Only expert mobile phone investigative techniques can keep up with rapid technological advances.

These days pretty much everyone has a hand held mobile device, whether it is a smart phone, PDA or laptop. If it’s portable, it carries information and data that is personal and specific to one user, making it a very valuable source of information in many types of investigations.


Because smart phones are such personal digital devices which are seldom shared, they offer forensic investigators an excellent source of evidence, especially when it is difficult to place a suspect behind a computer that is shared, whether at home or at the office.


Mobile phones can tell any savvy private investigator where a subject has been and when they were there, and, since no information is ever permanently detailed, the investigator can always retrieve what is needed as evidence.


Mobile phones offer up evidence of text messaging, emails, phone calls and also contain a history of internet searches, dated and time-stamped.  Additionally, the habits of the individual posting to and trolling social media sites can be picked up, which makes them a highly valuable source of information in any investigation.


If you have watched a couple of episodes of CSI or other detective series, you will know that mobile phones are often the only digital footprint that can trace an individual’s movements and even lead to insight into motives.  The upside of mobile phone investigations is that no matter how sophisticated technology becomes, there is always the same level of investigative tools to match.


Because of the rapid advances in mobile technology, mobile phone forensic investigators such as King Investigators in Johannesburg remain constantly updated about tools available to connect a device and retrieve raw image files by pressing a few buttons, or getting into the device’s internal memory before boot-up.


There is evidence that could be missed if a mobile phone forensic investigator relies solely on these tools however, and it is in areas like this that the forensic investigators at King Investigators go beyond the limits of tools in order to present responsible and accurate reports.


In any investigation it may be necessary to get the ole gumboots out and hit the pavements to follow up on information acquired from a mobile phone, which is where this highly trained team of investigators also come into their own, based on over ten years in the industry.


King Investigators are forensic investigators who remain current on the latest in software and hardware designed for mobile forensic analysis, which allows them to carry out mobile phone analysis and ‘image’ the handset to search for and obtain a full range of information.


This information includes current and deleted content and covers the entire spectrum of applications, from call log information, SMS’s, emails, documents, photos and videos. These types of investigations are carried out by the team of highly trained and experienced forensic investigators at King Investigators, and what’s more is that it’s done with integrity and honesty.


Although mobile phone forensic investigation is only part of any ongoing investigation, you can place full confidence in the team at King Investigators to deliver the results of their investigation to you with accuracy and honesty, without delay!

Why hire a private investigator in a divorce or custody case?

Having a trusted, experienced and empathetic investigator on your side can mean the difference between success and failure in divorce and custody cases.  Not every case of infidelity causes irreparable damage, depending on the marital history, but, when it comes to divorce and child custody, it’s worth having a reputable team like King Investigators gather facts that will be admissible in court.


For people with children, hiring a private investigator may be a necessity, especially if there are concerns about the behaviour of a spouse towards the children that may be damaging.  This includes psychological damage, emotional or physical abuse, or neglect and whether the spouse being investigated is a drug addict or alcoholic living in conditions that would cause harm to children.


Infidelity, divorce and custody battles are situations in which emotions run high and it is the role of King Investigators to keep the focus on the important aspects of the investigation without becoming emotionally involved.  The most important part of these types of investigations for this team is that they get to assist in protecting children in the process.


No party involved in a divorce has the resources a private investigator has to find out whether a spouse is hiding money or assets, or determining the truth about assets. You may well know about all the bank accounts that are attached to your name, but an investigator can find out whether your spouse has hidden money in any other accounts.


The King Investigators team is able to find hidden assets as a result of their access to records and databases that the general public cannot access. This means that if anything is being hidden, this team will follow the trail wherever it leads to ensure that their client is being protected financially.


It’s important to note that King Investigators provide evidence of such high quality, that they seldom need to appear in court on behalf of their clients.


