Take a proactive approach to the security of your company by instituting pre-employment polygraph tests

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that people have been lying since the dawn of time, and will continue to do so as long there is breath in the body, the difference today though, is that with the aid of technology, manufacturing false CV’s is made so much easier.

As it is, it’s human nature to want to see the best in everyone, to take them at face value on the strength of a CV that looks good a good gut feeling, but this is often where deception first starts with a prospective employee.

An employer can only go so far in terms of checking into the background of any potential candidate for employment, such as contacting references, but with crime syndicates involved in business today, there’ll be someone ready to take the call to confirm previous experience fraudulently, so this doesn’t help much either.

It takes an experienced private investigator with the knowledge and experience to use avenues of information gathering that the general public does not have access to, to do an in-depth background check.

These avenues include access to databases, platforms of information and other exploratory methods they are allowed to use when gathering everything needed to present an in-depth profile of a potential employee to the employer.

As an example, if your company is involved in research and development of new products, it’s vitally important to know as much as is humanly possible about anyone you employ for a position that offers access to high value company secrets.

Business crime syndicates are on hand to offer small fortunes to anyone willing to sell your trade secrets or even your client database.

Dealing with issues involving fraud, misappropriation of company assets or theft after the fact costs far more than hiring a private investigator to assist with pre-employment polygraph tests, taking a proactive approach to protecting your interests before someone is hired.

Other potential pitfalls for employers are things such as pre-existing drug or alcohol abuse on the part of a potential employee, as well as any indication of sexual abuse or misconduct. These are very costly errors for any company to make when employing someone, especially if they’re employed in a managerial position.

Although an employee cannot be forced to take a polygraph test, many companies have instituted pre-employment polygraph testing, which a potential employee can refuse, though it would not bode well for them if they’re reluctant to do so to secure the position.

The rising cost of white collar crime has led businesses to form professional relationships with trusted private investigators, in an effort to stem the tide and nip any chance of hiring the wrong person in the bud.

Take a proactive approach to lowering the risk of employing people who could do your company harm by contacting King Investigators in South Africa, to find out more about how these professionals can assist with confidential pre-employment polygraph testing.

8 Qualities that are the mark of a top private investigator

A top professional private investigator needs a broad range of skill sets to use in gathering evidence in cases that involve everything from infidelity to fraud, especially since many investigations cross over from one form of investigation to another.

Here are 8 qualities that are the hallmark of a top private investigator:

  1. Extensive training

Extensive training is a fundamental requirement for any private investigator.  He needs to have an in-depth knowledge of investigative tools, techniques and skills that range from undercover experience to an ability to tackle reams of paperwork with a highly analytical approach.

  1. Broad experience

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators in South Africa, brings 10 years’ worth of experience to every case he takes on, relying on this experience he has garnered and extensive knowledge to use effectively in both criminal and civil cases.

Because there is often a crossover from civil to criminal in an investigation, it’s vital that the investigator is able to follow any path an investigation may take to its conclusion.

  1. Excellent communication skills

Communication is essential in a good investigator, and you’ll know whether or not he has it from your first meeting.  Because a private investigator has to be able to communicate with people from all walks of life in order to gather evidence during an investigation, his communication skills have to be excellent. This goes a long way to making sure that he is able to blend in wherever he goes.

  1. Professionalism

Professionalism and integrity are qualities top private investigator needs to gain credibility in his field, along with the necessity of being registered with the PSIRA, which is the governing body that regulates the activities of investigators.

Being registered with a body like PSIRA is an assurance that you are indeed working with a professional, one who understands and respects the regulations governing the industry and acts accordingly.

  1. Trustworthiness

A good private investigator will make sure that all documentation pertaining to an investigation is kept in a secure place, during and after the investigation, doing everything possible to assure a client that their information will remain confidential.

  1. Time management

Any truly professional private investigator works efficiently to bring a case to a close quickly, which makes it essential that he be able to manage his time effectively.  In addition to this, he must be available to you during an investigation, to ensure that the lines of communication are kept open on every level.

  1. Resourcefulness

The growth in technology has meant that a case can be brought to a conclusion faster than ever before, which means that your investigator needs to be resourceful enough to make the most of this technology to access information across many platforms that weren’t available previously.

