Private Investigators for Cheating Spouse

Even the suspicion that your spouse may be cheating is painful enough, but, when suspicion becomes more concrete through the evidence of a spouse’s behaviour, it can be intolerable to live with, day in and day out, without tangible proof of cheating.

It takes a lot of courage to be willing to take steps towards having proof of infidelity, but, in many cases, its better than wondering if you’re going nuts or, if you’re imagination is playing tricks on you.

Facing the truth, whether it’s proof of infidelity or happily finding out that your suspicions are ungrounded, is far better than constantly living with a sixth sense that’s nagging at you and destroying your emotions.

Private Investigators for cheating spouse

Finding the right private investigators for cheating spouse can be a challenge, as this is not territory that you would have had to negotiate before. This makes finding a professional but sensitive private investigator essential, considering the rocky road you’ll be on, up to the conclusion of the investigation.

How to find the right cheating spouse detective in South Africa:

Start with a background check

Finding out how long a private investigator has been in the industry as a stable company is important. Stability is a great indicator of success, and, if a private investigator has been around for a long time, you can be certain that he’ll know exactly how to carry out an investigation into a cheating spouse the right way.

You can ask for recommendations. An upfront and honest investigator will be able to supply you with recommendations from clients that have had similar investigations carried out by him, and, while he will protect his clients, he can still give you the peace of mind of knowing that others have trusted him, with good reason.

Make sure the PI is licensed & registered

Should you choose to hire the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, you’ll find the best at King Investigators. You’ll also find that this team, headed by Jacques Botha, are all fully licensed private investigators.

King Investigators is also registered with the PSiRA, which is the local governing authority that keeps investigators and the security industry accountable for the manner in which they conduct business.

This is a sure sign that you’re dealing with dyed in the wool professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Be confident about discussing the cost of the investigation

Integrity, transparency and honesty should be evident when it comes to discussing private investigator rates with any PI. You’ll find that with Jacques and his team of professionals, nothing is hidden in terms of how they can work with your budget to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

You can be confident that there’ll be no padding of expense accounts, and that this team delivers quality results without wasting time. Using the latest state of the art technology also allows King Investigators to cut down costs in certain areas of the investigation.

You’ll need a PI that specialises in undercover surveillance

Undercover surveillance is a speciality tactic that is more often than not required when it comes to investigating a cheating spouse. The important part of this is that you can rely on a team like King Investigators to know the law well; especially when it comes to knowing exactly what is legal in terms of gathering evidence of infidelity, using undercover surveillance.

Trust the best to uncover the truth about a cheating spouse

King Investigators is known as the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, for good reason!

This team will leave no stone unturned as they bring all their resources to bear on your case to bring you the truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Private investigators for cheating spouse are a dime a dozen, however, choosing King Investigators to guide you through this difficult experience, with discretion and sensitivity for your situation, will make what is extremely painful journey a little easier to bear.

With the experience this team has in bringing to light the activities of a cheating spouse, you’ll have the right people on your side, to ensure that the evidence presented to you at the conclusion of the case will be of the highest quality, which is especially important should you need the evidence to be presented in court.


Private Investigators for Infidelity

Pain, anger and a terrible sense grief at the loss of trust accompanies finding out that you have been a victim of infidelity, and, even before there is any proof of infidelity, the main question on your mind will be ‘why’?

There are so many reasons or excuses that people use to get away with infidelity that it’s hard to keep up with them, and, more often than not, if you confront a spouse that you believe is cheating on you, they’ll find a way to make you think there’s something wrong with you, that you’re imagining things or letting jealousy get the better of you.

The fact of the matter is that statistics prove that up to 85% of those who have a suspicion that their partner is cheating on them are, in fact, right. 

This is why one of the main reasons that individuals will hire private investigators is to find evidence of whether or not they are being cheated on by their spouse.

Private investigators for infidelity

While none of us want to move beyond the suspicion that our spouse is being unfaithful, its worse to live with constant suspicion as your companion than it is to have to face the truth.

The fact is, according to King Investigators, there are some cases in which it’s been proven that a spouse isn’t in fact cheating, thereby saving a marriage that may otherwise have been destroyed by mere suspicion.

Whether or not your spouse is in fact cheating, the best way to find out the truth is to hire the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, from King Investigators!

Why not find proof of infidelity yourself?

This is never advisable, at all. If you are going to be involved in a divorce case, discuss it with your attorney, and, you’ll find that hiring private investigators for infidelity is going to protect you in many ways, not the least of which is the emotional toll it’ll take on you.

There is also the fact that you may well be able to gather a substantial amount of proof of infidelity on your own, only to find that the manner in which it was obtained renders it useless in the court case.

The emotional toll of doing it on your own

There is a huge emotional toll exacted on you when you try to go it alone, in trying to find proof of infidelity. Often, those trying to do this on their own get desperately upset as they try to figure out what to look for in the process, and, the emotional volatility that can accompany investigating your spouse on your own can lead to potentially life-threatening situations.

Aside from this, it’s virtually impossible for someone trying to find evidence of infidelity not to confront their spouse, before they have any proof of the full extent of the infidelity.

The benefits of hiring private investigators for infidelity

Not only are the cheating spouse detectives at King Investigators licensed to carry out investigations, they also know exactly what they can and can’t do in order to keep the law on their side as they gather evidence of infidelity.