This elite team of investigators has been in the investigative field for over ten years, giving them the experience required to stick to the code of conduct that regulates their industry.  This leads to the fact that this team carries out truly professional investigations without compromising any evidence through misrepresentation, trespassing or invasion of privacy.


This experience and professionalism has earned King Investigators a reputation for thoroughness, reliability, transparency and an exceptional respect for the privacy of every individual or corporation they have provided their services to.


It’s tough dealing with infidelity, divorce and custody issues, and there is no DIY kit for providing incontrovertible proof that will stand up in a court of law, which is why undercover investigations are best left to professionals who will handle the situation with empathy and confidentiality.


Contact King Investigators to find out more about how these expert investigators can assist you with complete discretion you can trust implicitly in challenging situations. They know full well that these will be uncharted waters for you and will treat your concerns with the dignity you deserve in difficult circumstances.

Do private investigators work with the police?

Most of us are conditioned by the movies and detective series we watch to believe that private investigators always play their cards close to the chest, especially when it comes to sharing evidence of any crime with the police. Along with this is the misconception that they break the law with absolute impunity.


However, nothing could be further from the truth!  Private investigators often

often share information and work alongside the police in criminal investigations, which cover everything from fraud to murder.


The police have very strict rules and regulations that they have to abide by in every move they make while investigating a crime, however, a private investigator is not bound by these rigid restrictions and can use the leeway they have to assist the police.


This does not mean that private investigators have carte blanche to break the laws that apply to the police force, they also do have a code to adhere to in their industry, and are by no means above the law.


As you will find with King Investigators, the investigator on your case has to be well versed in regard to tactics used during undercover surveillance and other investigations, to make certain that the investigator can provide the police with reliable evidence that will stand up to scrutiny in court.


King Investigators also stick to a strict code of ethics as expected by PSIRA, which is the governing body for the security industry, acting as a watchdog to make sure that private investigators uncover information and evidence according to the standards imposed by PSIRA.


King Investigators is a thoroughly professional organisation with over 10 years of experience in undercover surveillance under the belt; they are highly trained in their craft and strictly adhere to the regulations that govern just how far they are allowed to go to gather information without compromising the evidence.


Evidence gathered by a private investigator has to be as solid as it does for the police, and if it is illegally obtained, it’s worth nothing and will not help the police to take a case to court.


The evidence a private investigator hands to the police in any crime that could not go further due to rules and regulations, is what the police can then use to charge an individual and see to it that they pay for their crime.  This is what makes the assistance of a trusted private investigator of immense value to the police services.


This is why it’s essential for any business or private individual wanting to hire a private investigator to do a thorough background check, which includes ensuring that the investigative company is registered, before deciding to hire an investigator in South Africa.


In an industry that has unfortunately been plagued by a few too many ‘shady’ operators, King Investigators offers you confidentiality, experience and results delivered honestly and with integrity.


The commitment of owner Jacques Botha and his investigators to maintain exceptionally high standards across a comprehensive range of investigative services is what makes them stand head above shoulders of the rest!


Call King Investigators today to find out more about how to hire a private investigator in South Africa.

The art of undercover surveillance is one that requires extensive experience on the ground

Surveillance is an art form that can only be carried out successfully by an experienced and licensed private investigator. While there are many cases that call for undercover surveillance to be undertaken, the basic principles remain the same when carrying out an investigation undercover.


A professional investigator knows exactly where to station himself in order to be in a position to monitor activities of a subject, so that even if the target leaves the area, the investigator will be in a position to continue the surveillance either on foot or in a vehicle, without being detected.


There are many factors an investigator has to take into account when it comes to the surveillance technique that will be put into effect for a particular case. For instance, whether neighbors will notice the investigator, whether there are any obvious routes to and from a home or office, as well as how close the investigator can get to the subject without being noticed.


In some cases, more than one investigator will be necessary, especially where the target of the investigation is using the public transport system, or is picked up and dropped off at different locations.


King Investigators  is able to determine very quickly whether or not another investigator will be necessary in order to maintain surveillance, but, with over ten years’ worth of experience in the industry, these investigators will only advise this if it would compromise the investigation not to do so.