  1. Tenacity

Office hours certainly don’t apply to private investigators, especially in light of the fact that he’ll be facing many challenges and dealing with obstacles that certainly don’t fit into the 9 to 5 category, and, giving up is never an option for a great investigator.

It is this sheer determination not to give up that separates a good investigator from the rest, and this is what makes a private investigator truly successful in the gathering of evidence.

If hire a private investigator who ticks all these boxes and more, contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat that’ll give you a clear understanding of what he can do to assist you with your case.

Is it your imagination, or is your spouse cheating on you?

According to King Investigators in Gauteng, based on research and  statistics gathered over the years, 85% of people who have a gut feeling that their spouse is cheating are usually right, which isn’t a comforting statistic at all.

Sometimes it’s easier to tell yourself you’re just imagining it, or that you’re being paranoid, anything but to face the possibility that the person you love is cheating on you.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the longer your sixth sense tells you something is up, the worse things will get psychologically and emotionally for you, which is when it’s worth doing something concrete about it.

Despite the fact that having infidelity confirmed is shattering, at the very least you’ll be able to make decisions based on more than suspicion, which although painful, is still empowering when you come face to face with the truth.

Being such a deeply painful experience makes it very difficult to share your suspicions with a stranger, but it’s important to remember that when you decide to hire a private investigator, you’ll be dealing with someone who will treat your suspicions with respect and protect your privacy.

Finance is another reason people hesitate to hire a private investigator to uncover the truth, however, this is an unnecessary worry when you choose to deal with an investigative firm like King Investigators.

This team will work within your budget, running each investigation according to what the client can afford, without compromising on the quality of the investigation.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, has carried out thousands of investigations involving infidelity and cheating, and he has seen first-hand just how important it is to take a sensitive approach to an investigation of this type.

Communication with your cheating spouse detective is important during infidelity investigations. As skilled professionals who’ve been in the industry for over ten years, King Investigators know exactly how to protect and guide you through the course of the investigation.

Confidentiality, integrity and honesty is the foundation of all that the team at King Investigators does, and your comfort level in this difficult situation is their main concern as you enter these uncharted waters.

How it works when you hire King Investigators to find proof of infidelity:

Baseline information

Your private investigator will need to have as much information as possible about the movements and routines of your spouse, in order to establish the foundation of the investigation.

Type of investigation

Once the baseline is established, your private investigator will discuss with you all the avenues he will be able to pursue during the investigation, giving you the opportunity to choose the level of the investigation you’ll need and feel comfortable with.


At your first meeting with your private investigator, you’ll be able to discuss your budget in order to make sure that you won’t be left with a bill far beyond your budget at the end of the investigation.

Open communication

As an experienced professional, you can rely on your investigator to give you a clear indication of what lies ahead during the investigation and assure you that he’ll be available to you throughout the course of the investigation.

Your role will be to try and carry on as if nothing is happening to avoid alerting your spouse to the investigation, which the team at King Investigations understands won’t be easy for you, but will be necessary.

If you’re wondering whether you’re imagining things or not, contact King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria to assist you when you’re ready to find out the truth, no matter how difficult.

The main reasons people will hire a private investigator in South Africa

None of us likes the idea of having to hire a private investigator to get proof that things are not what they seem on the surface, whether in a personal or business matter, but it’s the surest way of getting to the truth in any type of situation.

Depending on the circumstances of an investigation, a private investigator uses a variety of skills and tools, along with undercover surveillance to produce results that can be trusted to be truthful and honest.

If a private investigator is willing to do underhand things to gather evidence, including the use of manipulated and manufactured evidence, is going to do nothing but put your case in jeopardy.

Even if the evidence gathered isn’t destined to be used in court, it is evidence that will be used to by an individual or a business owner to make decisions on weighty issues that could have far reaching consequences for all involved.

It’s a must that you hire a private investigator with an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity, because in this the true measure of the quality of service and evidence produced at the conclusion of a case can be gauged.

The main reasons people hire private investigators in South Africa are:

Cheating spouses

There’s no getting around it, but cheating spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends is one of the main reasons people hire a private investigator in South Africa.

