When people go missing you need the help of a professional private investigator.

Most of us don’t have the knowledge or resources to begin an in-depth search for a missing person, which is why finding a professional investigator is your best option.

Why people go missing:

When friends or family members go missing it’s frightening and highly stressful, especially when you don’t know why they’ve gone missing.

There are a variety of reasons that people go missing, ranging from those who simply leave because they aren’t coping with life, to those who are skipping out on criminal or civil court cases.

Unfortunately there are also cases in which someone is abducted or has become a victim of a crime, especially if family and friends are absolutely certain that the person would never just have run away.

When children are abducted by one or the other parent it’s even more difficult to deal with, but with the help of a professional investigator the chances of finding the child are a lot better.

There are some people who disappear on their families, leaving them bereft, confused and in many cases, in dire financial trouble.

Witnesses to a crime also need to be found in order to take a case to court. When people come into an inheritance and can’t be found a private investigator has to be called in to exhaust all avenues in finding the person, so the relevant estate can be wound up.

Often people also disappear when they owe large sums of money. So as you can see, the reasons anyone disappears are myriad, which means that as many investigative approaches will need to be used.

The role of police in finding missing persons:

The police services are only able to do so much where it comes to finding a missing person.  Police resources are already stretched to the limit due to exceptionally high crime rates. Though they do the best they can, the police can only give a missing persons case a limited amount of time before it becomes a cold case.

The role a private investigator plays in tracing missing people:

Private investigators have resources to trace missing people that the average man in the street cannot access, which is why you need to make sure you have an accomplished professional to tackle the trace.

Ultimately, private investigators aren’t restricted by the same laws as the police, and although they may not overstep the boundaries of the law, they are able to go places the police aren’t allowed.

Here are just a few basic examples of what a private investigator can do to trace missing people:

Surveillance – surveillance gives the private detective the opportunity to visit places the missing person may be at any given time, or to keep track of anyone suspected of being involved in the disappearance of a missing person. Surveillance also involves photos and videos where necessary.

Locating debtors – because private detectives aren’t bound by the same strict laws as police, they’re able to go into places no one else can in order to find a debtor that’s hiding out or on the run.

Networking – a well-established professional private investigator will have built up an extensive network of investigators and other people who can be brought on board to assist in the search for a missing person.  A private investigator can also pay informants for information, something which is frowned on by the police services.

Internet searches, tracing contacts of the missing person and public records are also included in the investigative techniques used by a private investigator tracing missing people.

Whether you’re trying to find someone who owes you money, a friend you’ve lost contact with, a missing relative or a loved one, contact King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg to help you trace those who are missing.

King Investigators will ask you to give them as much information as possible about the person you want traced in order to get started on doing what they do best: tracing missing people in South Africa.

Understanding the process of private investigation from start to finish.

There are many very different reasons that anyone contacts a private investigator, which means that the seasoned professional is able to carry out investigations across the board.

If it’s the first time you’re considering hiring a private investigator, it can seem pretty intimidating, especially since you have no idea of what to expect.

For a start, make sure you’re dealing with a professional private investigations company that sticks to the rules and won’t jeopardize the investigation by using underhand tactics.

Experience counts for a lot.  If the private detective you hire hasn’t been in the business for a long time, you’re liable to be entering into somewhat murky waters.

Ask all the questions you need to in order to make sure that you have the best on your side. It’s your prerogative to dig as deep as you need to, before you trust someone to deliver the results you need in all honesty and with full disclosure.

IMPORTANT: The PI needs to understand the law so that, depending on the case, he or she will know how to obtain evidence that’s of the standard and quality required for a successful conclusion.

Let’s look at one of the most common type of cases handled by private investigators in South Africa:


You’ll contact the private investigator to discuss your suspicions of infidelity on the part of your spouse or life partner.

Any really good private investigator will make this difficult initial meeting as easy as possible, considering the circumstances, and if they’re worth their salt, they’ll handle the situation with the sensitivity that should come from experience.

From here you can discuss whether you need confirmation of infidelity for personal reasons, or whether you’ll need the evidence to take to court in the case of a divorce.

