The answer to this question, in particular in South Africa, lies mainly with who you’re dealing with. 

Unfortunately, there are a host of scam artists out there who will take your money, pad your bill with imaginary costs and run, generally leaving you with evidence that holds no water in court at all.

These fraudsters give the hardworking, diligent and honest private investigators in South Africa a bad name, especially those who are legitimately registered with the PSiRA, and they don’t deserve it for the integrity with which they deliver results.

As for whether or not private investigators are expensive, well, the truth is that there are those in the industry who care enough about their clients to work according to their budgets, without ripping them off.

You’ll know them from the way in which they’ll discuss their rates with you; if they’re cagey about it, move along, if they’re open and up front about their rates, it’s well-worth starting with a consultation to discuss your case.

Are private investigators expensive?

If you speak to Jacques Botha at King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa, about private investigator rates, you’ll find that you’re talking to a seasoned professional who has integrity, and is more than willing to be frank about these rates.

Jacques and his team are registered private investigators with more than a decade’s experience in the industry, giving them the ability to tailor private investigator rates to the client and the case.

King Investigators make absolutely sure that no one gets ripped off, and that each client is offered guaranteed results, they are proud of their reputation for honesty and integrity, and fight to maintain it.

Every case is different, requiring a different approach and a different set of skills and tools, but with the training, skill level and experience brought to bear by King Investigators, there is always room to move in terms of rates for specific cases.

As an example, if you are looking for the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, King Investigators will work with you at a level that suits your requirements, both in the way you want the investigation to run, and in a way that will meet with your budget. 

Not every investigation requires two investigators for instance, or major travel and accommodation, which are some instances in which costs can go up.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Jacques is totally approachable. He is more than willing to offer you a free, confidential consultation that can give you a clearer idea of what you may be looking at, in terms of rates pertaining to your case.

King Investigators is proud of their reputation for being a full-service investigations company, and they are able to tackle virtually any type of case you bring to them, as long as it’s above-board.

If you want the best on your case, at affordable private investigator rates, contact King Investigators today, to find out that hiring the top private investigator in South Africa isn’t as expensive as you may think! 

What Are Private Investigators Hired for?

When people think of private investigators, they mainly think of cheating husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, but the truth is they are so much more than this, which leads us to the question; what are private investigators hired for?

Yes, quite a chunk of their workload is devoted to cheating spouse investigations, but there’s a lot more to being a real private investigator in South Africa than this.

The main reason for this is the growth of technology, which has led to online cheating, which is often the first step to a real-world affair, which does impact the world of private investigators.

If you look at someone like Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, you’re looking at someone who has undertaken some pretty high risk investigations in South Africa, across her borders into Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique and Swaziland, up to and including Argentina and Brazil.

Some of these places are high risk just to visit, never mind going in as a private investigator, but using his extensive experience and ability to operate under severe pressure, while juggling multiple tasks, Jacques has come out of these cases unscathed, and with successful results for his clients.

He is also a registered private investigator, as is King Investigators, which is essential if you want someone you can trust on your case. You need only ask him for his PSiRA registration number, and you’ll know you have the real deal on your side.

What are private investigators hired for?

Ultimately, a private investigator is hired to get to the truth, in any type of case, whether it is for an individual or business, and it’s best to deal with a full-service private investigations firm such as King Investigators, if you want to be sure they have the ability to tackle any type of case.

With both criminal and civil investigations under the belt, the team at King Investigations is hired by lawyers, individuals, corporations, companies, insurance companies and more, to carry out a wide range of investigations.

This requires the ability to cross from surveillance to having the analytical skill to follow paper trails and make sense of them on behalf of a client, especially when assets are being hidden, whether in business or in a divorce.

King Investigators offer tracing services, cheating spouse investigations, due diligence, tracing, background checks with a 24-hour turnaround time, expert lie detector tests using the latest technology, business intelligence investigations, and this team are masters at the art of undercover surveillance.

For this team, it’s about getting you the results you need, whatever they may be, good or bad, so that you know the truth and can make informed decisions based on evidence that cannot be denied, even in a court.

Why hire King Investigators in South Africa?

Well, that’s simple enough to answer! This is a team that gets on with what’s in front of them, with diligence and integrity, and there’s not that much of those qualities left in this world.

King Investigators offers guaranteed results, without wasting your time or your money. Contact Jacques today to find out more about how to find your way to the truth in your case, with evidence that has true value.

What Cases do Private Investigators Take?

The world of private investigators still holds great fascination for those of us who watch from the side lines, and who have been influenced by movie characters playing the role of PI.

The lines between fiction and reality, however, have been blurred to a great extent when it comes down to the reality of the world in which a real life private investigator moves, which leaves many asking the question; what cases do private investigators take?

Let’s start with who is considered a legitimate private investigator in South Africa, because this is something the average person doesn’t know, and should, if they do ever need to hire a private investigator.

The only way to know that you’re dealing with a bona fide, qualified, highly trained and experienced private investigator is to find out whether he is registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body of the security industry in South Africa.

There are standards and ethics to which all PI’s are held, and if they aren’t registered, don’t go near them, doing this is in actual fact illegal, for you and for the PI you hire.