Proof of infidelity isn’t something any of us wants to face, but, when decisions need to be made about going forward with a relationship or ending it, having credible evidence on which to base your final decision carries far more weight than that of your sixth sense, which can often confuse us.

In-depth background checks

There are three main reasons people will request an in—depth background check on anyone:

  1. Pre-employment test – it’s so easy to create a false CV today, which has made it company policy for many businesses to hire a private investigator to carry out pre-employment background checks, so that you’ll know everything about the person you plan on hiring before you discover that they can do your business damage!
  2. Civil cases – hiding assets is a favourite gambit of people who are facing an expensive lawsuit. This makes it a good idea to hire a private detective to gather evidence of this before going ahead with the lawsuit.  If the person being sued really doesn’t have money, you’ll know that pursuing the case will cost more than it’s worth.
  3. Divorce cases – in acrimonious divorce cases, parties will attempt to hide assets in an effort to short-change the other party, in which case, only an experienced private investigator will be able to gather evidence that is a true reflection of the financial situation when it comes to an equitable settlement.


Child custody cases

Any family court making a ruling on child custody makes the safety of the child a first priority, especially if there is the suspicion of any form of abuse. If this is the case, only evidence gathered by a professional private investigator will be accepted to used as the basis for the ruling by the court on custody.

Suspicion is not enough, there has to be proof that the child will face neglect in an environment that would cause physical and psychological harm, before any judge can make a decision.

Missing people

Tracing missing people is something only an experienced, professional private investigator is able to do. This is because of the network he has built up over the years and his ability to gain access to information across various platforms that would not be available to the general public.

Business intelligence and due diligence services

These are investigative services that require a high level of experience on the part of a private investigator. Dealing with investigations that range from financial investigations to counterintelligence, through to providing in-depth information to companies planning on investing in new ventures, requires in-depth knowledge across various information platforms

There are many other reasons that people hire private investigators, which is also why it is necessary to make sure that the investigator you are planning on hiring has the ability to tackle your particular case.

Ultimately, highly trained and experienced private investigators will be able to expand any investigation into areas that lead off from these main reasons for hiring them.

Contact King Investigators in Gauteng should you need the best investigators in Gauteng handling your case.

King Investigators is the top full-service investigative firm in South Africa

Most investigations cross a broad spectrum of fields, some of which can evolve into both the criminal and civil arena during an investigation. Here are a few examples of how one case often leads an investigation elsewhere.

From infidelity to divorce to tracking hidden assets

A prime example of this kind of crossover in investigations would be in a divorce case that also involves large financial portfolios in which one party is denied their rightful share according to the law.

The private investigator then not only be gathering proof of infidelity to assist in the case, but will also need to track and find undeclared assets that may have been hidden in an attempt to defraud one or the other party in the case.

If you’re planning to hire a private investigator to provide proof our spouse is cheating, you need to make sure that he can also follow the trail of your spouse’s finances and assets, since the proof of infidelity on its own will not protect your financial interests when the case comes before a judge and assets have been hidden successfully.

Insurance claims investigations & workman’s compensation claims

An insurer will often hire a private investigator to gather evidence if insurance fraud is suspected. This is so that the investigator can produce video and photographic proof to be used against the fraudster.

Fraudulent workman’s compensation claims are also rife, and, since people will go to great lengths to defraud workman’s compensation, it is necessary to call in a trusted private investigator to prove whether or not the claim is in fact fraudulent.

Child custody & visitation rights

Common sense does not prevail when it comes to highly emotive child custody cases, and, if there is any suspicion that a child will be in circumstances that indicate the danger of abuse or neglect, it is best left to a private investigator to provide proof that will protect the child.

This kind of proof is absolutely necessary in cases where the parent is an addict or alcoholic, since this is often the doorway to other forms of abuse.

A private investigator will also be able to provide proof of whether visitation rights are being observed correctly by either party, so that if there are problems, the proof can be brought to the attention of the court to adjust visitation rights if necessary.

Business Intelligence Services & Due Diligence Investigations

A large number of businesses rely on the services offered by private investigators to provide business intelligence on new partners, a new investment opportunity or other transactions, before they make any critical decisions that will affect their financial and business future.

This is brought about mainly by the increase in white collar crime today, and the services offered by private investigators to businesses include covert operations, counterintelligence and undercover investigations, the evidence of which is then used by the company to determine the next step in any business transaction.