A professional private investigator will tailor the investigation to respect your requirements, and will also be completely up front when it comes to discussing your budget.

You should also expect that the investigator will be available to you throughout the investigation, and will keep a clear channel of communication open with you.

The Investigation

If you choose to work with a well-established company like King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria, you’ll know that everything they do to gather the evidence required will be completely within legal parameters.

This is the only way to be absolutely sure that, should you require the evidence for a divorce or custody case, it’ll be rock solid.

To gather the necessary evidence to be presented in court, your investigator will follow your spouse to find out where they are and where they go, based on information given by you.

This type of mobile surveillance is the best way to gather proof, however, it can only be conducted in public areas. Invasion of privacy and misrepresentation is out if you want evidence that’ll stand up in court.

What type of evidence can you expect at the conclusion of the investigation?

  • Time stamped photos
  • Video proof
  • Professionally compiled reports summing up activity not included in photographic or video evidence to support what has been gathered.

Why King Investigators in Johannesburg?

King Investigators has an extensive network of private detectives that produce results of the highest level and quality, without compromise.

Using state of the art technology combined with professionalism, you can trust this team to handle any case you bring to them with honesty and integrity.

When you need solid proof you can rely on, contact King Investigators for a free confidential consultation to set your mind at ease about the quality of evidence you’ll receive at the conclusion of the investigation.

The role a private investigator plays in custody cases.

Private investigators in South Africa work closely with attorneys in order to lay out a plan that’ll give the investigator the information an attorney needs to present a custody case in court.

As a client having to face the difficulties that are attached to custody and visitation investigations, you’ll want to be absolutely sure that the private investigator you’ve hired will take professional responsibility for the investigation.

This is so that you can rely on the quality of the evidence at the end of the investigation.  Let there be no doubt, an unprofessional investigator with no scruples will compromise your case when it comes to court.

The law is complicated around child custody cases, which is why the investigator has to work closely with the attorney, making sure that no extraneous evidence is collected that will be of no value.

It’s unfortunate that child custody cases and visitation cases are among the most common cases that require the services of a private investigator.

Emotions of all parties that have a stake in the decision of the courts run high, which is why there’s no room for mistakes on the part of the investigator.

Any time a child is involved, you’ll need a professional on your side who’ll be able to remain neutral during the process and act with integrity in order to give you honest results.

In many custody cases it’s not only the parents who have a stake in the outcome of the court decision, many other family members also feel the emotional impact of the whole process, which is something any private investigator should also respect.

A private investigator with good communication skills and sensitivity is what you’ll need most while going through a painful experience involving your child.

It’s important that you know as much as possible about the private investigator you hire. Make sure they’ll conduct their investigation in a way that remains true to the code of conduct set out by PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

If you look for a private investigator in Johannesburg or Pretoria, or anywhere else in South Africa, make sure they’re registered with PSIRA, if not, forget it.

Because the evidence and final report from the private investigator is going to be presented in court, you need to be very selective about who’ll be handing over the final report to your attorney.

Fictitious allegations won’t cut it in court, before the attorney for the other side is through with the evidence and depositions of others involved in the case, these allegations will be ripped apart.

Remember, your spouse or partner will be using their own private detective, so it’s not worth trying to get one over on the court.

While the attorney will be conducting depositions of the main parties involved in this difficult and painful case, the private investigator will conduct interviews with those who play a lesser role, such as domestic workers, neighbours and even local shop assistants.

The periphery players serve to underpin the depositions of the main players and will include anyone coming into contact with the other party in the custody case.

Surveillance will also play an important role in compiling a comprehensive report that will include time stamped photos and videos. Any suspicion that a child is in any way endangered, abused or neglected will definitely come to light during investigation.

The team at King Investigators in Johannesburg bring to custody cases the integrity and professionalism that’ll allow your attorney to present a case that’ll enable the judge to make an informed decision.

If you’re facing a battle for your child, this is a team that’ll respect you and handle your case with absolute confidentially and sensitivity, delivering honest results that can stand up in court without a doubt.

Hire a local private investigator for the best results in any investigation.

If you need a private investigator to handle any investigation in South Africa, its essential that you hire one that knows everything about the country like the back of his hand.

