Can a Private Investigator assist you in locating your biological parents?

As adopted children age, the question of who their biological parents are often begins a journey to find out more about them and what other family members may exist that they know nothing about, but it’s not a journey that will be straightforward, and in some cases, there is no way of finding them.

For a start, the stipulations set out in the adoption agreement may mean finding out that birth parents choose to remain anonymous, which can be a very painful end to the search for many an adopted child.  No matter how much an adoption agency would like to assist, if the adoption is one that is closed, they are not allowed to give out any details about the birth parents at all.

There are many reasons that lie behind people wanting to find their birth parents. It could be an illness that requires information about a hereditary disease that could exist in the birth parents, or, it could be that the person is simply looking for answers to the reasons they were given up for adoption.

No matter what the reason, searching for biological parents can have both joyful and hurtful outcomes; depending on how the adopted person is responded t, if they do find their birth parents.

Locating birth parents with the help of a professional private investigator:

In general, most of us don’t have the knowledge or experience to tackle finding birth parents on our own, which means that your best bet for getting anywhere on your search would be to hire a professional private investigator who will know exactly where and how to start the search.

It’s also a comfort to have someone you know you can trust to treat your search with sensitivity, since this isn’t a journey easily begun and the trepidation you may feel will be somewhat allayed by the support of a professional that has had experience in locating biological parents.

Due to the fact that a licensed private investigator has access to databases and other information that the general public cannot use, it puts you ahead of the game right from the start.

You can try searching social networking sites or search engines like Google, however, if you’re starting out blank, this will be a waste of time.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone has an online presence, which is why it takes a professional to pursue the answers down avenues that are not available to the general public.

Prepare yourself for all possible outcomes

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, will tell you at the outset of the investigation that you need to be prepared for all possible outcomes.

This team of PI’s operate from a moral base that includes honesty and integrity, meaning you can rely on them not to mislead you or raise your hopes for nothing. In fact, they’ll explain to you, based on their many years worth of experience in tracing birth parents, that it’ll be best for you to prepare yourself for all possible outcomes.

The birth parents may not want to meet you, they may have passed away, or, they could also be caught up in a dark life on the social scale, such as drugs, prostitution or might even be in prison, in which case you will have to decide how much you want to get to know them, despite the circumstances you find them in.

Consent to meet will be required from your biological parents

If King Investigators are successful in tracing your biological parents, you will still have to accept that they have to give the investigator consent to pass on their information to you. Should they tell the investigator that he is not allowed to share their contact information with you, he is morally and legally bound by the code of conduct that regulates his industry to respect their wishes.

Changing laws around closed adoptions

It’s a lot easier to locate birth parents these days as laws become more relaxed around closed adoptions, and though not every search will have a successful outcome, those that lead to a reunion between adopted children and birth parents are more successful than in years gone by.

Of course, the birth of the internet and explosion of technology has got a lot to do with the relaxation of these laws; however, it is best to remain as realistic as possible about the outcome of the search as possible in something so deeply emotional.

At the very least, if your search isn’t successful, with King Investigators on your side, you’ll always know you’ve had the best helping you to locate your biological parents! If they can’t find them for you, then no one can!

Contact Jacques at King Investigators today to find out more about what he and his team of licensed, registered private investigators can do to assist you with locating your biological parents and family.

Do private investigators assist the police to close cases?

You can be forgiven for believing that private investigators are mavericks who flout the law with impunity to gather evidence, since this is often how they are depicted in movies, however, nothing could be further from the truth when you’re dealing with a professional PI.

It’s true that the police services have to abide by strict legal parameters when it comes to investigating a crime, which often ties their hands at the very point that they may have a breakthrough,.

In many ways, a private investigator is able to work within the legal leeway that his profession allows legally, to gather those final pieces of evidence that could mean that the police can finally charge someone with a crime, which is when the partnership between police and PI becomes very valuable.

The police services are also always under pressure, with too few of them to handle an overwhelming number of investigations, which is where a PI can be of great assistance in closing cases.

Many private investigators have a background in the police services anyway, which means that they know exactly what they can and can’t do to bring a case to a successful conclusion.

Whatever evidence a team of investigators such as those at King Investigators in South Africa is able to gather to pass on to the police has got to be able to stand up to scrutiny in court. A PI also has rules and regulations to adhere to in his industry, and, if he flouts them, the evidence he produces will be worthless. 

