Silent surveillance at its best with GPS tracking from King Investigators

What we hold today in the palm of our hands in the form of mobile phones and other mobile devices such as laptops draped over our shoulders, was just an idea taking shape in the mind of Alexander Graham Bell, until he made the first recorded phone late in the 1800’s.

The giant strides made in technology across more than a century already, has now given birth to the linking of satellites for many reasons, one among them being GPS tracking devices, which serve to track and to give directions.

GPS tracking devices have become an essential tool for companies that manage fleets of trucks and other vehicles, allowing them to keep track of any possible misuse of these company vehicles, no matter where they go.

Used in conjunction with undercover surveillance, GPS tracking devices have become an integral tool for private investigators, allowing them to provide valuable evidence should there be any wrongdoing uncovered.

These tracking devices are also of great assistance when trucks are hijacked, allowing the company security services to pinpoint exactly where the truck has been after the hijacking.

With over 10 years in the industry, the expert, licensed private investigators from King Investigators in South Africa assist companies with the supply and installation of GPS tracking devices, or, should the company wish to buy the trackers themselves, the team will simply fit them professionally for the client.

GPS trackers have certainly come into their own in terms of investigations into infidelity, false insurance claims and other criminal activities, including cleaning up as much as is possible of drug pushers and pimps!

As the top investigative company in South Africa, the team at King Investigators highly value their reputation for being absolute professionals in their trade craft. This has earned top marks from previous clients over the years, for the honesty, reliability and transparency

You can be absolutely certain that this team of consummate experts, wastes no time in getting onto your case immediately!

Because of the nature of their profession, the team at King Investigators has to have the ability to be able to fit in anywhere, from Constantia to the Cape Flats, especially because they are often called to go into less than savoury surroundings, and being exposed to the seamier side of life.

This is a team of investigators with a proven track record for delivering results without wasting valuable time, or your money, for that matter. The quality of evidence produced by King Investigators at the conclusion of an investigation is of such a high standard that it will be irrefutable in a court case.

If it’s the real deal you want, delivered by professionals, make King Investigators your go-to team for the best in highly trained private investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town!

If the investigation you want carried out is of a personal nature, or that of a business nature, this is the team you can rely on to produce results that are infallible and always delivered on time!

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