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It’s a fact that life is unfortunately rife with dishonest people who’ll take what isn’t theirs if they can without getting caught, which in the case of retail businesses and corporations, means having suffered major losses due to theft of products, services or sensitive business information.

The high-speed growth of technology has simply made it easier for those intent on criminal activities to get away with whatever their nefarious deeds may be. On the other hand, technology has also given business a fantastic range of gadgets that make it harder by the day for criminals to steal products, money or information – it’s just a case of having the right team of investigators on your side to be ahead of them!

Today, many of these companies have made sure that they have their own go-to team of private investigators to rely on for a myriad of solutions that’ll protect their businesses from inside and outside attacks, taking a proactive approach to protecting their interests.

As one of the leading private investigations companies in Gauteng, King Investigators has become the preferred partner for many high profile companies who rely on them to do everything from background checks into employees or board members to undercover surveillance.

Bugging is a major concern for the owners, shareholders and employees of businesses who work with extremely sensitive information, which means that they need a seasoned investigator they can rely on to debug offices and homes. In addition to this, King Investigators ensure that there is no malware on client computer systems, which is something that needs to be done regularly in an era where devices keep getting smaller and more sophisticated.

Background checks into potential employees, partners or shareholders are particularly important in a high tech age. We all know that even with our best intentions, some people are able to lie so convincingly that we are taken in and may be tempted to skip that in-depth background check.

There are times when it’s better to take a hard line such as this instead of ending up with egg on our faces, or worse, facing a scandal that exposes a board member or staff member as an ex-felon or child abuser, among other nasty skeletons in the cupboard!

If employee theft is infecting your business, the team at King Investigators has well in excess of ten years’ experience on the ground as undercover operatives to place at your disposal.  They will be able to mingle with your staff as a new employee in order to gather the information or proof required to bring a thief to book, to the extent that no one will be any the wiser.

King Investigators also carry out a full range of high level business intelligence services, which encompasses everything from misappropriation of corporate assets, embezzlement, financial and background investigations as well as counterintelligence, to name a few.

GPS vehicle tracking has become yet another asset for any business with staff out on the road or those with fleets of trucks. King Investigators will fit this GPS vehicle tracking device within seconds, anytime, anywhere, inside or outside the vehicle, to ensure that your fleet and staff are going exactly where they’re meant to!

If your business needs protection on any level, please contact King Investigators today to find out more about what these investigators can do to stop any illegal financial drain on your business.


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