Because of their reputation as being thoroughly professional investigators, earned in over 10 years in the industry, the police services often call on King Investigators to assist them with bringing a criminal to book for his crimes as a result of evidence provided by this team.

The team at King Investigators is highly trained and, due to their knowledge of the law, will always produce evidence that is irrefutable under any circumstances, always remaining within the strict code of conduct that controls their industry under the auspices of the PSiRA

If you ever have cause to hire a private investigator, make sure that he is licensed as an investigator and that he is registered with the PSiRA. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your case is in the best hands possible in South Africa!

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, and his team operate from a place of integrity and honesty in an industry that has often been plagued by the bad image shady operators bring to the industry, which has kept this team head above shoulders of the rest without compromise.

If you find you need to hire a private investigator in South Africa that has a full range of services on offer, please call King Investigators today to get your case going in the right direction!

Undercover surveillance is an art form that demands extensive experience in the field to be successful

Undercover surveillance plays an integral role in many types of cases tackled by a private investigator, and to be able to carry out undercover surveillance successfully, a private investigator has to have more than training, he has to have experience in out in the field.

Head knowledge won’t make a PI good at undercover surveillance. It’s often a dangerous job, one that can blow up in the face of the PI and create danger for the client if his surveillance is blown and the subject of the investigation realises he is being investigated.

It’s especially dangerous when it comes to carrying out undercover surveillance that involves finding evidence of infidelity for instance, especially if an acrimonious divorce is in the works.

Having boots-on-the ground experience means that the PI will know exactly how to remain undetected during the surveillance, and being able to adapt to changing circumstances such as when the subject under investigation decides to walk instead of drive, or vice versa for instance.

The PI has to be able to think very quickly on his feet to carry out undercover surveillance successfully, and, he has to be able to communicate well with every type of person in many different situations.

Everything is about how close the PI can get to the subject without being detected, which means that surveillance techniques may have to change often to avoid detection.

Your case may require more than one investigator to be out on undercover surveillance, especially in situations where public transport is used or if the subject is being dropped and picked up at different locations that vary.

Having been in the industry for over 10 years already, Jacques and his team at King Investigators will be able to decide on a course of action to make sure what would be best to maintain surveillance without being compromised.

The case of finding evidence of infidelity!

If you’ve decided that you need proof of whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, and you contact King Investigators to carry out the investigation, they will ask you to provide them with as much information as possible about your spouse, which will enable them to lay out an investigative plan to suit your requirements as well as to suit your budget.

Important to note is that King Investigators will not do anything underhanded to gather evidence in your case. They are registered with the PSiRA, which is the body that oversees the industry to make sure that no evidence is gathered using illegal tactics like invasion of privacy, misrepresentation or any other tactic that will render evidence null and void.

Jacques and his team at King Investigators will take your suspicions of infidelity seriously, but, at the same time, they will encourage you to keep things as normal as possible, no matter how difficult, so that the investigation will not be compromised in any way.

If you want evidence of cheating to stand up to scrutiny in court, then contacting King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town will be where your investigation will be safest!

Contact Jacques today for a confidential chat regarding your case, he will give you all the information you could possibly need to make an informed decision about whether or not to go ahead with hiring these professional private investigators!

Why hire a private investigator in a divorce or custody case?

If you’re facing a divorce or custody battle, being able to hire the right private investigator in South Africa is about more than making sure that your rights, and those of your children, are protected, it’s also about having professionals on your side who can provide you with the evidence you need to be on the winning side of these difficult cases.

If you’ve made the decision to hire a private investigator to handle the evidence required in your case, you cannot have better on your side than the team of professionals from King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town!

This is a team that has really seen it all, and, with more than ten years experience under the belt, they know exactly what it will take out of you to have to plan an effective investigation, and to handle it with the sensitivity you’ll need to tackle this uncharted territory.

If you have children involved in the divorce, and there are any suspicions about neglect on the part of one spouse, or issues such as emotional and physical abuse against the children, you’ll want a professional on your side to make sure you can protect your children.

Unfortunately, in acrimonious divorces and custody battles emotions can be volatile for both parties, which is why it’ll be of benefit to have King Investigators in your corner to keep the focus on facts rather than emotions in order to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets that should rightfully be shared with you and your children, you’ll need the help of a private investigator to find exactly what is being hidden where, so that when your case comes to court, you’ll have trusted evidence to produce on your behalf. 