This means that the investigator has to know the customs of a multi-cultured nation, which would be nigh on impossible for an investigator from overseas.

An investigation in a major city like Pretoria for instance, is going to be completely different to that of one carried out in a small ‘dorp’.

In the city an investigator who knows everything about local hangouts, shopping malls and even some of the more dangerous areas, will be able to become virtually invisible to anyone they’re investigating.

Doing this in a small town is a lot more difficult if the investigator doesn’t understand the culture and the people living there, and blending in is going to call for extensive experience and professionalism so as not to stick out like a sore thumb.

These are the abilities that you should be looking for when hiring a private investigator in South Africa.

King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg is one of these exceptional companies that can deliver this level of versatility and professionalism, consistently producing results founded on great investigative work on the ground.

King Investigators are also the top choice for overseas investigators when they need the assistance of investigators to carry out surveillance on people travelling from abroad to South Africa.

As an owner-managed business, King Investigators has also been involved in surveillance work on the ground in countries as far off the continent as Argentina and Brazil.

This is proof that King Investigators not only excels on the ground in South Africa, but that the team is fully capable of carrying out their professional services overseas.

Crossing borders from South Africa and into other African countries such as Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique and Lesotho is confirmation that Jacques and his team of investigators are equally at home outside of South Africa.

These local, international and Sub-Saharan investigations are not like a walk in the park, many have been high risk investigations.

If challenging investigations like this aren’t handled with knowledge and experience, the investigator himself will be in danger, which could inevitably compromise the client.

King Investigators offers a comprehensive list of investigative services in South Africa, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Surveillance

Child custody cases

Cheating Spouses and Infidelity


Insurance fraud

Suspicion of wrongdoing by workers, reps and employees

  • Business Intelligence Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Polygraph testing
  • Voice stress analysis
  • Background checks
  • Tracing missing persons

King Investigators is also responsible for the personal protection of well-known personalities and politicians visiting or living in South Africa, giving weight to the experience and knowledge Jacques and his team have earned over ten years in the industry.

Let there be no doubt that if you want a local private detective on the ground in South Africa, then King Investigators will provide you with quality, affordable investigative services equal to those in any country, anywhere else in the world!



What is a Due Diligence Investigation & who to trust with it?

Looking at the overall picture of what a Due Diligence Investigation is, one can see that it’s one of the most important things any company can do to protect itself in the process of a merger or the acquisition of a new company.

There are various issues that come into the picture before any merger can be considered and before any papers are signed. It’s a huge risk for any business to enter into a merger or the acquisition of what may be a company in direct competition, without having every single fact in hand.

It’s the larger company that has to make sure that a Due Diligence Investigation is carried out in order to weed out the possibility that they may end up on the wrong side of books that have been ‘fixed’ to look great!

Anything fraudulent about the company to be merged with will come out in the wash of a painstaking Due Diligence Investigation.

The components that make up an in-depth Due Diligence Investigation:


It’s essential to make sure that any and all paperwork pertaining to any merger or acquisition are correctly signed and recorded so that none of these issues will cause any delays due to legalities that still need to be resolved in order to go forward with the deal.


Is the company you’re merging with or acquiring really making the profits they say they are, or have these numbers been fudged in the face of losses?  You need to know exactly what’s going on with the numbers you’re presented with, which will require in depth investigation.

This type of investigation has to be carried out by a private investigator well-versed in the nuances of everything that could be hidden by the company you are acquiring or merging with.

To get to the bottom of the financial picture you’re presented with will take the services of a private investigator who can call on many resources unavailable to you in gathering business intelligence.

Credit worthiness:

You need to have a clear picture of the integrity of good corporate governance and credit worthiness of any company you’re acquiring or merging with in order to make a sound decision.

This is fundamental to making a good investment for the future of your company and well worth the scrutiny a private investigator is able to carry out on your behalf, before you commit to anything.

Let King Investigators provide you with a complete, in-depth Due Diligence Investigation:

King Investigators is considered the best investigative firm in South Africa, and to back this up, this team of experienced professional investigators will provide you with the peace of mind you need when making big business transactions.