When King Investigators is called in to investigate a cheating spouse or partner, they will work with you in order to determine the most suitable schedule for the surveillance, as this information will be essential to gathering evidence of infidelity that cannot be denied in any court of law.


Covert videotaping can only be used when your spouse is out in any public location, but private investigators at King Investigators will also make sure that all privacy laws are observed; something like invasion of privacy can nullify any evidence gathered.


As a rule of thumb, if you have hired a private investigator to carry out surveillance on a cheating spouse, it is important that you do not in any way expose the investigator by being in the vicinity while he’s operating. This is because it could endanger both you and the investigator.


No matter how hard it is to pretend that nothing is happening, so that your spouse doesn’t become suspicious, let the professional handle the surveillance without interference.


Surveillance and undercover operations are by no means the beginning and end of the investigative services offered by King Investigators, but, if you want to ensure that any surveillance is carried out with thorough professionalism, then this is the team to approach, without a doubt!

Can A Private Investigator Help You Locate Your Biological Parents?

Adoption raises many questions about birth parents as adopted children age, which is often the spark that ignites the desire to know more about their birth parent/parents or family, and to find them in the process.  This, sadly, isn’t nearly as straightforward as it may appear.

A lot depends on the adoption agreement for a start. There are instances in which birth parents have chosen to remain anonymous. This means that the adoption agency is not able to disclose details about the birth parents in a situation like this. In other circumstances, the adoption agency may not have the information that is being requested for a variety of reasons. If someone who has been placed up for adoption wishes to continue their search, they often need to find other avenues if they are to have any success in locating their birth family.

There are a multitude of reasons for people wanting to find their birth parents, and, in most cases that are not simple, hiring a private investigator could well be the best solution.

How Can a Private Investigator Help?

Locating birth parents takes experience, knowledge and advanced investigation skills, which are all skills that the average man in the street does not have. When you hire a professional you know that he will have the experience to know exactly where to begin a search and how to go about tracing those they are looking for.

Investigators also have access to advanced software and databases that are not accessible to the general public. While your research might be restricted to search engines like Google and social networking sites, a private investigator can perform a more thorough search to locate those who might not have an online presence through software and databases.

If you’re thinking about using a private investigator to find your birth parents or the birth parents of an adoptive child,  you will need to prepare yourself for all possible outcomes. This could include them rejecting your desire to meet them, finding out that they have passed away, or, are people that live in a world you may not want to have anything to do with, such as a drug underworld, for instance.

Although an investigator has greater access to databases than the average individual, there is still the chance that you might not get a positive result, but, you will know that you have had the best on your case, and that if they can’t find your birth family, no one will be able to.

Even if their search is effective, they might not be able to provide you with the information they find without the consent of the birth parents, and, if the birth parents don’t want to be located, they can refuse to let the investigator pass their contact information to you.

Again, if they’re prepared to exchange contact details, you need to prepare yourself before meeting them, as they might not be the people you have imagined them to be.

As laws and regulations change regarding closed adoptions, it’s getting increasingly easier to find birth parents. Though not every search will be successful, there are a great number of sources and databases available to private investigators that do lead to successful reunion of adoptive children with their birth parent/parents or family.

King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg believe that there is every reason for adopted children to move forward with tracing their birth parents, especially with the changes expected around the laws attached to closed adoptions.


4 Steps You Should Take To Stop Harassment

Harassment has fast become a widespread threat as modern forms of communication grow in a virtual world. An important thing to remember is that it’s NEVER your fault. You are the victim in this situation, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take in order to protect yourself against harassment. You don’t need to stay a victim anymore, and even the justice system is finally catching up with those who harass and threaten others.

To offer yourself the very best opportunity of getting the unwanted texts to stop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Document and compile the texts

For someone to investigate the harassment, you’re going to have to keep a record of the text messages. Each time an individual continues to harass you via text message, you’d be best protected by taking a screenshot of the text and collating it all in one folder sequentially. Equally as important is that you collate your replies telling the person to stop harassing you.

