King Investigators offer high level undercover surveillance services in South Africa

In the world of private investigators, undercover surveillance is considered a field that demands a high level of training and on the ground experience, which means that if you aim to hire a private investigator, you need to be absolutely sure that he has the necessary qualifications to undertake your case.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, is a registered private investigator heading up a team of highly trained investigators that are able to tackle a broad spectrum of investigative services, including undercover surveillance.

Through the addition of state of the art technology, Jacques and his team has raised undercover surveillance to a new level of excellence, in order to achieve high success rates in all their cases requiring this skill set.

One of the major reasons clients place their trust in King Investigators, is the fact that over the course of many years, this investigative firm has earned a reputation for maintaining absolute confidentiality on behalf of their clients.

This reputation has much to do with the fact that at the bottom line, honesty and integrity are qualities held in high regard by this team in an industry that serves to uncover crime and dishonesty.

Competitive prices for private investigations has also moved this team up another notch, ensuring that long-term relationships formed with police services, legal firms, international clients and businesses are built on a firm foundation of trust, and the ability of this team to deliver facts without frills.

Facts are important in this field, since in many cases, evidence has to be able to stand up to scrutiny if it is to be used in court, and, false or fictionalised evidence will compromise the client and their case.

The team at King Investigators all have a working knowledge of the law, which ensures that they collect evidence in a way that meets the standards expected from the PSiRA, which is the governing body of the industry overseeing that those in the security industry uphold the rules and regulations.

What makes undercover surveillance such a specialised field?

Undercover surveillance can be extremely dangerous, which is what makes it an absolute necessity for an investigator to know what he’s doing! Should the investigator be gathering evidence of infidelity, or for divorce and custody cases, if the investigator is exposed and the subject of the investigation realises he or she is being followed, the danger could also impact the client during the investigation.

As a professional that has carried out high risk investigations throughout South Africa, across her borders to other African countries and internationally, Jacques Botha and his team are fully aware of the dangers that will always exist in undercover operations.

These undercover operations are physically and mentally demanding on the investigator, often forcing him to think on his feet as conditions and situations on the ground change during the course of an investigation.

An ability to communicate on virtually every level is an absolute necessity for a private investigator, and, he also has to have common sense as his guide during any investigation.

Should you need the top private investigator on your case in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, the best possible place to start would be by contacting Jacques at King Investigations.

In a confidential chat, you’ll find that you’re dealing with absolute professionals, a team that’ll guarantee a quick resolution to your investigation and offer you any guidance you may need to move your case forward, whether it is to prove that your spouse is cheating or that employees are stealing from your company!

What is your gut saying about whether or not your spouse is cheating on you?

The agony of finding a romantic text message or email from your spouse to someone other than yourself is devastating, whether you suspected that your spouse was cheating or not.

The devastation carries with it a deep sense of humiliation and betrayal, even if the relationship has only been through online chatting or texting. For many of us, it’s as good as having an affair.

The mobility of communication that our age of technology has brought with it has upped the ante when it comes to the temptation to have an affair.  If a spouse is exchanging sexual innuendos and suggestive texts or online chats, meeting the person on the other side of the line is a very short step away.

If you sense that something is being hidden from you, it probably means that if your gut has been telling you your spouse may be cheating, it’s probably right. In fact, statistics conclude that 85% of people who have a suspicion their spouse or partner is cheating on them are in actual fact spot on!

When all the alarm bells are going off, and the last thing you want is to even think of words like adultery, affair or cheating, because just these thoughts alone make it so difficult to define what is real and what is imagined.

There are a lot of resources and lists to be found online that’ll give you an idea about what type of signs to be on the lookout for if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, however, not all the signs mean that you’re being cheated on.

If your spouse checks too many of the wrong boxes, then you need to weigh up your options about whether you’d rather know the truth or not. There have been cases in which private investigators have discovered that the spouse is in fact not having an affair, which has also saved a lot of relationships from being ruined based purely on suspicion!