Once that’s established, make sure the private investigator you want to hire is able to take on your case, in other words, does he specialise in one sector, such as business, or does he have experience across the board when it comes to investigations.

The second one is the one you’d be looking for, since most investigations can involve more than one type of technique, such as a combination of surveillance and data research.

What cases do private investigators take?

We’re looking at the top team of registered private investigators at King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa here, and the fact that this is a full service private investigative company.

What this means is that there is no case that’s off-limits for this team with well over a decade’s experience in the field, both locally and internationally, which is exactly what you want on your side when you need quality results from any investigation.

Here’s a brief look at the type of cases King Investigations takes on, please click on the link of each type of case for an in-depth look at how much more is involved in each of them;

Cheating spouse

King Investigators is known as the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, having undertaken thousands of successful cases for clients. 

This team, headed by owner Jacques Botha, are professionals who have a deep understanding for the trauma attached to these type of investigations, handling them with a sensitivity that puts the clients concerns first, leaving no stone unturned to get to the truth.


If you want to find someone, this is the team to find them for you, whether it’s a missing relative, someone who is avoiding civil or criminal litigation or a long lost friend.

Background checks

With a 24-hour turnaround time, King Investigators are masters at in-depth background checks. This includes employee background checks or even background checks into a new business partner you may be taking on.

Polygraph testing, lie detector & voice stress analysis

Using the latest polygraph technology, King Investigators guarantees to offer you the most accurate results with their polygraph testing, which has proven to be up to 98% accurate.

This is the ideal way to identify any potential risks before they end up costing you more than they should, especially when it comes to your business.

Business intelligence services & Due diligence investigations

When it comes to protecting your business, you want the best private investigators on your team, to make sure that everything is in line with the way it should be, from establishing the integrity of parties involved in a new partnership, to exposing employee theft or fraud.


As surveillance experts, you can rely on the fact that if your case involves undercover surveillance of any type, King Investigators will not be caught in the act! They know exactly how to blend into the background of any scenario in South Africa and remain undetected.

Your safety is of paramount important to Jacques and his team, as is your confidentiality.

Contact Jacques at King Investigators today for a free, confidential consultation, to find out more about what he and his team can do to assist you with your investigation!

Who Do Private Investigators Work for?

Because private investigation is fundamentally based on searching for and gathering intelligence and information that pertains to anything from financial, legal and personal cases, to prove or disprove the facts, the question is often asked, who do private investigators work for?

Ultimately, any registered private investigator in South Africa is self-employed but is hired by others to carry out investigations on their behalf, and with the broad range of sectors that require investigations from time to time, it’s hard to put any PI into a neatly tied up box.

They mainly live outside the box, thinking and moving outside the box to tie ends most would never get to tied together to bring into focus from many threads, a clear picture of the truth.

A lot of what a registered private investigations company like King Investigations in South Africa does is truly an art, due to the diversity of cases they undertake, under the guidance of owner Jacques Botha.

This is a field that demands respect for the skills people like Jacques and his team have developed in well over a decade in the industry, and for their sheer determination and drive to get the results each client deserves, which is the peace of mind that the truth brings.

Who do private investigators work for?

As with many other bona fide private investigators (not the un-registered fraudsters!), King Investigators is hired to undertake criminal and civil investigations, and are hired by individuals, law firms, insurance companies, corporations, businesses and more; no day is ever the same in the world of this team.

Some of the people King Investigators work for;

One point that needs to lead in here, is that it takes attention to detail, sheer instinct and real focus to remain as successful as the team at King Investigators has over the years!

Private individuals

A private individual may hire King Investigators to carry out a cheating spouse investigation, or to make sure that their children are safe according to any custody arrangements in a divorce. They may also hire the team to trace a missing relative or long lost friend. 

Criminal cases are also reasons that private individuals will hire a private investigator, such as in cases that involve kidnapping, theft, fraud, murder and burglary, and it could be that they’re hired by the defendant or victim, or in many cases, for the attorney of either.

Law firms

King Investigators works with law firms that know the quality of evidence and integrity brought to bear on behalf of the attorney’s client, whether in a divorce, where the question of property or money needs to be settled in a fair and just way, personal injury cases, bankruptcy, custody cases and more.

Corporations & Businesses

In terms of Business Intelligence Services and Due Diligence, King Investigators is hired by corporations and other businesses to root out things like employee theft, fraud, whether inside or outside the company, misappropriation of funds, as well as matters such as in-depth employment background checks.

Insurance Companies

There’s nothing to beat the growth in insurance fraud, with phony claims by individuals and now organized crime rings, involved in fake and inflated claims, personal injury claims that are highly exaggerated to make a buck, and car accidents that are staged, are just some of what insurance companies have to deal with.

Although most of these companies have an in-house system to follow up on suspicious claims, King Investigators is also hired to carry out insurance fraud investigations as undercover surveillance experts.

There’s so much more to King Investigators & who they work for!

This simplified article doesn’t do justice to the extent of what the team at King Investigators is capable of, so it’s really worth perusing their full extent of services here, and finding out a bit more about what this team is all about, including integrity and honesty!

Contact King Investigators today for a free, confidential consultation that may assist you to get your case moving in the right direction for your peace of mind!