Choose a PSIRA registered private investigator

As professional investigators registered with PSIRA, King Investigators is a team of professionals that cover virtually every field of investigations, including polygraph testing and voice stress analysis, assistance with criminal cases and debugging of homes, offices and vehicles.

Contact owner Jacques Botha today to discuss the role he and his private investigators can play in protecting your personal or business life.

Don’t trust a private investigator that operates on the wrong side of the law

No matter how much money is offered, a private investigator with integrity will not tackle any case that may go against the law, and if you’ve made the mistake and hired a private investigator that is not registered with the PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) you’ll be doing yourself and your case a great disservice.

The mandate of PSIRA is to keep up with and regulate the whole of the private security industry; this is to protect you and to ensure that the standards of private investigators are maintained at the expected level.

If the evidence is gathered by the private investigator using underhand, illegal and unprofessional behaviour, such as trespassing on private property, misrepresentation and illegal entrapment, it will of no value in court.

King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town are committed to upholding the law, relying on extensive investigative experience and techniques, in addition to the use of state of the art technology to gather high value evidence.

The knowledge and use of state of the art technology is an absolute necessity for any private investigator worth his salt today, without this experience many investigations could be incomplete, aside from which, technology has also helped to shorten the time it takes to bring a case to a successful conclusion.

Here are a few examples of investigations King Investigators will turn down:

Planting GPS trackers illegally

The only way a private investigator can plant a GPS tracker on a vehicle is if the person you’re investigating is using a car registered in your name. You have to give permission for this to be done since planting a GPS tracker on a vehicle that belongs to someone else is illegal.

Undercover surveillance is the best way to ensure that any evidence gathered will be irrefutable, especially if it is to be used in a criminal or civil case that goes to court.

Illegal phone tapping

Know from the outset that tapping any phone is illegal! This is an undisputed fact and part of the rules and regulations as set out by PSIRA.

The only way anyone, including the police, can tap a phone, is to have a warrant signed by a judge, anything less than that will render the evidence gathered in the illegal tap useless.

Tracing people for the wrong reasons

Should you choose to hire an investigations firm like King Investigators to trace someone, you’ll find that the investigator will want to fully understand the motives behind the request for a trace.

Once the investigator has all the information necessary to start the search, and even if he is sure that the person being traced will not be put in harm’s way, he’ll still take each case on merit before taking the next step.

In the past, stalkers have used private investigators to find their victims who’ve relocated as a form of protection, which is exactly why the team of investigators at King Investigators will be very careful about which cases they’ll accept.

Start your case off on the right foot for a successful conclusion and the right results by contacting owner Jacques Botha at King Investigators. He will assist by providing the type of information you need to make informed decisions about the way forward.

Choose the #1 PI in South Africa if you’re looking for evidence that sticks!

King Investigators, with owner Jacques Botha at the helm, brings over ten years’ worth of experience to their ability to gather evidence of high value to clients, earning this team its #1 spot in the industry by providing a full range of services that serve the interests of every client.

From your first conversation to the conclusion of your case, you’ll not only know you’re dealing with professionals, you’ll also know exactly what’s happening with your case through the open channel of communication King Investigators offers clients.

King Investigators is ahead of most in terms of being able to offer affordable investigative services, with an open policy about discussing rates right from the start, without dodging any of your questions.

King Investigators will make sure that you know where the costs of an investigation can be cut, and will let you know exactly what can be achieved in reality, through the use of various investigative methods, without having to fleece you or pad an expense tab with unnecessary costs.

As private investigators operating out of South Africa, many international investigators rely on the fact that King Investigators is in the unique position of being able to assist them with investigations on the home ground they know well, and to do so with integrity.

The reason these international investigators rely on King Investigators is because they don’t have the knowledge needed to carry out surveillance in a country such as ours with its great diversity of customs and culture, nor would someone from overseas have the necessary intimate knowledge of the areas and cities in which an investigation will take place.

Jacques and his team of professional highly trained operatives, use high level skills where it comes to the analysis of evidence gathered, bringing together a broad cross-section of exploratory methods to get the best results under tremendous pressure.

In any investigation there will be varying types of tasks that can only be carried out by someone who has had the best in training and experience, which is where being able to multitask, is also essential.