When uncertainty becomes unbearable, you may choose to confront the truth, no matter how painful it may be, by choosing to hire a cheating spouse detective. If this is where you are right now, please choose your private investigator with care.

These are uncharted waters you’ll be wading into, and, considering the heightened emotions you’re feeling, makes it worth speaking to the seasoned investigators at King Investigators to take your fears seriously and to treat your case with the sensitivity it deserves.

King Investigators is home to the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and, with the many years worth of experience in this field they bring to the table, you can rely on this team to assist you with making informed decisions regarding the investigation.

Most people think that hiring a private investigator will be too expensive; however, this is not true.  The team at King Investigators will work with you to make sure that no matter what your budget is, they’ll work around it to leave no stone unturned in presenting you with evidence you can rely on to be fact.

If you’re ready to face the truth, chat to owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, about how to start this challenging experience. You’ll find yourself in the hands of consummate professionals with an excellent reputation for bringing investigations to a successful end, without wasting your time or money.

4 Main reasons individuals hire a private investigator in South Africa

The major reason any individual will hire a private investigator in South Africa is that finding evidence of wrongdoing in any scenario would be dangerous for a private citizen, especially since we don’t have the experience or the avenues available to us that private investigators do.

This is especially true when the case may involve life-threatening situations brought about through domestic abuse or infidelity. Should the family or friends get involved in trying to gather proof it’ll raise the level of risk to unacceptable heights for all involved.

It is essential that if any evidence that is gathered is to be used in court, that it be found and produced by an experienced professional private investigator, specifically so that the victim or family members not raise that threat level.

When the lives of children and spouses are at risk, it’s imperative that you hire a private investigator to protect and support you while he gathers evidence that will be irrefutable in a court of law.

Your first step should be to contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, a team of investigators you can rely on to protect your interests with consummate skill based on over ten years experience as investigators.

4 Main reasons private individuals hire a private investigator in South Africa:

Divorce & Infidelity

If your spouse is cheating on you, and you need undeniable evidence that can be produced in court, the evidence has to be of such a high standard that the opposing party cannot cast doubt on any of it, and that the judge is able to see that the evidence was gathered legally, without bending any rules.

Being involved in gambling, drug pushing or use, along with other criminal activities on the part of your spouse definitely calls for the services of professionals, those that are highly trained in ferreting out evidence that can be relied on.

Spousal & Parental Abuse

No matter how often the issue of domestic abuse by a spouse or parent is discussed in the media, highlighted by police services and others who are involved in assisting women and children that are being abused, it is still an issue that remains hidden in a vast percentage of cases.

We are all well aware of the fact that all the police services can do is to arrest and hold the abuser overnight,  and that in fact, it often takes the death of a spouse or child for them to be able to make a criminal case stick.

Evidence is what is needed, and, in many cases, the victim can and does keep record of the abuse as much as is possible, however, putting the evidence to the test and getting professional backup in the form of a private investigator, can and does lead to criminal prosecution.

Your private investigator will be able to guide and support you as evidence is gathered to be used in a divorce or child custody case, and above all, it’ll be evidence that can stand the closest scrutiny in court.

Custody of Minor Children

No matter how vicious or traumatic a custody battle is, the one thing that counts most in protecting children from a parent that may not have the best interests of the child at heart, is abusive or an addict, and even perhaps using the child as a weapon against the opposing party, the child’s rights come first!

Even a hint at child endangerment, abuse or neglect, backed up by undeniable evidence, is enough to make sure the children will be in the best hands possible.

Your private investigator knows exactly how to go about gathering the type of evidence that will assist you to protect your child from any of these situations, and it’s the foremost way to present your case to the court.

Hidden Assets

As unfortunate as it is, many a divorce becomes a battle to claim what is owed to either party in financial terms, which often leads to the hiding of assets and funds.

The only way to ensure that everything is out in the open in terms of assets and funds, is to hire a private investigator to follow the trail and provide solid evidence of assets that have been hidden, to provide you with the protection you deserve when the situation becomes acrimonious.