King Investigators has to experience and analytical skill required to access areas that the general public may not venture into, such as special databases that require a license to access and then the ability to analyse all the data to get to the bottom line for you.

You can rely on the reputation earned by King Investigators for honesty and integrity to be the backup you need in terms of the quality of evidence they produce, and, you can trust that this team sticks to the code of ethics that is enforced by the PSiRA in their industry.

This means that they will never manufacture evidence or gather it in such a way that it cannot be admitted in court due to legalities, which would be of no use to you in the end. 

King Investigators work closely with some of the top law firms in South Africa, a position they’ve earned with their uncompromising stance on transparency, thoroughness and trustworthiness.

There is seldom an easy way around the pain and suffering divorce and custody cases bring, however, knowing that you can rely on this team of investigators to handle your case with confidentiality and sensitivity will go a long way to doing the right thing to protect yourself and your children for the future.

If you’re thinking about hiring a private investigator in South Africa to stand by you in facing a difficult divorce or custody battle, contact King Investigators today to make sure you have the best on your side, throughout the investigation and at its conclusion! 

4 Steps to locating a missing relative

There are a host of reasons that families lose touch with each other, some acrimonious and some simply a result of lives growing apart, but, in many cases the time comes when some want to reunite with long lost relatives, which is where the growth of the internet can begin to shed some light on where they may be.

It’s a simple first step to locating a missing family member, but, not all are on social platforms or even remotely involved with technology, but it’s a good place to start on your own.

Here are 4 steps you can take to begin the journey of finding a missing relative, or any other missing person for that matter:

Put together as comprehensive a list as possible with all the information you may have on hand for your missing relative

It’s going to take a bit of research among other relatives and friends to start getting facts together that can give you a starting point in the search for your relative

Details like where they went to school, past home addresses and phone numbers, cars they might have owned, all these small details can be a great help to you.

This first step is all about gathering as much information as possible to be able to know where to start.  It’ll also be of great value should you decide to hire a private investigator to locate someone that is missing.

Make use of social networking sites

Social platforms such as Facebook, which has almost one and a half billion users worldwide, would be a good place to start. Friends you may have had in common will be of value, as the family member you’re looking for may be in contact with them.

If you have managed to get information on the work history of your missing relative, you could try LinkedIn using that information to follow up on their movements career-wise.

Make use of primary search engines like Google

We all know that you can find virtually anything you’re looking for on primary search engines like Google, which is the leader when it comes to being a powerful search engine.  You could also try search engines such as Yahoo and Big, you have nothing to lose and you may just hit pay dirt this way.

Meta search engines are a highly effective way to harness information from many search engines simultaneously, examples of which are Dogpile, Monster Crawler or WebCrawler.

Hire a professional missing persons Private Investigator

The safest, less complicated route to take to locate a missing person is to hire a professional private investigator with experience in locating missing persons.

Whether you’re trying to locate a missing relative, old friend or perhaps even someone that’s skipped out on a court case, you’d be doing yourself a favour by hiring well trained and experienced investigators, which is exactly what you’ll find with King Investigators.

The team at King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town will cut to the chase and track down anyone missing without wasting valuable time.

As long as you can give them all the information you may have on the missing person, they’ll follow the trail and go places to find information that is not available to private individuals, and you can rely on the fact that any information you get will be reliable and trustworthy.

Integrity, honesty and professionalism is the driving force for the team at King Investigators, which is exactly what you need when you decide to call in the professionals to find a missing person in South Africa and overseas!

Contact King Investigators today to get the best team of investigators on your side to locate someone that has gone missing!

Facing a divorce & need to hire the top private investigator in South Africa?

There are few experiences in life that can compare to the agony that comes with divorce, and especially if it is one that will be acrimonious and cruel. That will be the queue for you to hire a trusted private investigator to protect your interests leading up to the actual court date.

Divorce is seldom anything but ugly, and, when emotions run high over issues such as child custody, withholding of assets or infidelity, it  gets even uglier, which is when you need a professional PI to gather proof of wrongdoing that’s able to withstand scrutiny in court.

Whatever you do, don’t try to gather the evidence on your own, and don’t involve family or friends in the search either. There is too much volatility and emotions running high to risk what could end in danger for you and your family if you take this route.

Most attorneys have a standing relationship with private investigators they know they can rely on to get to the bottom of any case and to produce reliable, legally gathered evidence on your behalf, however, you can also do the research to find the right investigator you feel comfortable trusting.