High risk investigations that have been carried out by Jacques and his team have taken them into Sub-Saharan Africa, including Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique and Lesotho, as well as having headed up sensitive investigations in Brazil and Argentina.

With a local and global perspective such as this team has gained, clients trust this team to deliver evidence that is irrefutable and that will stand up to scrutiny in any court!

Whether you need the services of a private investigator in your capacity as an individual or as a business owner, make sure that King Investigators is the first call you make.

You’ll find that the rest pale into insignificance in the light of the professionalism and integrity that sets King Investigators apart from the rest.

How to go about hiring a private investigator in Gauteng, South Africa

Since the investigator you hire is going to be someone you’re going to share very confidential information with, you need to know who you’re dealing with and be certain that your information will remain safe and secure, during and after the investigation.

It’s not as if you can ask for recommendations from friends if your case involves a cheating spouse, especially since you may not want others to know that you’ve reached a point where you’re taking such drastic action.

You’ll be on your own in finding the right investigator and to find the right one you’ll need discernment in order to sift the good from the bad, to make sure that you entrust your case to the right person.

Finding a private investigator for civil cases or those involving divorce and child custody is generally a little easier, based on the fact that your attorney will more than likely already have an established relationship with a private investigator they rely on to provide evidence that’ll stand up to scrutiny in court.

Here’s how to go about hiring the best private investigator in Gauteng:

Investigate experience

You’ll have to become your own private investigator to ascertain the experience of investigators you shortlist. No amount of training will be of value to you in an investigator if it’s not backed up by experience in the field. You also need to make sure the investigator has a good working knowledge of the law so that you can rely on him to produce reliable evidence that’ll stand up in court.

Investigate company stability

Consistency on the part of the investigator is very important to the overall success and sustainability of the investigative firm you choose. It is the fact that the firm has operated for a number of years that goes a long way to earning a trusted reputation in the industry.

Investigate company registration

Make sure the private investigator you’re planning to hire is registered with the PSIRA, which is the body that governs the private investigations industry and is there to protect you and make sure that the investigator you’ve hired gathers evidence according to industry standards.

Investigate the scope of services

You do need to make sure that the private investigator you want to hire is able to do the type of investigation you’re hiring him for.  Not all private investigators have the experience or network necessary for investigations into infidelity or have the knowledge to uncover fraud. You’d be best served by choosing an investigator that has the necessary background to carry out an effective investigation in your specific case.

Request recommendations

Any investigator worth his salt will fully understand a request on your part for recommendations from clients who have used him on similar cases to yours. If he tries to duck the issue, you’re definitely not in the right place!

Investigate the fee structure

A truly professional private investigator that is open about possible costs you may be facing from the get-go is the one to trust, since he will know how to structure the fee to suit your budget and still produce effective results.

Taking all of this into account, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time by starting out with King Investigators. This is an investigative firm that more than meets all the criteria for excellence in the industry, and what’s more, they have the reputation to prove it!

Give these professionals a call for a confidential chat before you decide to go ahead with the investigation you’re planning, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision going forward.

Undercover surveillance 101

The team at King Investigators is comprised of highly trained undercover operatives who rely on the experience gained in over 10 years in the field to remain undetected when tailing anyone, which is essential in any undercover operation.

It’s absolutely necessary that these operatives have a high level of specialised training and experience in undercover surveillance, especially in cases of infidelity, business intelligence, theft, fraud, and divorce or child custody cases, since these can often be in dangerous situations.

Undercover surveillance is essentially the only way obtain evidence without putting their own client at risk of exposure during an investigation. To this end, this team stakes their reputation on the line willingly, each time they undertake a case that involves undercover surveillance.

This is a highly pressurised and often dangerous field that demands the experience and knowledge an investigator has earned, in order to know exactly where to dig for evidence. In addition to this, the investigator also needs to know how to analyse all the evidence gathered during an investigation in order to do a professional report of the findings.

As a result of the experience gained over the years by the team at King Investigators in carrying out undercover surveillance in South Africa, this team has rapidly expanded across borders into other Southern African countries, as well as into international waters on high risk operations.

What is undercover surveillance?