Irrespective of whether you need evidence in order to protect yourself and your children, make sure that you contact the registered private investigators at King Investigators. This is a team of professionals that have the necessary background, experience and knowledge that’ll be a necessity for you in such profoundly personal circumstances.

King Investigators provide backup & support to protect your business interests

With an economy in a decidedly deadly downward spiral, businesses have become unfortunate victims to employee theft, which, though it may include ‘smaller’ things like helping themselves to printing paper now and then, also includes the misappropriation of company funds or pilfering of products.

It may take a while for an employer to become aware of losses in certain departments, and even when the losses can be quantified, finding the culprit and bringing them to justice will take a lot more than mere suspicion.

South African economic crime is higher than the global average!

Crime syndicates offer substantial payments for confidential and sensitive company information, which could include corporate espionage that could rob your company of secrets around new product development or the possibility of expanding.

Employee theft includes issues such as fiddling with funds in terms of inventing overtime that isn’t worked and can go as far as taking kickbacks from suppliers or buyers.

False invoices, the manipulation of accounts and even using company time to do personal work, are all white collar crimes that can allow employees to more than double their income.

A report released March 3rd 2020 in iOL reads ‘Economic crime in SA increases – PwC report’, reporting that South Africa’s rate of economic crime continues to remain significantly higher than the global average of 47%.

This was obviously just ahead of our hard lockdown due to COVID-19, which make these statistics frightening for any business, big or small, and the losses will not decrease at this critical time in the world economically.

In an economy that is has been crippled by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one can afford these kinds of losses, which is why many businesses hire King Investigators to get to the bottom of any of these crimes and to root out employees guilty of defrauding the company.

There are many examples of how employees are able to defraud your business and steal from your company, however, if you want to know exactly where your business is bleeding funds and what’s happening in your business behind the scenes, forming a working relationship with a private investigator will be one of the best decisions you can make to protect your interests.

The main reason it makes sense for a business to hire a private investigator is to beef up your need to be able to produce actual evidence against an employee before you can take any decision about the appropriate course of action to be taken against the guilty party.

King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa, are the top team of investigators to have on your side when it comes to dealing with a team that has the experience and aptitude to investigate various forms of data, in order to get to the bottom of financial fraud, internal and external theft, asset misappropriation and many other forms of business intelligence services.

These forms of investigations require an exceptional level of professionalism and experience, which is exactly what you can expect from Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, along with his team of registered and licensed investigators.

Take a proactive approach to protecting your business interests.

Starting right at the beginning, such as bringing King Investigators in to carry out in-depth employee background checks before you hire, is a great start to protecting your interests.

However, when despite this, losses continue, it may be time to institute polygraph tests and voice stress analysis tests, in an effort to root out the guilty parties and to put an end to the perpetrators of crime in your business.

It may even be necessary for one of the team of investigators at King Investigators to go undercover in your business, to get to the bottom of a criminal matter, in which case you can be sure that you’re dealing with consummate professionals who will not compromise the investigation.

If you need high quality investigative support to stop the drain on your profit margins, please contact Jacques and his team today to find out more about how these professionals can assist in protecting your business interests!

The profession of PI’s goes back as far as the early 1700’s

Well, in truth, since the beginning of time there have always been spies, especially when you look at wars that have been fought and won purely by having the right information, dating back to the battles of ancient Egypt, Rome, Germania, Persia, Philistia and Babylon.

Whenever wars are planned, the information needed to help an opposing army to win the battle, there have spies given the task of risking their lives to gather essential information, generally at a price!

Infidelity and cheating goes just as far back in human history, the only difference today being the fact that today a private investigator has to be licensed to investigate a case and provide reliable evidence. Back in the bad old days, it was more than likely that the procurer of the evidence would also become executioner!

Of course, none of these could be considered private investigators in the true sense of the word, but, information is information and sometimes the only way to get it back then was to spy!

