Mobile devices, cameras, lie detector tests & more all play an integral role in successful private investigations!

Professional private investigators have come a long way since the days of Sherlock Holmes, and, with professional investigators such as those at King Investigators in South Africa, an eye for detail, forensic science and an exceptional ability to communicate across many walks of life, has turned this team into the best we have!

As expertly trained investigators, backed up by many years out in the field across many different types of investigations, the team at King Investigators has a permanent finger on the pulse of the latest in state of the art technology, an essential requirement for investigators in 2021 and onwards.

This equips the team to tackle investigations that range from getting the goods on cheaters, corporate espionage and fraud, right across to divorce and custody cases, all of which uses a mixture of skills to ensure that the quality of evidence will be of exceptional value and quality.

Here are a few of the basic skills and tools used by this team across the board:

Mobile phones

Since everyone who’s anyone owns a mobile phone, it’s easy for a PI to surreptitiously capture images and videos with his own phone, without anyone thinking anything of it! In an age where selfies and group photos are a regular part of daily living, a great PI knows exactly how to melt into the background, without drawing attention to himself in any way.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras come in all sizes and shapes today, and a savvy investigator will be armed with exactly what he needs to capture high definition, time-stamped photos and videos of the subject under investigation.

Mobile phones

Although somewhat of a grey area in terms of legality, if a client is able to secure a mobile phone to be mined for calls made and received, text messages and photos. Since nothing is ever really deleted forever off a mobile device, there is a treasure trove of information to be gathered simply by gaining access to someone’s mobile phone!

Lie detector tests/voice stress analysis tests

It’s important to note that only a trained professional investigator is able to administer either a lie detector test or voice stress analysis test. The polygraph machine works at uncovering the truth due to the physiological changes taking place in the person taking the test.

It should be noted here that even if you’re innocent, there’s no way any of us like the idea of being subjected to a polygraph test, which is why a baseline is established by the investigator administering the test, before you get to the nitty gritty!

GPS trackers

These are the ultimate gadgets to use in protecting a fleet of vehicles, or your personal vehicle!

Permission to fit a GPS tracking device to any vehicle requires the permission of the owner of the vehicle, especially if it is privately owned. If the investigation concerns infidelity and the partner suspected of cheating is using a vehicle in the name of their spouse, a GPS tracker can be attached to the vehicle legally.

Fleet managers have save a fortune by installing GPS trackers to keep track of the routes their vehicles travel, and, they also come in extremely handy should a truck be hijacked and stolen. King Investigators will install the GPS tracker on your behalf, whether you have bought it from them or independently.

The final word about King Investigators in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria!

If you’re looking for a team of consummate professional private investigators to offer assistance to you using a wide range of skills and strategies to bring your investigation to a speedy close, then King Investigators will be your best choice!

This team will hand you high quality evidence that’ll protect you, whether in your personal capacity or as a business owner, so, give Jacques Botha and his team a call to get going on cleaning house and business!

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