A major benefit to hiring a private investigator to see you through your divorce is that he is able to view the situation without emotions clouding his judgement, which will be of immense support for you during a deeply personal experience.

You also need to be sure that the investigator you hire does things legally, because if he flouts the rules and the law, you’ll end up with evidence that has absolutely no value for you, and that could in fact taint your case.

King Investigators, owned by licensed private investigator Jacques Botha, brings a sensitivity to your case that you deserve, and the range of experience he and his team brings to any case includes undercover surveillance, which is a skill that requires experience if it is to be done safely.

When it comes to sniffing out hidden assets, Jacques and his team have the analytical skill that’s required to sift through any data that may need to hidden assets.

On the financial end of private investigations, you can trust that King Investigators will not rob you blind or pad the account with non-existent expenses that leave you out of pocket.

Integrity and honesty is a code of conduct this team is proud to lay claim to after over ten years in the field, and what’s more is that they’ll work around your budget and still deliver the goods honestly and on time!

As the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, King Investigators is the team to have on your side if infidelity is involved in your divorce. They’ve cleared hundreds of cases involving cheating spouses over the years, and they know exactly where to find everything you need to produce in court with confidence.

If one spouse in the divorce is a substance abuser or known to be either verbally or physically abusive to the children, you face one of the most painful battles of your life, however, with King Investigators on your side you can rely on them to go into battle for evidence on your behalf, to ensure that your children will be safe in the end.

There is not one among us who wants to deal with the devastation that divorce or ugly custody battles bring, however, you can arm yourself fully and appropriately by hiring King Investigators to protect you during the investigation and to bring it to a successful conclusion for you.

If you’re facing a nasty divorce or custody battle, contact Jacques at King Investigators today for a confidential chat to get the ball rolling to protect yourself and your children.

4 Signs that could mean your spouse is cheating on you

The rapid spread of social media platforms and other online dating platforms has made cheating on a spouse easier than ever before, and, once the conversation starts, it’s a short step to an actual physical encounter.

This may not mean that your spouse is cheating physically, but it does mean he or she is cheating on you emotionally, and, if your senses are telling you that something is off, perhaps its best to consider finding out whether your spouse is cheating or not.

No matter how painful, once you know the truth, you can base your decisions about the relationship on facts and not on mere suspicion, so that if your spouse is in fact innocent, you have the opportunity to work on the relationship.

If your spouse has suddenly locked you out of their phone and email by changing passwords, it’s a red flag, and, if your sixth sense is telling you that something is definitely off, it may be worth asking why you’ve been locked out, but it won’t guarantee you’ll get the truth!

There are four basic kinds of suspicious behaviour you could keep an eye out for, however, bear in mind that it doesn’t mean you’re living with a cheater if he or she displays one or two of them.

There are many other signs that you can be on the lookout for if you do research on the internet, so be sure your spouse is displaying too many of these signs to be ignored, before you believe you’re being cheated on.

Major changes in physical appearance

When your spouse suddenly starts taking more of an interest in his or her appearance, getting makeovers, suddenly joining a gym, changing what he or she wears obviously, it could indicate that there’s something going on.

It could be nothing more than wanting to take care of themselves as time passes, however, some of these signs are a pretty good indication that something is going on, especially if you’re being kept out of it all.

Loss of interest in you and your relationship

If your spouse has previously been intimate and affectionate with you and begins to withdraw from this, showing a loss of interest in the relationship, you can be pretty sure they may be looking for that intimacy elsewhere. If this is completely out of the ordinary and totally unexpected, without any explanation or discussion, you may have to face the painful truth that you’re being cheated on.

Your spouse turns your suspicion of infidelity on you

If things have reached the point where you’ve asked the hard questions and been told you’re imagining things, you may well find that your spouse begins to turn your suspicion against you and start accusing you of cheating!

This is a pretty common manipulative technique used by cheaters, turning their own guilt on you in defence, or to deflect suspicion away from them because of their guilt at their own behaviour.

Sudden increased secrecy

In most relationships based on trust there is no need for either spouse to feel the need to lock you out of their phone or social networking site by becoming secretive about new passwords.

When you’re able to tell the distinct difference between the way it was and the way it’s changed, with all the new secrecy, and your questions are met with derision, it may be time to consider finding out the truth, no matter how painful.