Where did profession begin?

The Bow Street Runners

Set up in 1749, under the auspices of the Bow Street Runners, the first professional police force was established in London, which by 1839 would become the Metropolitan Police, as they are known today!

Although not a recognised private investigations firm this was to be the beginning of a semblance of order in the field of private investigators.

French (CID), the Sûreté Nationale

Over the pond in France, came The Sûreté Nationale, the French (CID), which was founded in 1809, which was founded by the first officially recognised private investigator, Eugène François Vidocq.

This is actually a man who started out on the wrong side of the law, gaining experience by doing everything against the law that he would ultimately use to become a top criminal investigator!

Vidocq’s experience as a criminal turned him into one of the first  and finest criminalists, which ultimately made him the founding father of Private Investigators. He also founded Le bureau des Renseignements (the office of information), which was both a detective agency and a private police force, depending on the needs at the time.

The Pinkerton’s

Founded by Alan Pinkerton, a Scotsman who immigrated to the US to in 1842, Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency was born. This led to Pinkerton becoming the first official police detective in Chicago in 1850. Pinkerton found out about a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, after which he founded the start of the US Secret Service during the Civil War.

The world of private investigators today

Today, private investigators are professionals who have to be licensed, registered professionals in order to carry out their tradecraft according to a high standard of ethics, remaining well within the law in order to provide clients the confidence that they’re dealing with highly trained, competent professionals.

The body that regulates the industry in South Africa is the PSiRA, whose objective is to regulate the private security industry in the interests of the public and the industry itself.

As registered, licensed private investigators, when you hire an investigator from King Investigators in South Africa you’ll find that you’re dealing with a full service investigative firm. This gives this gives them the experience that allows them to do more than just one type of investigation.

Contact King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town if you want the quality investigative services of a trusted private investigator on your side, to produce high value evidence that’ll stand the test in any court case!

Here’s what you’ll face when you hire the top cheating spouse detective in South Africa

When your suspicions become unbearable and you’ve decided that you’d rather have the truth about whether or not your spouse is cheating on you or not, you’ll need the support of a professional cheating spouse detective in South Africa, one who knows how tough it is on you and who has experience in this field.

This type of professional, experienced support will mean a lot to you as you enter previously uncharted waters. Your PI will make it a little easier on you, if that’s possible in a situation like this, because you can count on your private investigator being able to remain objective in the face of your emotional tumult throughout the case.

This objectivity will be essential to you, as this will assist you have the courage to keep your spouse in the dark while the investigation is going. This will be especially important if it turns out that your suspicions are unfounded, because then you will not have caused irreparable damage to your relationship.

King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, have the reputation for being the best cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and you can rely on this team to leave no stone unturned to get the facts, and then to deliver evidence that will stand up to scrutiny in court.

Should you be dealing with a child custody battle, or need proof of whether or not your spouse has hidden assets that need to come out in court, then the team at King Investigators is the best tam to have on your side.

Since this is by no means an easy decision, you could start by giving Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, a call or have a confidential chat with him online, so that you’ll have more tangible facts at hand on which to base your decision to go ahead or not.

You are also welcome to meet face-to-face with Jacques, either at his office or at a venue where you will feel safe and comfortable for this initial contact.

Should you decide to go ahead with the investigation, this team will ask you for information that will give them as much information about the habits and movements of your spouse in general, including any new behaviour that will contribute to bringing the case to a swift conclusion.

This is a team that won’t drag the investigation out, of that you can be certain!

Many people think that they won’t be able to afford a PI, however, Jacques and his team will be open and above-board about your budget, so that they can deliver honest results that won’t take you over budget.

You can rely on King Investigators to treat your suspicions with respect and to handle your case with the sensitivity you’re going to need and deserve during a really challenging experience; after all, it’s not every day that you hire a PI!

You can also trust that you’ll be able to communicate with your PI during the investigation so that you can be kept in the loop until the evidence is in, proving your suspicions right or wrong.