Every bit of communication has to be recorded in a way that’s it’s easy to follow the trail of the threats and harassment, preferably by date and time.

Take it a step further by contacting your cell phone carrier to get records of your text message data. They will be able to supply you with time-stamped records that will list how many texts are sent and received by specific numbers, which will help to keep facts straight.

Step 2: Organize the texts

After you have compiled your screenshots and text information from your service provider, you’ll want to get them arranged in a format that is clear and easy to understand once law enforcement gets involved. Make sure your contact details are clearly visible so that your file doesn’t get lost on a busy detective’s desk.  Make sure to make duplicate copies of everything to keep in your own file too.

Step 3: Report it to law enforcement

Once you decide to involve the police, go to your local police station to report the situation to a detective, not to a uniformed police officer, as the detective is able to investigate cases such as yours in-depth. If there is no detective in the station, make sure to get their business card to contact them later. Trying not to be emotional when dealing with the detective may be tough, but, it’s more important that you concentrate on the facts that are vital for them to know, so that they can move on your case.

Remember that if your child is being harassed via text messages, you have a right to report it on their behalf to protect them and prevent further harassment and bullying.

Step 4: Hire a private investigator

If the local police department can’t help you, hire a registered private investigator. Handling online (and offline) harassers is a frequent request received by King Investigators, which has given them precisely the experience required to assist their clients effectively.

The most important thing a private investigator does to stop harassment is in being able to identify the perpetrator quickly, and to pass that information and any other evidence they’ve uncovered on to the police force, particularly if they haven’t been able to find the perpetrator on their own. This information plays a vital role in securing and enforcing court orders to end the harassment.

Whether or not you choose to use a private investigator, remember that there is always something you can do about harassment. If you aren’t certain about any of this and what your rights are, please feel free to contact King Investigators for a confidential chat to answer your questions.

4 Steps To Locating A Missing Family Member

Whether as a result of time, distance, or simply growing apart, many families have long lost relatives, and many dream of reuniting with them again. Thankfully, due to advances in technology and the growth of the internet, it’s easier today to locate missing loved ones online, to reunite or bring closure for all.

Follow these four steps to start looking for your long lost relative:

Write down a list of all the Information and facts You Have on Your Missing Family member

Add details such as where they went to high school, past home addresses and phone numbers, cars they might have owned and more. The more information you can gather, the easier it will be to track someone. If you get stuck down the road, this sort of info could possibly help supplement your search.

Use Primary Search Engines

Search engines are an effective way to obtain the information you’re hunting for instantly. Needless to say, Google is the leading internet search engine, however, you can’t go wrong by broadening your search using other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and AOL for instance.

Meta search engines are a very effective way to search several search engines simultaneously. Some examples of Meta search engines that are best for locating people are Dogpile, Moster Crawler, and WebCrawler.

Search on Social Media

Social networking sites are an excellent starting point when trying to trace the whereabouts of someone who is missing, especially close relatives that you’ve lost touch with.

Your best option is to begin with Facebook. Facebook currently has 1.2 billion users worldwide, which makes it the largest and most in depth search engine by far. It’s possible to look for individuals using names, locations, and also a group, such as the graduating class of your relative’s high school for instance.

LinkedIn is yet another great place to search for people, especially if you happen to know specifics of your missing family member’s history of employment, or where they might presently be living.

Right now, the free version of LinkedIn has restricted search results but you can get a free trial version of the premium membership that will let you see the complete results, and access more robust search functions.

Hire a Private Investigator

If all of this sounds too complicated and technical for you, there is a far simpler, far safer and effective route to take, which is to hire a  private investigator to do all the digging for you.

The private investigator is going to need every piece of information you have on the missing person, with which they can then start an in-depth search for your loved one, old flame or friend.