Undercover surveillance is the expression used when an investigator is covertly observing people who are the subject of an investigation, most importantly without risking detection.

Should surveillance be detected, a case will be compromised, and, in certain instances, the safety of the investigator can be at risk, which is why this is an operation that should only be undertaken by experienced professionals.

There are 3 basic types of surveillance:

Stationary Surveillance

Using high definition camera and recording equipment installed in a vehicle where it won’t be obvious,

An investigator will be able to record images and video footage without actually being on site, through the use of high definition video equipment that can be installed in a place that won’t be obvious, a course that also lessens the risk of detection.

All the investigator then has to do is to retrieve footage at intervals and withdraw again, until all the evidence required is collected.

Fixed surveillance

This is where the well-known expression ‘stakeout’ we’re used to from PI movies comes in. This is all about waiting in place, in a way that is also not obvious, in order to observe people and activities from a distance, gathering all the evidence they need of their activities, whether criminal or in the case of a cheating spouse.

Depending on the case, one investigator could carry out surveillance on his own, however, it would be a better idea to discuss with your investigator whether it would be better to bring in another investigator to make detection in very sensitive cases more difficult.

It takes expertise for an investigator to carry out undercover surveillance in the workplace, because it can be quite tricky to blend in. The investigator will need to come in as an employee, without raising any suspicions, which would be virtually impossible for anyone but a professional.

Electronic Surveillance

This is when using electronic, audio-visual or digital methods to gather evidence comes in handy while monitoring an individual, home or business.  CCTV coverage, high definition cameras and video equipment has become so sophisticated that it actually plays quite a major role in shortening the length of an investigation as well as lowering costs.

The experienced investigators at King Investigators have to know something of the law regarding electronic surveillance, especially if the evidence is to be used in a court case, because unlawful gathering of evidence will be of no use to you.

Contact King Investigator today to find out more about whether your investigation will necessitate undercover surveillance. Evidence collected by this team will allow you to the evidence to court in full confidence that it won’t be thrown out as a result of underhanded tactics!

The role King Investigators plays in business intelligence investigations

Crimes facing businesses today have taken on a highly sophisticated character, with technology making it possible for anyone in the world to become a victim of many types of financial crimes and scams.

Lying, stealing, cheating, bribery and corruption are old news, and have been since the beginning of time, however, technology has cast a far wider net for cyber criminals and those intent on stealing from businesses, in every possible way.

Because of this changing landscape, many businesses and corporations have chosen to protect their interests by hiring a private investigator to work closely with management and shareholders on a regular basis, essentially as a preventative measure in protecting their business interests.

An in-depth investigation will turn up any irregularities on the part of a new partner you may be planning to hook up with, or a new business you may be considering as a merger or acquisition.

The in-depth analysis of business records is a very important part of this kind of business intelligence investigation, and, if a company being considered as an acquisition is hiding questionable financial transactions and even possible fraud, this will all be brought to light by an experienced investigator.

In today’s economic climate, if you invest in a company that hasn’t been investigated in depth, you could be heading for serious financial damage and the possible smearing of your reputation.

Your private investigator will be able to follow the trail of internal theft or fraud in order to uncover the extent of the crime, and who the perpetrator is, which will stand you in good stead when it comes to taking disciplinary action or firing someone.

There is danger in taking on a company or partner that has been involved in foreclosures, bankruptcies or allegations of fraud, making it well worth your while to retain the services of a trusted investigator to watch your back.

The extensive growth of technology has led to an increase in the stealing and selling of company secrets, which is on the rise, and, its generally even easier to hide until it’s too late.

Of course, organised crime is also on the rise, which brings an increased risk to company secrets such as planned product development, or moves to expand the company through another acquisition.

Bribing employees in high level positions within a company keeps growing because of the high price that this type of theft brings, which is also a crime that can only be addressed by bringing in an experienced investigator.  Essentially it’s about being proactive in your approach to protecting your business interests.

Only a professional, experienced private investigator is able to offer services across the board to investigate, manage and prevent any of the crimes perpetrated in business today.

King Investigators has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of business intelligence, having served their clients by producing results that are delivered with the utmost integrity and honesty, as always.

Should you wish to know more about how owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha and his team can assist you in protecting your business, please contact them today for a confidential chat about the way forward.