What do Private Investigators Have Access to

‘The truth will out; this is the bottom line for any registered, professional private investigator, and this is exactly what you can expect from the highly trained private investigators at King Investigators in South Africa.

This is where you’ll know you’re safe, safe from being fleeced financially, safe from ending up with evidence that’s tainted and worthless, safe from underhanded investigative tactics, and safe from everything that doesn’t smack of integrity and honesty!

Until you end up on the winning team in court, based on solid evidence, you may not be able to appreciate that private investigators have to stick to the law, as much as any of us have to, and that if your PI uses underhanded, illegal tactics in gathering evidence, you’ll be the loser.

What do private investigators have access to

Private investigators in South Africa do have access to certain information that may be more difficult for a civilian without experience to find, such as when public records that are needed are old, such as birth and death records, but only when they become available to the public.

It’s a simple fact; you need a lot of experience to find your way through records, that, though they may be public, are more like a maze you never get out of if you don’t know the way.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, and his team, have as much access to criminal and civil case records, as well as records relating to divorce, marriage, mortgages and other information as the general public has.

However, it’s about having the skill to wade through and analyze countless documents and make sense of them, that gives King Investigators the edge for their clients.

Private investigators cannot access financial records

Unless the PI has permission from the account holder, he cannot have access to private financial records, and, despite the fact that divorce cases often lead to monumental financial battles in which either one or the other spouse is hiding assets, private investigators have other, legal ways in which they can find hidden assets.

As professionals who know exactly how to find what is hidden, the team at King Investigators are experts at exploring every legal avenue to find evidence on behalf of their client.

The reality of undercover surveillance

If you hire a private investigator that is not registered with the security industry governing body, PSiRA, you could end up with a so-called PI that’ll do anything to get the evidence they want by breaking privacy laws, which will leave you out of pocket and empty-handed in terms of real evidence.

There is a lot of evidence that can by gathered through undercover surveillance, and, as undercover specialists, the team at King Investigators abides by the code of conduct expected of them by the PSiRA.

Undercover surveillance may only be carried out in public areas, such as in restaurants, casino’s, shopping malls, hotels, pubs and clubs, as long as they are not trespassing on private property, which renders evidence inadmissible in court.

Through the use of state of the art technology, King Investigators is able to cut down on time spent undercover, which contributes towards lowering the cost of investigations.

Many services, but one governing body

Most people don’t realize that virtually anyone can pass themselves off as a private investigator, waiting to defraud innocent people on the hunt for the truth, whether in their private or business life.

When you hire a private investigator from King Investigators, you can have confidence in the fact that you’ll have actionable, incontrovertible evidence that can stand up to scrutiny in any legal situation, whether criminal or civil.

This is because they have fulfilled a fundamental commitment to the quality of their investigative techniques, abilities and services, by ensuring that King Investigators is one of only around 600 registered private investigative firms in South Africa!

If you want the best private investigators on your case, contact King Investigators today for a free confidential consultation! You’ll soon know that you’re dealing with a team of investigators that value integrity and honesty very highly!


Top Private Investigators in South Africa

If you’re looking for the top private investigators in South Africa, then King Investigators is the place to start!

This team of professionals, headed by owner Jacques Botha, has gained so much experience over many years, that they’re able to undertake any type of investigation you throw at them…as long as it’s legal, that is!

King Investigators will dig deep into people’s backgrounds, on a personal and business level, trace someone that’s missing, dig for more evidence in criminal cases, working with the police services, follow a cheating spouse or find out which staff member is stealing from your company.

With such a broad range of services, it stands to reason that Jacques and his team is one that you can trust to deliver the goods, qualitatively and quickly, leaving no grey areas to question.

This level of honesty and integrity in a private investigator registered with PSiRA is rare, and well worth investigating for yourself if you need to hire a private investigator, whether criminal, civil, personal or on a corporate level.

Top private investigators in South Africa

You may think that private investigators are a dime a dozen in South Africa, but, they’re not! There are only just over 600 registered private investigators in this country, and, as many, if not more, fraudsters out there, waiting to fleece unsuspecting clients and leave them empty-handed, with nowhere to turn.

You won’t be one of them if you hire King Investigators! Based on reputation, success, integrity and years out in the field, this team is led by the top private investigators in South Africa, and they’re registered with the PSiRA!

Jacques and his team knows exactly what they can and cannot do in their pursuit of the truth, in an effort to provide clients with real evidence, based on facts that they can rely on in court, and they don’t blur the lines!

Clients that rely on King Investigators services

Because King Investigators is able to tackle virtually any type of case you can think of, they have a range of clients that include:

  •         Law firms
  •         Police services
  •         Insurance companies
  •         Corporations – involving everything from uncovering fraud to going undercover to catch employees stealing from a company in more than just one way, right through to carrying out in-depth employee background checks before you hire someone.
  •         Individuals – involving a range of investigative services that reach from tracing a lost relative, carrying out in-depth background checks on a new romantic interest or finding evidence in the case of a cheating spouse…and more.
  •         International clients
  •         Clients in neighboring countries such as Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland and Namibia.

Contact King Investigators today!

You may not be sure about all a private investigator can do for you to strengthen your case, whether civil or criminal. You may also have no idea about what you might be looking at in terms of private investigator rates in South Africa.

You’ll make having to hire a private investigator a lot easier by contacting the top private investigators in South Africa today with your questions; at King Investigators! A free confidential chat with Jacques and his team will shed light on everything to do with your investigation!