As well trained, experienced investigators, the team at King Investigators is tremendously skilled at retrieving important information and can get it done without wasting valuable time.

These private investigators also have the means to access information that you won’t have the ability to access as a civilian. For instance, King Investigators has located people using anything from vehicle registration tags to good old fashioned charm out in the field questioning people.

If you believe you need professional assistance with your search, contact King Investigators to discuss the way forward. You’ll have the best on your side when you hire these investigators!

4 Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating On You

Nobody wants to be with a cheating spouse, but the harsh truth is that cheaters will cheat, and, with the rapid growth of social media platforms and the existence of online dating sites and apps, life has been made a lot easier for cheaters than ever before.

Let’s look at four different types of suspicious behavior to keep in mind, though to be sure, it takes more than these to account for infidelity. While it’s not a fact that your partner is a cheater simply because they won’t share phone or email passwords, if your sixth sense is telling you otherwise, you could ask for a valid explanation for being shut out.

Unexpected Lack of Interest

If your partner suddenly loses interest in you – whether physically, mentally or emotionally – it could be that they are looking for fulfillment somewhere else. A total disinterest in intimacy or affection that’s out of the ordinary, with no explanation, could be a warning sign that something has changed. If your partner stops being attentive to you or begins to ignore you outright, it may be an indication of deeper issues than those on the surface.

Changes in Physical Appearance

You’ve possibly heard this one before, but if your spouse starts dressing up for weekly “meetings,” gets a makeover and begins spending nights at the gym, there may be another person involved. That’s not to imply that a sudden desire for exercise or a surge in social functions is suggestive of infidelity, but if he or she refuses to share this with you openly on one too many occasions, it may be a reason to start looking a little deeper than superficial circumstances.

Newfound or Increased Secrecy

It’s true that relationships need to have a firm foundation of trust, however, if both of you are happy, with no passwords to social networking sites standing between you and this suddenly changes, something could be up.  If you’ve suddenly been locked out of social networking sites or email accounts that were previously open, and there’s a new sense of secrecy about it, it may be worth having an open conversation about what has changed.

Suspicion of Cheating Turned on You

So you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, and suddenly you’re the one being wrongly accused of having an affair. Sadly, this behavior is fairly common with cheaters. Most of the time, they feel a sense of guilt and refocus their shame on you as a coping mechanism, as well as to deflect suspicions away from them as a defense for their own behavior.

Even if your spouse displays all of these behaviors, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that he or she is having an affair. However, these behaviors and actions are often related to an increased probability of cheating.

The ideal strategy is to bring up the subject immediately – if you’ve been accused of infidelity, ask why they would believe that. If you’re being disregarded by your spouse, take a moment and discuss how your needs are not being fulfilled. But, don’t ignore your gut. Unfortunately according to statistics, 85% of people who suspect that their partner is involved in an extramarital affair are correct.

If your sixth sense is indicating that something isn’t right, listen to it. If you want the truth, which is never easy to face, let King Investigators help you to find out whether you’re imagining an affair or not.  King Investigators has the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and they’ll give you the honest support you need to get through these uncharted waters.

Facing a divorce & need to hire the top private investigator in Gauteng?

Nothing comes close to being as personal as a divorce case, and as such, having an investigator on your side that you can rely on completely and trust implicitly will be of more value to you than you may think while weighing up the decision to hire a private investigator or not.

When the ugly head of divorce rears its head, there is often a highly emotive issue involved, such as custody of children, infidelity or the hiding of assets, the only way to get incontrovertible proof that will stand up to scrutiny in court, is to hire a trusted private investigator.

The first reason for this is that if you or family members try to gather the proof yourselves, the emotions that run high in these situations can cause dangerous blowback, and result in evidence that’s of no value in a court case.

Secondly, though the reasons you may have for hiring a private investigator are deeply personal, the right investigator will be of great support during an investigation, helping to guide and protect you when things get difficult on the way to a conclusion of the case.

