Can a Private Investigator Take Pictures of You in Your Home?

Not sure about issues of privacy when it comes to what a private investigator can and can’t do in South Africa? Can a private investigator take pictures of you in your home? 

These are all very legitimate questions in an era when the right to privacy has become very blurred, due to the increase in crime and the increased use of public CCTV surveillance, which makes one wonder just who is watching, why they’re watching and whether it’s legal at all.

Some people live very public lives once they step out of their home, and if they’re up to no good, well, then these questions become burning issues, especially for those involved in organised crime involving drugs, human trafficking, firearms and other criminal activities.

Even if you haven’t done anything illegal, you may be a very private person who believes that the right to privacy in your own home is a fundamental right in our society, and wouldn’t want anyone to overstep that boundary for any reason, without invitation.

Can a private investigator take pictures of you in your home?

It is illegal for anyone to try and take pictures of you in your home, especially with your doors and curtains closed, and this is a legality the team of seasoned private investigators at King Investigators respect fully.

A bona fide, registered private investigator like Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, doesn’t colour outside the law, he knows that any evidence gathered in contravention of the laws and rules that govern the industry, will be thrown out of any legal proceeding as useless.

Once you step out of your home, whether you’re out to walk the dog or to relax in your backyard, all bets are off. It is then legal for a private investigator to take pictures of you.

All public places such as shopping malls, pubs, restaurants, clubs and more, make it legal for a private investigator to take pictures or videos of you. He can even eavesdrop on a conversation you are having in a public place, however, private investigators aren’t allowed to tap your phones.

When do private investigators take pictures of anyone?

If it’s in the process of carrying out surveillance for a case brought to King Investigators, pictures and videos can be taken of the subject under surveillance as long as it is out in the open, however, there is a reasonable expectation of privacy that has to be observed by all investigators when it comes to the privacy of your home.

Trespassing on private property is illegal, no matter who is doing it, and any seasoned private investigator will refrain from tainting evidence of wrongdoing by using tactics like this.

This is why it’s important to make sure you only hire an investigations firm such as King Investigators, who are registered with the PSiRA, the governing body that’s in place to regulate the actions of those in the private investigations industry.

You’ll find that the PSiRA registration number for King Investigators is listed in plain sight on their website, which gives clients the confidence to trust these investigators to obtain evidence based on fact, on their own observations and on the truth.

If you’re looking for a private investigator in Gauteng, South Africa, who places a high value on honesty and integrity, as well as the ability to provide you with guaranteed results in any investigation, civil or criminal, then contact Jacques at King Investigators today for more information.

Trust King Investigators to get to the truth in any matter the right way, while protecting your interests and confidentiality!

Can I Hire Someone to See If My Boyfriend is Cheating?

The mere thought of being cheated on by someone you love is a devastating feeling, and living with suspicion, which comes with a sense of sheer insecurity and rejection, is very difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you, and you’re ready to deal with truth rather than suspicion, you may well be asking the question; can I hire someone to see if my boyfriend is cheating?

Because your emotions will be running in high gear at the thought that your boyfriend is cheating on you, it’s not always that easy to reach the point where you’d rather face reality, if he’s cheating, by hiring someone to provide you with evidence of cheating.

Trying to find out on your own, or involving friends and family in finding proof of whether or not your boyfriend is cheating, isn’t a good idea at all. 

This often leads to serious consequences, due to the emotional volatility that accompanies finding your boyfriend with someone else. 

Even confronting your boyfriend about whether or not he is cheating could lead you to believe that you’re imagining it, that there’s something wrong with you, or, he could accuse you of cheating, which is often what cheaters do.

Can I hire someone to see if my boyfriend is cheating?

Provided that you hire a professional, licensed private investigator to provide you with proof that your boyfriend is cheating, you have every right to get to the truth, no matter how hard it is.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, has conducted surveillance on thousands of cheaters over the years, and as an experienced, registered private investigator, King Investigators has earned the reputation of being the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa.

These are professionals who know what you’re going through, and who make taking a step like this in pursuit of the truth a little easier, due to the fact that they take your concerns seriously, and treat you with the sensitivity you deserve in this situation.

Would it cost a lot to hire someone to see if my boyfriend is cheating?

If you’re worried about the cost of hiring King Investigators to see if your boyfriend is cheating, don’t be. Jacques and his team are seasoned experts who will work with you according to your budget, to provide you with the evidence you need.

In this age of technology, it doesn’t take that much for a professional like Jacques to gather evidence of cheating, and with well over a decade in the field, the team at King Investigators will carry out the investigation according to your requirements, comfort level and budget.

It is perfectly legal to hire a private investigator in South Africa to find out if your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is cheating on you. What isn’t legal, is to hire someone who isn’t registered with the governing body that oversees the industry, which is the PSiRA.

As a PSiRA-registered investigations firm in South Africa, King Investigators guarantee results, without wasting your time or money in the process.

Integrity and honesty is something that is highly valued by Jacques and his team of investigators, which means you can trust them to protect you during the investigation, and that you can trust the results that come from the investigation.

Contact Jacques today for a free, confidential consultation on his hotline. This will lay the groundwork that’ll make taking the step towards finding out whether or not your boyfriend is cheating on you a reality.

Do Police Ever Hire Private Investigators?

Many people may think that private investigators in South Africa can break the law, simply because we think they aren’t governed by the same rules and regulations the police fall under.

However, this is far from the reality when it comes to the way in which legitimate private investigators work. Although they aren’t bound by jurisdictional legalities that hamper police investigations, private investigators still can’t break the law in the process of an investigation.