A private investigator also has the training and experience necessary to carry out the investigation without putting you in danger, and, they are also great to have on your side through this painful experience because they don’t have the emotional investment in the circumstances that you do.

Contact King Investigators for infidelity

Contact the professionals at King Investigators to find out more about the investigative tools and skills they will put at your disposal, in order to find hard evidence of infidelity that’ll stand up to scrutiny in court!


Private Investigators for hire

There is a huge pool of private investigators for hire in South Africa to tap into when you need the specialised services of a PI, however, one needs to have good discernment about who you’ll trust with your private, intimate information.

Not every PI is on aboveboard unfortunately, and, a lot of the dodgier types will be only too happy to take your money, manufacture evidence or gather it illegally, and then leave you holding the bag with evidence that not only gets thrown out of court, but that could also land you in hot water with the law!

Private investigators for hire

If you’re looking for trusted private investigators for hire in South Africa, you’d be taking a step in the right direction by contacting the professionals at King Investigators.

King Investigators operate throughout South Africa, from Pretoria and Johannesburg, right down to Cape Town, which means that you could have a PI on your case within hours of contacting the team, for any of their extensive range of investigative services.

Full-service private investigators

Similarly to the medical profession, you’ll find that some private investigators for hire also specialise in specific fields. Some only carry out business intelligence services while others concentrate on criminal investigations, for instance.

A full-service investigations company such as King Investigators is so versatile that they can cross from business intelligence and criminal investigations, to finding missing people, investigating cheating spouses and carrying out background checks, along with polygraph testing and more.

This versatility means that if you hire them for a divorce case in which infidelity is suspected, they also have the resources to find any assets that may be hidden by one or the other spouse in the divorce case.

King Investigators also carry out investigations into the safety of children in custody cases, as well as investigating that custody arrangements are being observed, and that the children are safe wherever they are.

From investigations in South Africa to Sub-Saharan Africa & international countries

Owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha is a seasoned private investigator with well over 10 years in the industry. He has carried out high risk investigations in South America, South Africa and into Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and right across to Mozambique.

He heads a fearless team with the experience to cross over from undercover surveillance to using extensive analytical skills, to uncover important evidence scattered in reams of data few can understand.

No matter what the case is, if there is truth that is hidden, this expertly trained team of professional private investigators will uncover and bring to light all that you need, to protect yourself as an individual or as a business owner.

If you need the truth & nothing but the truth, contact King Investigators! 

Whether you need to hire a private investigator in South Africa as an individual, law firm, corporation or insurance company, start by contacting King Investigators today, to find out more about what these professionals can do to bring the truth to light, without wasting your time or money!


Private Investigators to find Family Members

Family members become estranged for a variety of reasons and, many people in South Africa hire private investigators to find family members, especially when they’re certain their family member is just out of contact but believed to be alive and well otherwise.

We’re going to focus here on adult children that have become estranged from their parents, for whatever their reasons are. They may have moved and changed jobs more than just a few times and their parents are no longer able to find out where they are.

If you’re a parent that’s lost contact with an adult child, without any suspicious circumstances attached to their disappearance, and you simply want to know that they’re okay, it’ll be worth hiring a private investigator to find them.

The opposite is also true in certain situations, where the child may be ready to reconcile, but, due to circumstances such as a move, changing jobs or retiring, is no longer able to contact their parents to start the journey towards healing the relationship.

Private investigators to find family members

If you’re planning to hire private investigators to find family members, find out as much as you can about the private investigator, before you trust him with such a personal and sensitive investigation.

You need to know that he has experience, that he is registered as a PI and that he has had a successful track record in locating missing people for other clients.

In fact, you can ask the PI for references before you decide to meet with him. Most of us have a pretty good radar for detecting people that are less than transparent and slightly ‘off’ once we meet them. However, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by contacting the well trusted team of professionals at King Investigators in South Africa right off the bat!

Start with as much background information as possible

King Investigators will request as much background information from you as possible on your family member they are to locate, and, every little detail could have a major bearing on getting the case off the ground the right way.

How much do you want the PI to do when they find a family member?

You may ask the private investigator simply to locate your family member but not to approach them. You may prefer to have their contact details to give yourself time to decide on how to approach them, depending on the circumstances of your loss of contact and estrangement.

Think hard before hiring private investigators to find family members

Depending on the reasons for losing contact with your family members, you need to really think about your motives before you hire a PI to find them. They may be upset if they find out that you are having them investigated, which could cause further damage to an already estranged relationship.

If there is any chance that your desire to find your family member could be construed as being intrusive or even disrespectful of their boundaries, it could worsen the situation.

Have a plan in place to effect reconciliation

It’s important that you have a good understanding of what has caused the estrangement from your family member, and have come to have insight into your own role in the situation; you should have a good plan in place to start the journey to reconciliation.

You need to know what you want to achieve by finding your family member and to have a goal in mind where it comes to any future relationship that may develop out of the first contact you have with them.

Contact King Investigations to find family members

While each case of finding family members is unique, and in some cases may require field work, the team of experienced, highly trained private investigators at King Investigators will give their all to find your family member as quickly as possible.

This team has found thousands of missing family members in the many years they’ve been in the industry, and, with your input, will do all they can to find your loved one too!

Contact owner Jacques Botha today to start the process of finding a missing loved one!