Here’s what you need to know about polygraph tests & voice stress analysis services

While it’s true that no one can be forced to take a polygraph test, the fact is that the mere refusal to take the test is going to cast suspicion on someone who is already suspected of a crime, whether for a criminal or civil case.

What is a polygraph test?

If you are facing a polygraph test, you will find that a baseline will be established with the professional carrying out the test, which will also assist to set you at ease about the test. The equipment that is used is able to measure changes in your blood pressure, your pulse rate and your level of perspiration, which will all register differently to different questions.

Be assured that even the most innocent of people are uncomfortable with having to take a polygraph test, however, these tests are accurate enough to prove that you are innocent, or not!

What are voice stress analysis services?

A voice stress analysis test is used to measure changes in vocal chords in response to questions, which can even be carried out via telephone. This test cannot be relied on to be 100% accurate, however, it can help a private investigator to go in the right direction to prove innocence or guilt in any particular situation.

During testing, the way in which your voice changes as you answer questions is measured through using computer software, which will then generate a live report; however, these tests can only be carried out by professionals.

Combining voice stress analysis tests with polygraph testing

These two tests can be used together to get a clearer result overall in terms of whether the subject is telling the truth or not. Although a subject is hooked up to the polygraph machine, a voice stress analysis test can still be carried out without affecting the polygraph test.

The technology behind both these tests, whether polygraph tests or voice stress analysis tests, has come a long way as technology is continuously changing, reaching better and better levels of reliability than ever before.

If you’re going to need someone to assist you with polygraph testing in South Africa, chose a reputable investigative company such as King Investigators to carry out these tests professionally.

This equipment and the tests they are designed for are not toys, and, in the wrong hands, could lead to results that are false, which no one can afford, especially if there is to be any court case in a criminal investigation, or the dismissal of an employee on grounds of theft.

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