The fact that the investigator is not emotionally involved in your situation gives him the ability to focus on doing things the right way, without allowing emotions to get in the way.

Doing things the right way means that the investigator understands the lawful gathering of evidence, and that he sticks to the letter of those laws in order to deliver honest results that will stand for you in court.

This is a field in which King Investigators in Gauteng have extensive experience, which includes everything from undercover surveillance to sifting through and analysing reams of data that may pertain to issues such as hidden assets.

This is a team of private investigators who aim to protect your best interests in the case, without ripping you off or padding non-existent expense accounts, which is a clear indication of the integrity that underlies all investigations carried out by King Investigators.

If infidelity is involved in the divorce, King Investigators are considered the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, having investigated hundreds of infidelity cases for over 10 years to date, and they know exactly which rock to turn over to find the evidence that will support you in court.

Custody battles are never pretty, but what makes some worse than others is if one or the other party is abusive, using drugs or alcohol, and is negligent, or worse.

In these dangerous situations, hiring a private investigator you can trust will be one of the best ways to arm yourself to do battle on behalf of your child, and, with registered professionals like King Investigators and owner Jacques Botha, getting it done the right way.

None of us wants to deal with the heartache of infidelity, divorce or ugly custody battles, but, putting on the right armour in the guise of a registered, trusted investigator will be tangible protection when you need it most.

Contact King Investigators today to find out more about how these private investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg can be of service to you.


Have you instituted pre-employment polygraph testing yet?

In the past ten to fifteen years, many business owners and corporations have opted to institute pre-employment polygraph testing as a proactive measure against the employment of people who could, in any way, cause harm to the business through dishonesty.

Waiting until the damage is done, and then having to take a long, circuitous route through written warnings, verbal warnings and disputes carried out through labour representatives, is a lot more costly than clearing a potential employee to as great an extent as one can, before they’re employed.

Looking at pre-employment polygraph tests head-on, one can see that the prevention of crime in a business is far cheaper than the potential losses that can be incurred after the fact through theft or fraud.

Commercial crime statistics are massive, costing business millions every year, causing businesses to bleed in some ways that could well have been prevented with the early intervention of pre-employment screening, especially for those who will be employed in sensitive positions.

Why the rise in pre-employment polygraph testing

With the growth in access to technology for everyone, applicants are easily able to manipulate CV’s and references, especially when working in partnership with crime syndicates.

The employer will find that the references referred to seem to be in order, however, who is on the other end of the line is another matter.  It’s seldom anyone other than another criminal in cahoots with the one applying for a job.

Pre-employment polygraph testing instead of gut feelings

We all have gut feelings about someone we meet for the first time, and it’s no different when it comes to interviewing a potential employee. The sad fact is that our gut is sometimes wrong, and, if you’re employing someone in your accounts department, for example, it could be a very costly mistake if your gut turns out to be wrong for once.

Not all applicants dismissed for dishonesty have a mark on their record

Unfortunately, many companies involved in higher risk industries prefer simply to get rid of employees who are guilty of dishonesty, rather than to go any further than disciplinary action, and to prosecute them.

This means that the dismissed employee has no black mark against their name, and, they have a basic reference, which, while not a glowing one, doesn’t warn the next employer about the reasons for dismissal.

Industries that need vigorous pre-employment checks

There are certain industries that simply can’t afford to take a chance on hiring an employee planning to defraud or steal from the company.

In areas such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, banking, retail, insurance, security and transport, it’s essential to have as in-depth a background check on applicants as possible, and instituting pre-employment polygraph testing definitely goes a long way in protecting an employer from the outset.

Pre-employment polygraph testing can also help to root out applicants who have been guilty of sexual harassment, drug or alcohol abuse, fraud or theft, and misappropriation of company property.

If you want to protect your business by instituting pre-employment polygraph testing, contact King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Speak to owner Jacques Botha about what he and his team of highly trained, experienced private investigators can do, to protect your business interests, before you employ someone who could damage your business.