Sadly, according to statistics, 85% of people who suspect that there is cheating on them and having an affair are right, and, your sixth sense also sounds the alarm loud enough for you to pay attention.

While the truth may be painful to face, allow yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing and not just suspecting, since suspicion can do a tremendous amount of damage and your spouse may not even be cheating on you!

Contact the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa at King Investigators to get to the truth. This is a team of professionals who know exactly what you’re going through and who will give you the support you’ll need to get you through these uncharted waters with sensitivity and respect for your privacy.

3 Steps to take to protect yourself & stop cyber-harassment

Harassing and bullying someone in the virtual world of mobile phones and the internet is the act of a coward, but, that knowledge doesn’t change the fear and anxiety that comes with being targeted for harassment.

Nobody deserve to be bullied, in any way, and threats via mobile phones and email means that you’ll have to take steps to put an end to it, to take yourself from being a victim to the victor by stopping the harassment the right way.

While the justice system has been a bit slow in catching up, there are now laws in place that are designed to protect people from cyber-harassment, allowing you to protect yourself legally too.

It’s seldom that cyber-bullies show their faces, but, if there’s ever any hint that the person who may be bullying you could well become a physical threat, it’s essential that you keep everything documented to take the right legal steps to protect yourself in time.

We’re going to look at cyber-harassment here and what you can do about stopping harassment via texting:

Document texts sequentially

It’s essential that you keep every harassing text in sequential order, date and time, so that if you can’t get the person to stop by yourself, you can take the evidence to the relevant police services.

Keep screenshots of every text that comes in and your own replies requesting that the harassment stops, make sure you keep everything in one folder that will be easy to hand over to the authorities should it come to that.

Organise texts in an easy format to present to law enforcement

If you’ve decided to approach the police with your case, handing them all the information they could possibly need to stop the harassment is going to make it easier for them to get to the culprit. Make sure that everything is dated and that the time is recorded of every text, in addition to making sure that you keep copies of everything you hand over to detectives.

Bear in mind though, that the police services are swamped and understaffed at the best of times, especially at this time in history when the COVID-19 pandemic has stretched their resources even thinner than ever before!

Hire an experienced, trusted private investigator

Being on the cutting edge of the latest technology available gives King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town all the experience they need to find your tormentor and put paid to the harassment once and for all.

In fact, when you hire a licensed PI to stop cyber-harassment of any form, you’ll have the kind of support that could even lead to convicting the person harassing you, should you wish to do so.

Often, once Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, is able to identify the perpetrator they’ll be scared off, however, if this isn’t the case, King Investigators are able to provide the police with enough evidence of the harassment, including the identity of the perpetrator, to open a case against them.

This kind of evidence is vital if you plan on securing a court order to stop the harassment!  All of this information applies to any form of online bullying and harassment as well, as long as you keep it all together, you’ll be able to put an end to it!

Contact King Investigators today for a free, confidential chat about what they can do to stop your tormentor and to keep you safe during the investigation.

If you need proof of infidelity, you need to hire a professional PI with the right credentials

Any private investigator that has spent a lot of his time on investigations into cheating spouses will tell you to leave the gathering of proof of infidelity to professionals, and not to try to get the proof on your own.

The mere thought that your spouse is cheating on you and having an affair is painful enough, without having to put yourself under the emotionally charged pressure of finding evidence of cheating on your own!

Even worse is when you try to rope your family or friends into helping you to gather proof of cheating. The emotional cost is high for all concerned, and, more than that, you could put yourself in danger or, end up with the kind of evidence that simply won’t hold water in court, which is the last thing you want if you want to be on the winning side of a divorce case!

King Investigators in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria are the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, having successfully investigated hundreds of cases of cheating or infidelity, locally and internationally.

If the evidence you need is for a divorce case or custody case, it needs to be gathered legally, by experienced professionals who respect boundaries not to be crossed, such as using tactics that include misrepresentation, invasion of privacy or trespassing, to name a few.

Integrity, experience, professionalism and honesty, backed up by an excellent reputation garnered over more than ten years in the industry, are hallmarks you can expect from any undercover investigation undertaken by owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, and his team of licensed investigators.

What you can expect from Jacques and his team is down-to-earth advice and absolute clarity about how your investigation can be carried out in a way that will meet with your budget.