King Investigators don’t operate outside of the law as this goes to their professionalism, integrity and reputation, which means that they’ll do only what is legal to gather the evidence of infidelity.

For instance, undercover surveillance can only take place in public places like shopping malls, pubs, restaurants and casinos, which means that your evidence will be untainted by irresponsible and illegal tactics!

King Investigators will not jeopardise your case with tactics such as invasion of privacy or misrepresentation, which would ultimately do nothing but leave you with evidence that’s tainted and won’t hold water in court.

Contact King Investigators today to find out more about how they can help you through a challenging experience like this, on the way to the facts, because that’s what you’ll get from these professionals; the unvarnished truth!

How to make sure you don’t hire a PI that’ll take you for a ride

Whether we hire a bricklayer, builder, doctor or roofing specialist, the first thing we do is to check his credentials, and, the same definitely applies to the decision to hire a respected private investigator in South Africa.

You’ll need to do your own share of investigations into PI’s before you hire one, and, knowing which questions to ask each as you check them out will be of great assistance. Your investigation is essential you want a PI who is above-board and will only provide you with evidence gathered legally and is irrefutable!

Keep these questions handy as you make your way to the best PI in South Africa:

How much experience has he had in the field

You’ll find that most of the best PI’s come from a background in law enforcement, which is always a good indication that he has experience on his side. It’s important to note that no amount of education can make up for real experience on the ground. You need to know he has experience in undercover surveillance, since it can be dangerous, to him and to you, if the person under surveillance becomes aware of his presence. Only experience can give him the ability to blend in while on the case.

Check out whether he is licensed and registered

Protect yourself by making sure you only look into private investigators who are licensed, and, who are registered with the PSiRA, which is the governing body for the security industry in South Africa. This is for your own protection, so that you have recourse should you be taken for a ride or misled in any way.

Owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha, is a registered Private Investigator and has run his investigative firm for over ten years now, splitting his time between criminal and civil investigations in South Africa, across its borders and internationally. This is the type of information that will be of value to you when you need to hire the best!

Ask about the costs you may be facing

There are certain PI’s that’ll pad expense accounts with unnecessary and false expenses, however, when you speak to King Investigators about possible costs, you’ll find these investigators open and above-board about the cost effectiveness of their investigations. There are many ways in which this team can work a case around your budget and still produce evidence that can be relied on to stand up in court.

Jacques will point out ways in which the costs can be cut, especially when you add in the fact that he uses state of the art technology in his investigations, which can also cut costs.

Talking about state of the art technology…

Jacques and his team at King Investigators provide an outstanding service by keeping up to date with and using state of the art technology to achieve quality results faster than ever before, which means that they can stick to their word about not wasting your time or money on an investigation!

Ask about whether the PI has a working knowledge of the law

If the evidence you’re after is going to be used in court, then it’s essential for you to make sure that your PI has a working knowledge of the law. This is important in that if he doesn’t have this knowledge there could be a high probability he could gathering evidence illegally and deliver proof that won’t stand up to scrutiny in court. Private Investigators are not above the law!

Give Jacques and his team at King Investigators a call today, and you’ll find that this top investigative firm checks all the right boxes, especially if you’d rather deal with a PI that values honesty, integrity and professionalism above all!

Contact King Investigators if you need evidence that’ll stand up to scrutiny in court

The team at King Investigators is driven by a passion for excellence in all that they do as investigators, making them a prime example of a consummate investigative firm that delivers evidence that can be relied on in any event, whether for court or not.

Because integrity is important to function in this world that often reaches into the darkest underbelly of life, this is the commitment King Investigators makes to deliver evidence of wrongdoing in a wide variety of investigative services, and to keep their noses clean in the process.

The sheer professionalism of the team at King Investigators draws the line at compromising their integrity as they walk the fine line between investigating the darker sides of life and remaining objective witnesses.

