Keep an eye out for these pitfalls when you hire a private investigator in South Africa!

Going to the effort of finding the right private investigator to handle your investigation, and making sure you’ll be dealing with bona fide professionals isn’t something you do every other day, so, we hope this information will make it easier for you to sort the good from the bad before you sign on the dotted line!

Don’t get tripped up by these pitfalls when you hire a private investigator in South Africa:

Don’t let the word ‘cheap’ reel you into making a bad decision!

Whatever you do, don’t base your decision to hire a private investigator by prices that sound too good to be true, because they normally are too good to be true!

If you’re going to add King Investigations to your short list, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that this is a team of professionals that are open and transparent when it comes to offering you competitively priced investigations.

If you speak to a PI that’s cagey and hazy about costs and other details, move along swiftly, because all they’ll leave you with is an empty wallet and evidence that is of no value at all!

Don’t be shy to ask for recommendations from previous clients!

You have every right to ask for recommendations from previous clients. This will help you gauge the level of service excellence, honesty, integrity and reliability, especially when it comes to dealing with the expert professionals from an investigative company in South Africa like King Investigators!

In any event, it’ll also give you to the peace of mind you’ll need to trust that this is a team of seasoned investigators that have remained fully committed to an unwavering standard of excellence for over ten years now.

Do not hire underhanded, unlicensed private investigators!

There is a very good reason that your search for the right PI should start with the PSiRA, just to make sure your investigator and his company is registered with this governing body that oversees the security industry!

Evidence that gets thrown out of court!

On the date of your court case, whether civil or criminal, divorce or child custody cases, the last thing you need at an intensely painful experience is to have all the evidence you’ve paid for being thrown out of court!

This will put you in a bad light and, if anything, it will help the other party to have your evidence ripped to shreds. Remember, your spouse will have his or her own lawyer just waiting to pounce on anything that cannot be backed up by proof!

The absolute no-no’s include the illegal tapping of phones or wearing a wire when interacting with the potential suspect as an example; this is highly illegal evidence, tainted by the methods used to produce it.

Be a winner by making sure you have King Investigators in your corner!

After over ten years in the industry, the team at King Investigators will introduce you to the very best reflection of what an open and professional can do to tackle any investigation you may be contemplating!

Give Jacques a call for a highly confidential chat about why you need the skill and experience this team offers, the call or online chat is free of charge and, by the time you’ve put the phone down, you’ll already have peace of mind that’ll help you to be able to begin early planning around the case you want investigated!

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