They’ll present you with a comprehensive, fully developed profile of the company you’re considering merging with or acquiring, making sure you have all the relevant information that’ll protect you from the outset of the transaction.

King Investigators will meet your specific requirements and budget in their ability to tailor their services to meet your objectives, as well as to offer complete discretion as they carry out the investigation.

This top team of investigators want to know that when you do commit to any business transaction, you’ll do it knowing every detail about the company you’re considering to make it a successful transaction.

Contact King Investigators for a free consultation to set your mind at ease about having the best team on hand to carry out a Due Diligence Investigation!

What can King Investigators do to root out white collar crime in the workplace?

Unfortunately the age of trusting private investigations firms such as King Investigators with in-depth background checks into employees is upon us.

With the technology available today, anyone with half a brain can manufacture a past that looks really great on paper, but what of the truth behind it?

People in some of the highest positions of power in business and in politics have been found to have done far more than embroider on their achievements and qualifications, they’ve actually claimed to have degrees that were never earned.

If people on this level can pull the wool over the eyes of those who employ them, how much more can any employee, in any position do to fool you?

A complete downturn in the economy coupled with high unemployment rates has made even the most honest susceptible to criminal activities in the workplace, driven by desperation.

In-depth background checks are important, but once an employee is in a position of trust, it gets difficult to put your finger on why it is that you feel that something isn’t right.

Rather than absorbing the cost of ‘small’ crimes in the workplace, nip it in the bud by doing something about it the moment anything seems out of place.

A background check is a good start:

Not all companies that fire staff for theft will bother to take the matter any further than the dismissal itself.  This means that the next employer will be blissfully unaware of the true background of the person being considered for a position in their company.

This is a situation that happens a lot in positions that involve those handling stock, whether in a warehouse or on the floor of a retail store.

Trusting staff with sensitive company data:

With the growth in technology, white collar crimes, including computer fraud, which currently cost South African businesses around R40 billion a year, are on the increase.

If you open up sensitive company information to someone newly appointed to a position of trust, best you know exactly who’ll be sitting in that hot seat!

This is how confidential client information is stolen and sold for a price, and this is also how syndicates get someone into a position of trust in order to steal company secrets about any new developments in products.

There’s a whole world of corporate espionage out there that’s alive and well. What’s important is to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases by regularly reviewing the staff who have access to this type of data.

Enlist the help of a trusted private investigator to uncover proof of white collar crime and corporate fraud:

King Investigators has become a valuable resource for many clients who’re determined to protect sensitive information about their companies, as well as to root out theft and fraud.

Without keeping the small things in check, your company stands to lose far more than money, it also means that your reputation could be smeared to the extent that no one will do business with you again!

As the top investigative firm in South Africa, King Investigators bring over 20 years’ worth of experience to bear when investigating crime in the workplace.

If you need irrefutable proof of any employee theft, fraud or embezzlement, King Investigators know exactly how to go about providing you with proof of exactly what’s happening in your business.

Whether yours in small business or a major corporation, you know that you can’t afford the accumulated damage that unchecked crimes in the workplace can cause.

It’s important to consider the real value of retaining a trusted investigative company like King Investigators as a partner in keeping your company safe from crime.

Contact King Investigators the next time you need proof that’ll protect your company from any unnecessary losses and to retain the integrity of your name.


King Investigators offers the highest level of professionalism in the industry.

The surveillance industry is filled with less than professional investigators who’ll take the fees paid to them and deliver results that are nowhere near what’s expected out of the bargain on the part of clients.

This is one of the many reasons that King Investigators stand by their promise to deliver evidence of any wrongdoing with integrity, supporting results with proof that can stand up to scrutiny in court.

King Investigators is a prime example of the drive for excellence in the surveillance industry, proving that there are investigators in South Africa who can stand up to the toughest scrutiny and still come out on top.

20 Years of assisting clients, both private and corporate, has made King Investigators a trusted name in the surveillance industry, proving that sheer professionalism, honesty and integrity are still of high value in an industry such as theirs.

Although the team of private investigators at King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria are able to move into the underbelly of dishonesty and criminal activities, they’re able to come out of it without compromising their own values.