Effective Private Investigators Johannesburg

If you’re looking for truly effective private investigators in Johannesburg, then the first and best place for you to start is with King Investigators!

This is where you’ll find the very best in highly trained, experienced private investigators with relevant backgrounds required to carry out effective and conclusive investigations, without breaking the bank!

Trust is implicit when it comes to hiring a private investigator in Johannesburg. It’s essential that you feel safe in sharing confidential information with an outsider, whether the investigation is for private, business, criminal or civil investigations.

When you entrust your investigation to the team at King Investigators, you can have absolute peace of mind when it comes to keeping your information strictly confidential.

Owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, has been in the industry as a registered private investigator for well over ten years, and, if anyone knows the high value of confidential information and evidence, its Jacques.

No one gets to your information, full stop! You don’t have to concern yourself with whether or not anyone else can get to the info, it’ll remain kept safely from prying eyes with King Investigators.

Effective private investigators Johannesburg

In order to operate in the sprawling metropolis that constitutes Johannesburg and it’s outlying areas, a private investigator has to know how to melt into the background anywhere he goes, from a casino to a shopping mall, or a backstreet in one of the shadier areas that come with such a major city.

Jacques and his team have been negotiating these streets for many years, and, as undercover surveillance specialists, the team at King Investigators has no rivals in terms of being highly effective private investigators in Johannesburg!

Knowing this city and its widespread suburbs like the back of their hands is key to the success and reputation earned by King Investigators over the years, and, the commitment to excellence in every sphere that drives this team has remained unwavering right up to today.

Undercover specialists with intuitive analytical skills

We like to imagine that the life of a PI is one of roller coaster excitement and thrills, however, the truth is that a truly effective investigator also has to be able to glue himself to a chair and use highly intuitive analytical skills to follow any hidden trails in reams of data.

Despite the fact that these investigators are top undercover operatives, they also know how to reach the bottom line when it comes to uncovering hidden assets, undertaking business intelligence investigations or tracking a cheating spouse trying to avoid sharing the spoils in a divorce case!

Hire a full-service private investigator in Johannesburg

Experience is obviously essential, however, if you want a truly effective private investigator on your case, you will appreciate the vast experience and knowledge you’ll have on your side with this full-service investigative company in Johannesburg.

Perhaps yours is a straightforward case of finding out whether or not your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, in which case you’ll have the number one cheating detective in South Africa at hand.

However, if you need someone traced or need in-depth background information about a new business partner or romantic interest, you’ll want the extensive experience brought by King Investigators on your case.

No case is off limits for King Investigators, and, if you need more information about these exceptional private investigators, contact Jacques for a free confidential consultation that’ll put you at ease, before you put pen to paper!





Best Private Investigators in South Africa


One of the first questions you should ask yourself if you’re planning on hiring a private investigator for any reason, is what it takes to be one of the best private investigators in South Africa.

The answers you find to this question, as you separate the wheat from the chaff in your search for a private investigator you can trust implicitly with your investigation, will largely depend on training, experience, reputation and whether or not the investigator is registered with the PSiRA.

Unfortunately, there are still a handful of wannabe’s in this industry, those who can fleece you and leave you holding a bag full of useless evidence, collected by shady and illegal means.

Should you need this evidence for any legal proceeding, in any court of law, you could find yourself facing legal action for trying to put forward unsubstantiated evidence in front of a judge.

Best private investigators in South Africa

Jacques Botha is considered one of the best private investigators in South Africa, and, along with his team of investigators and the network he has built up over more than 10 years, you can expect nothing but the best results from King Investigators.

When you choose to work with King Investigators, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have honesty, integrity and quality on your side.

This team is not about making a quick buck out of unsuspecting civilians, who for the most part, don’t know much about the workings of a private investigator.

King Investigators is about delivering quality evidence at the end of any investigation, without wasting your time or money in any way for the duration. The result of this foundation and way of doing business, is that you can rely on Jacques and his team for quality on every level, start to finish.

Why PSiRA registration so important?

The PSiRA is the governing body that enforces the code of conduct by which private investigators are allowed to operate and collect evidence.

Not only does this authority regulate the security industry, they are also there in case you are taken for a ride, or treated in a way that goes against the code of conduct they expect from investigators.

You’ll find the registration number for King Investigators right next to the company name on their website, which is cause for confidence in hiring this team to carry out an investigation on your behalf.

Confidentiality and trust

No matter who you are, and whether you need to hire a private investigator in South Africa for personal reasons or as a business owner, you want to feel that your information will be kept strictly confidential.

Confidentiality and trust are a bottom line motto for Jacques and his team of registered private investigators, which will mean a lot to you during an investigation, especially when it comes to more sensitive investigations, such as gathering evidence of cheating or infidelity.

Business intelligence services and Due Diligence investigations are also sensitive areas for any company. During any of these business investigations, the PI will be exposed to sensitive company information, and you’ll expect it to remain with a trusted private investigations company such as King Investigators.

Contact King Investigators in South Africa today

Although King Investigators is based in South Africa, Jacques has had his fair share of high risk investigations overseas and into Sub-Saharan countries such as Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Mozambique.

Contact King Investigators today to find out just how much this team is capable of uncovering, with a broad range of investigative services under their collective belt.

If you want quality evidence you can bank on, then King Investigators offer you the best private investigators in South Africa!