This is an investigative company you can rely on never to pad an expense account with imaginary costs, their reputation for getting results you can rely on without spending more time than is necessary on the case, is one that they won’t compromise on!

If you need proof of infidelity, here’s why it’s best not to do it yourself, but to hire a professional private investigator!

He is able to retain a level-headed approach to the investigation

As professionals, private investigators are not emotionally invested in cases involving cheating and infidelity, which is exactly what you would need as support during a difficult experience like this that takes you into uncharted territory.

Though not emotionally invested, your PI does take your suspicions seriously as you go through the steps to decide on the course of the investigation.

The team at King Investigators fully understand how difficult this investigation will be for you, especially in light of the fact that you’ll need to act as if everything is fine for the duration of the investigation, so as not to tip off your spouse that they are under surveillance.

He has the vital skill set & experience necessary for undercover surveillance

Jacques and his team at King Investigators have successfully closed thousands of cheating spouse cases in South Africa, and, with over ten years experience out in the field as undercover surveillance operatives, you can rely on the fact that you’ll be dealing with professionals that have an exceptional level of experience to bring to your case.

He’ll leave no stone unturned!

Sheer determination is a vital quality when it comes to investigating infidelity and cheating, and King Investigators have a solid reputation for leaving no stone unturned in any investigation they undertake.

They use state of the art technology combined with boots-on-the-ground expertise to deliver results you can rely on, especially if the evidence they present you with at the conclusion of your investigation is to be used in court.

It’s never an easy decision to hire a private investigator to prove whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, but, rest assured that once you’ve had a confidential chat with Jacques about where to next, it’ll be easier to take the next step, based on the down-to-earth honesty you can expect from King Investigators!

Contact King Investigators for full-service private investigations in South Africa

In order to be able to claim to be a full-service private investigative company in South Africa, King Investigators provides investigative services that range from cheating spouse investigations, right through to business intelligence services, without missing a beat.

This is a team of professionals that’ll track down employees that are stealing from your business; follow a paper trail of a spouse hiding assets in a divorce case or carry out professional lie detector tests.

In addition to the analytical ability this team of investigators has in following paper trails wherever they lead, or analysing reams of data to get to the bottom line, they also remain on the cutting edge of state of the art technology as it develops.

This technology is used by this team to improve investigative timelines and save clients money, especially when it comes to combining analytical skills with extensive experience in undercover surveillance.

Naturally, the explosion of technology that continues on an upward trajectory has already had a major impact on the way that criminality has changed.

There are a lot more ways to commit fraud, lie, steal and cheat through technology than there ever was before, and, even having an affair and cheating on your spouse has become a different ballgame with technology!

Here are a few examples of the full range of investigative services provided by King Investigators in South Africa:

In-depth background checks

Having been in the investigations field for over ten years, King Investigators has the necessary resources and connections to make sure that whether you need an in-depth background check into someone you’re planning on employing or someone you’re taking on as a new business partner or, perhaps someone that’s a possible new love interest in your life, you’ll know everything about that person before you make any decisions!

Expert undercover surveillance

The team of licensed private investigators at King Investigators bring many years worth of experience to what can sometimes be the dangerous field of undercover surveillance.

They know exactly how to disappear into the background and how to adapt to changing situations on the ground during an undercover operation, which is absolutely necessary, not just for a successful investigation, but also to protect themselves and their clients!

Cheating spouse detectives

Cases involving cheating spouses are unfortunately one of the main reasons individuals hire King Investigators, and, having carried out thousands of cases involving infidelity, you can rely on this team to produce evidence that’s true and cannot be disputed.

It’s for this reason that King Investigators is known as the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, to the extent that they have the experience of carrying out investigations in other Sub-Saharan countries and internationally!

Polygraph testing

Using the very latest in polygraph technology, King Investigators will, through the use of polygraph services in a range of cases, such as for pre-employment screening, criminal testing, domestic disputes and more!

If you’d like to be able to identify risks before they are set in motion, such as protecting your business from hiring employees that could cause damage to your business, polygraph testing and voice stress analysis testing are the best proactive steps you can take to minimise risks, whether in your personal or business life.

Along with these types of investigations, the experts at King Investigators are also uniquely able to provide Business Intelligence Services and Due Diligence Services, which, as you can see, makes them a top full-service private investigative company in South Africa!

Contact owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha to find out more about what he and his team of professional investigators can do to assist you with any investigation you may need them to undertake on your behalf.