This is a team dedicated to the swift delivery of results, which has earned King Investigators a respected reputation for being able to provide quality evidence based solely on fact, which is irrefutable and can’t be ripped apart by any opposing team in a legal battle.

King Investigators operates according to the strict rules and regulations governing the way in which investigations are to be undertaken, making them one of the top teams registered with the PSiRA, which governs the security industry as a whole.

Technology has become an essential tool used in investigations, which has opened up many new avenues for this team to explore, and, with a keen analytical ability, this often leads to the lowering of investigative costs for clients, a higher quality of evidence as well as speeding up the gathering of evidence.

In terms of undercover surveillance, despite the fact that feet on the ground, along with human observation, will always play a vital role, technology today also contributes to the success of any undercover operations.

This gives the team at King Investigators an upper hand that did not exist before the advent of state of the art technology employed today, and this is a team that stays up to date with the latest technology in an effort to raise the stakes in undercover operations.

King Investigators works closely with individuals, corporations, insurance companies and the legal profession, which says a lot about the exceptional level of professionalism and proven reputation this team values highly.

There are also many overseas private investigators that rely on King Investigators to be their eyes on the ground in South Africa, knowing that this is a team that knows the lay of the land, its people and cultures, like the back of its hand, and one that always delivers quality evidence.

It would be a challenge to find a more professional investigative firm able to deliver an exceptional rate of success, or one that can boast of the experience and training to be found with King Investigators.

King Investigators is also known as the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, and, when going through something as difficult as infidelity, you’ll find it a lot easier to face the investigation with a team you know you can trust to be sensitive to your case.

Finding assets hidden by one party or the other in a divorce case, carrying out polygraph tests, exposing employee theft and carrying out in-depth background investigations and more, is all in a day’s work for King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

When you’re ready to take the next step towards finding evidence of wrongdoing in any type of case, contact King Investigators for a confidential chat that will help you make an informed decision about your next step!

Do you need a private investigator that can cross borders on a case?

Well-established networks with other professionals in the world of private investigations, along with extensive experience, are fundamental qualities you need from a PI who will need to tackle your case if it’s on an international and local basis.

In general, because of the nature of travel today, a majority of international private investigators form ad-hoc partnerships with other professionals across the globe, so that each can act as support when a subject under investigation travels extensively in South Africa and across her borders.

This would be necessary in a case such as following a spouse they suspect is cheating on them during their travels, and, in terms of international investigators, they often need to team up with a South African PI on the basis that he knows more about the customs of his country than his counterpart may know.

A private investigator from the UK or America will find it tough going to keep a subject under surveillance in South Africa, by the mere fact that local cultures and customs are far removed from that of a city like New York or London.

Certain areas in South Africa are dangerous to enter, and only a local PI will know how to blend in to enter these areas without endangering their lives in the process of carrying out undercover surveillance.

Because South Africa has an extremely diverse culture, and with each culture sticking to their own customs, suburbs and general hangouts, it will be close on impossible for an outsider to carry out an investigation on his own, without a local counterpart.

When undercover surveillance plays a major role in the investigation, the chance of success will rest in the ability of the investigator to blend in to the surroundings in such a way that no one will notice him.

For all these reasons, many top international investigators rely on King Investigators to carry out investigations in South Africa in their behalf, knowing that they can be confident that this team of top investigators will be able to produce results and evidence of the highest quality.

This is only possible for the team at King Investigators due to the experience this team has had over ten years in the field, in their professionalism and expertise in undercover surveillance.

Having had to tackle his own fair share of high risk investigations in countries as diverse as Brazil, Argentina, Swaziland, Mozambique and other sub-Saharan countries, owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, has been exposed to a unique insight into customs that are very different to those in South Africa.

The dissemination of information and the ability to take an analytical tack on every piece of information dug up, is what separates Jacques and his team from most other private investigators south of the equator.

It is the combination of all these abilities and skill sets he and his team of registered private investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape that has earned them a reputation for being able to multitask on every type of investigation that crosses their desk.