The standard of commitment to honesty is high at King Investigators! Surveillance and counter-surveillance is not child’s play.

There are a strict set of codes that need to be adhered to in order to ensure that any proof gathered during an investigation cannot be argued against, for any reason.

With owner Jacques Botha at the helm, King Investigators is a results-driven investigations company, committed to offering the kind of service that won’t pad the account of any client.

Using the latest developments in technology, King Investigators is able to tackle every investigative challenge from that of providing proof that a spouse is cheating to that of providing proof of employee theft.

With the right technology King Investigators will sweep your vehicle, office and home for any evidence of tampering that could mean that someone is spying on you.

The same can be done to ensure that computers are free of spyware, which is something we seldom expect but should definitely consider in this insidious age when trolls on the internet have a wide-open field of spying on your business or at home, right under your nose.

King Investigators is about far more than living up to their reputation as the top private investigators in South Africa.

The reach of this team of investigators also extends to many clients abroad who’ve trusted them for results delivered with complete transparency and integrity.

With clients in major corporations, top law firms and insurance companies, King Investigators is equipped to deal with any type of investigation, on any level.

Polygraph testing and lie detection at King Investigators is carried out by the top investigative agents in South Africa, leaving nothing to chance when the results come back.

There’s nothing King Investigators can’t help you with when you need evidence, whether it pertains to your business or private life. Divorce, infidelity, tracing missing persons and voice stress analysis all form part of a normal days work at King Investigators.

It’s not easy to bring in a private investigator, whether you suspect a spouse of infidelity or an employee of theft, but King Investigators approach each investigation with such experience and tact that anyone is quickly put at ease.

At the very least, when you need the services of a private investigator, make sure you’re dealing with true professionals who already have a trusted name in the surveillance industry.

Contact Jacques at King Investigators for any information you may need. Rest assured that whatever your questions, they’ll be kept confidential and secure!

Do you need proof that your spouse is cheating?

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating is a major emotional challenge for anyone to face, but what’s worse: imagining the worst, or facing the truth?

Are you really ‘crazy’ or ‘imagining things’ as your spouse says?

Anyone guilty of infidelity will deny it, its human nature.  If you’re the one doing the asking there must be good reason for it, which makes feeling like you’re nuts even worse.

Your sixth sense tells you something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it, and no matter how many times you’re told you’re imagining things, that little voice just won’t leave you alone.

The only way to know whether your spouse is cheating on you for sure is to take the step to find proof of it, but not to do so on your own.

Gathering evidence of infidelity on a cheating spouse is fraught with emotional danger if you try to do it yourself. Besides which, if you need the proof as part of a divorce, it’ll need to be evidence that’ll hold water in a court.

This is the part best left to a professional, highly trained and experienced private investigator, one who’ll guide you through uncharted waters with the sensitivity you’ll need during the course of the investigation.

The signs that could point to infidelity include your spouse:

  • Becoming secretive about calls made or received.
  • Deleting text messages or emails.
  • Spending more time on the computer.
  • Spending more time at work.
  • Spending more time away for ‘work’.
  • Suddenly wearing different scents or taking more care of their appearance.
  • Stonewalling you and cutting off communication.
  • Inexplicable behavioural changes.
  • Lack of interest in doing anything with you.
  • Becoming more secretive and ‘unavailable’.

There are more signs than these that’ll give you a hint that your spouse or partner is cheating on you, but you can be pretty sure that if your gut tells you something is wrong, it probably is.

No one wants to hear words like affair, infidelity or adultery, but unfortunately it happens, and if you want to hang on to your sanity, let a professional either set your mind at ease, or provide the painful proof of infidelity.

It’s a sad fact that 85% of people who suspect infidelity are usually spot on with their suspicions!

The age of mobile technology has made cheating even easier, with online cheating taking its own place centre stage.  A partner or spouse cheating online is every bit as damaging to any relationship as one in which a spouse is physically involved in an extramarital affair!

Trust only a professional private investigator with your fears about infidelity:

If you’re ready to face the truth, as devastating as it may be, it’s best to tackle it with a professional investigative firm that’s earned a better-than-good reputation.