We all know that, like elsewhere in the world, our police investigators are often carrying more cases than any one person can handle, with cases piling up on their desks as crime keeps escalating, putting them in a position of trying to handle hundreds of different cases with limited resources.

Prioritising these cases is a major task for these overburdened police investigators, which is where the question arises; do police ever hire private investigators?

Job losses and business closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic collapse, has increased the levels and types of crimes being committed, which is also increased due to load shedding and regular electricity blackouts, which helps to hide any criminal activity.

This plunges the police detectives into a never-ending abyss of unsolved crimes, due to the fact that they have to find a way to prioritise their investigations, as mentioned above

Do police ever hire private investigators?

The short answer to this is no, the police don’t have the resources to carry out most of their own investigations, which means they certainly don’t have the resources to hire private investigators.

What does happen, is that many individuals who have been affected by crime and are frustrated with police investigations, are choosing to hire a private investigator to close their cases and bring the accused to justice.

Prosecutors and lawyers involved in criminal cases also make use of the extensive investigative experience of the professionals at King Investigators.

King Investigators in Gauteng and Cape Town are often approached by victims of crime and their families to conduct criminal investigations, in an effort to bring perpetrators of crime to justice.

In cases such as this, licensed private investigators like owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, are able to work with what the police have started on a case, and to use their extensive investigative techniques which aren’t available to the police.

Why hire a private investigator to carry out a criminal investigation?

Gathering evidence, collecting information on the background of the accused in a case that the police detectives are unable to investigate further, is when private individuals or businesses turn to King Investigators for help.

What King Investigators can do that the police can’t:

  • Jacques and his team of investigators are able to give their undivided attention to a case that the police are unable to take any further, focussing all their experience and skill on the case for their client.
  • This team is registered with the PSiRA, which means that you can rely on them to gather evidence without breaking any laws.
  • PI’s like Jacques bring many years of experience to bear in any investigation, and they don’t give up easily when it comes to the twists and turns an investigation can take.
  • King Investigators have the resources and experience to carry out a proper investigation, and their network of other professionals also assists in bringing an investigation to a close.
  • Not being limited by jurisdiction, Jacques and his team at King Investigators can go wherever the case takes them, whether it’s to neighbouring countries in Africa, or as far afield as Brazil and Argentina.

King Investigators produce quality results in criminal cases!

If you aren’t getting results from a case that is going nowhere in terms of a police investigation, contact King Investigators to obtain the evidence you need to close the case, based on solid evidence that can be taken to court with confidence.

Jacques will be more than happy to share his vast amount of knowledge with you in a free, confidential consultation, which will get the ball rolling in the right direction for the closure of a case.

The skills and ability to gain intelligence through various avenues that aren’t available to police detectives, as well as to carry out expert undercover surveillance to gather physical evidence, is all in a day’s work for the team at King Investigators.

Is it Legal to Conduct Surveillance?

In a world that consists of a population increasingly under surveillance as a result of CCTV cameras, it’s fair to ask the question; is it legal to conduct surveillance?

There’s nothing stopping private citizens from following someone for whatever reason they may have for doing so, however, this can be a very dangerous route to take, depending on what’s at stake for the person being followed.

Take for instance the case of a spouse who suspects they’re being cheated on. If the spouse is trying to get proof of adultery, he or she will have to be extremely careful about attempting to do so on their own.

Conducting surveillance on a cheating spouse is fraught with the legalities involved in what will constitute concrete proof of adultery, not to mention the possibility that emotions may be so highly charged, that doing so could result in harm to one or the other party.

The only people who are experts at surveillance are trained private investigators, who know how to avoid detection while carrying out surveillance on anyone.

Is it legal to conduct surveillance?

There are laws that govern just how far you can go when it comes to carrying out surveillance on anyone, and if you don’t have the legal knowledge that goes hand in hand with surveillance, you could land yourself in trouble with the law.

Private investigations firms like King Investigators in South Africa won’t break the law in order to carry out surveillance, despite the fact that this team of licensed private investigators are surveillance experts, with many years’ experience in the field.

While private investigators aren’t bound by the same rules that the police force is held to, they still can’t break the law and expect to go unpunished. 

In fact, it is illegal to hire a private investigator that isn’t registered with the PSiRA, which is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, and should you decide to hire a PI, the first question you need to ask him is for his PSiRA registration number!

Hire a professional private investigator to carry out surveillance!

Surveillance, regardless of the reason for it, belongs to professionals such as Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators. Jacques and his team of investigators are registered with the PSiRA, which means you can trust the results of any surveillance conducted by these skilled, experienced surveillance experts.

Surveillance can be undertaken anywhere, except when it comes to trespassing on private property to do so. Private investigators in South Africa can only take videos and photos in public spaces, and they’re also only allowed to eavesdrop on conversations held in public, but not to tap any phones.

As licensed, registered private investigators, the team at King Investigators has carried out thousands of successful undercover surveillance operations over the years, ensuring the safety of the client, as well as maintaining the integrity of any evidence acquired during surveillance.

Whether you need evidence that your spouse is cheating, that you’re dealing with employee theft or any other case that may require surveillance, contact Jacques at King Investigators in Gauteng and Cape Town for a confidential consultation.

In this free consultation, you’ll be able to establish what your next move should be, based on the experienced guidance offered by King Investigators.

If you need the truth in any matter, choose King Investigators for guaranteed results that are based on honesty and integrity, of the quality that will stand up to scrutiny in court, should this be necessary.