If you want the best private investigators in South Africa on your side, no matter where the case may take them, give Jacque a call for a confidential consultation that will set the wheels in motion for a professional investigation that will deliver results without wasting time or money!

10 Questions to ask a cheating spouse detective before hiring him

There is little that can hit so hard as betrayal by someone you love, whether it’s a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. Even the gut punch when someone you consider a trusted friend or beloved family member betrays your trust is something we’d all rather never have to face.

It’s very lonely when it’s just you and your sixth sense telling you that something isn’t right, which is generally that in-between time when we least want to give voice to our suspicions to anyone, including those closest to you.

You’ll find that there’s more information on the web about the signs to look out for if you suspect infidelity than you may want to explore, but, it could help to give you a place to start, before you decide to hire a cheating spouse detective in South Africa.

Keeping an eye out for signs such as whether your partner has suddenly password protected a mobile phone, becomes secretive about phone calls, emails or messages.

If you get to a point where suspicion is eating you up and causing friction in your relationship, then perhaps it’s time to talk to a cheating spouse detective about the best route to take if you do want to know for sure that your spouse is cheating on you.

Before you hire a private investigator to provide evidence of cheating, you’ll need to steel yourself for what the evidence may show at the conclusion of the investigation.

Here are the important questions to ask a cheating spouse detective before you hire him:

How long has he been in the field?

You’ll probably find that most private investigators come from a background in law enforcement, which is always a positive since he’ll know how to gather evidence legally.  His background and experience is of utmost importance if you want the investigation to have any real merit.

Does he offer a full-service range of investigative services?

If you’re hiring a PI to uncover the truth about whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, it won’t help if all he does is investigations that focus on white collar crime or fraud for instance.  Your best bet is to hire a PI that is able to multitask in order to cover all aspects of any given investigation.

Is he a registered PI?

In the case of Jacques Botha, who is owner of King Investigations in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg, you can have absolute confidence in the fact that he is a registered Private Investigator with over ten years worth of experience in the industry. As far as professional credentials go, Jacques and his team of investigators are on the up and up in every way.

Is he registered with the PSiRA?

The PSiRA is the governing body that oversees and enforces the code of conduct expected of the security industry and that of private investigators. Should you decide to hire a PI who isn’t affiliated and registered with the PSiRA, you could be headed for disaster, in which case you could well pay for evidence that is of no value at all due to the way in which it is gathered.

Will your PI be available during the investigation?

If you’ve chosen to hire King Investigators, you can be absolutely certain that your investigator will keep you updated throughout the course of the investigation, so that you won’t be left in the dark at any point.

Will he discuss costs openly and honestly?

As an investigative firm that bases its reputation on integrity and honesty, you can be absolutely sure that the team at King Investigators will openly discuss costs with you, and, taking your budget into account, will present you with a few options that could save you money and still get the best results.

Don’t trust an investigator who avoids discussing costs, he’ll likely be the one to pad your account with non-existent charges!

Is he ethical about gathering evidence?

You really do need to do your homework on this point, because any evidence that is illegally obtained will be of no value to you in a court case. In fact, his actions could land you in hot water legally!

Will he be able to give you references?

Although names of clients may be withheld, make sure you request references from individuals or companies that have already benefitted from the services of the firm, to set your mind at ease regarding his reputation in the industry.

Will you get a detailed report?

If the evidence you need is for a court case, King Investigators will provide you with time-stamped photos and videos, as well as a detailed written report to support the rest of the evidence gathered.

Can he give you a guarantee about the result of the investigation?

No private investigator can give you a guarantee about anything to do with the investigation other than to leave no stone unturned in getting to the truth. However, what King Investigators will guarantee is that the evidence you are presented with will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

His only role is to provide you with the unvarnished truth, no matter how you may have wanted it to turn out.

If you’re looking for the #1 cheating spouse detective in South Africa, make sure you contact King Investigations for a free confidential consultation, at which time you can decide on what your next step will be.