King Investigators has handled thousands of cases over the years, providing honest, reliable proof of infidelity where it may be the case, making them the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa.

This team of consummate professionals offers a free confidential consultation to set your mind at ease before you take the big step into finding and facing proof of infidelity.

Remember: you’re not the only one, many have gone before you, and many will follow. A sad indictment of our modern society but one no less true as the facts speak for themselves.

What to Do If Someone Is Harassing You by Text or Email

Harassment has become a common issue with the advancement of technology. It has become easier to bully people from behind a computer or smartphone screen.

One thing you have to remember is that is isn’t your fault. You are being harassed which makes you the victim. Feeling helpless is natural but it’s important to know that there is something you can do to stop the harassment.

What Is Harassing Behaviour?

From a legal point of view, harassing behaviour is any behaviour that seems threatening or disturbing. Sexual harassment occurs when someone constantly tries to make unwanted advances towards you and refusal will have a dangerous result. More often than not, this happens in the workplace.

Emotional harassment suggests the constant occurrence of non-physical intimidation, control, punishment, humiliation or fear.

3 Steps You Can Take to Stop Harassment

Step 1: Record and organise texts or emails

You need to have a backup of emails and texts if you want someone to investigate the harassment. Take a screenshot of every message your taunter sends as well as the reply where you tell them to stop the harassment.

Contact your cell phone provider to get and ask them for a copy of your text message information. They keep a record of the number of texts sent and received by a specific number.

Organise the information you’ve collected into a simple format to make it easy for the investigator to understand. Always create a duplicate folder for yourself.

Step 2: Report harassment to the police

Go to your local police station with your information folder. Ask to speak to a detective, not an officer. Officers only respond to suspicious activities while detectives are able to investigate cases. If there isn’t a detective, ask for a business card or number and give them a call. If it’s your child that’s being harassed, you can report it on their behalf.

Step 3: Hire a private investigator

Get help from a private investigator if the local police can’t help you. Private investigators have extensive experience with harassment cases and their goal is to stop the harassment but also to identify the criminal. By doing this, they can share the information with the police. This part is vital to obtaining and enforcing court orders that will end the harassment.

Take action against harassment by hiring professional private investigators in South Africa. Get in touch with King Investigators today!

Reasons You Might Need To Take A Lie Detector Test

King Investigators are devoted to the truth and utilises polygraph testing to obtain accurate responses. While the individual is being interrogated and replies to some different questions, the lie detector test measures and records various physical reactions, for example, variations in blood pressure,  breathing patterns and skin conductivity. We offer the following lie detector test options:

Specific testing:

Where subjects are tested about a particular occurrence or crime.

Confirmatory tests:

Supporting honesty of claims – particularly if a couple of contradictory statements are presented by several individuals regarding the same matter.

Routine tests:

To determine the trustworthiness of your current staff members. These kinds of tests are typically done every three to four times per year and is an effective strategy to prevent theft and dishonesty in the office.

Pre-employment assessments:

Occupation validation and credibility concerning an individual’s job application. A lie detector test illustrates any participation in fraud, theft or drugs.

Criminal examination:

Fingerprints are recorded via a fingerprint reader to the SAPS with a return outcome analysis within 36 hours.

Tracing services:

These solutions can uncover info about ex-husbands or ex-wives, for instance, their financial position concerning child maintenance, track the location of individuals for outstanding financial debt. Alternative results include the uncovering of financial records, debt reviews, fraudulent activity detection, traces in respect of ignored court hearings, tracking of third parties and witnesses in car accidents, acquiring of automobile accident reports from police and traffic departments, insurance info and claims.

Validation services:

These services include:

  • The exposing of title search confirmation
  • Business asset validation
  • Vehicle verification data
  • Banking account authentication
  • Credit report checks
  • Verifying academic certification
  • Job verification
  • Individual verification assistance
  • Date of birth
  • ID numbers
  • Registration numbers
  • Full names and surnames
  • Home and office address details
  • E-mail addresses
  • Resumes
  • Verification of insurance information
  • Beneficiaries of estates
  • Relationship/marriage status
  • Alive/deceased status
  • Connections and associates

Contact King Investigators to book your lie detector test today.