Don’t let anyone new into your life or business, without investing in an in-depth background check!

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a PI to carry out an in-depth background check on someone, whether it’s a new romantic interest, a new business partner or investment, in fact, if you are serious about protecting yourself from getting hurt or experiencing loss in your business, then it’s a good decision to make.

Unfortunately our sixth sense doesn’t always give us the right information, especially when everything seems perfectly right on the surface, but that’s when it’s worth taking the step to check into someone’s background thoroughly.

We all want to believe the best in people, we all want to be able to trust easily, however, though dishonesty has been around since the beginning of time, things seem to have escalated alarmingly in the wrong direction with the advent of technology at our fingertips.

If people in high places can lie about qualifications, a potential employee can give you less than the unvarnished truth and, even if you’re considering adding a new board member or partner to your business, you need to take a proactive approach towards protecting yourself and your business.

CV’s can be manufactured and backed up by what seem to be reliable references to contact, or, if you’re hiring someone to take over a position of trust in your business, without reliable, truthful background checks you could well be letting in someone that will do damage to your company.

On the romance front, we all know how easily we can be fooled by someone that appears to be absolutely perfect, only to discover when it’s too late, that you’ve allowed a fraudster, abuser or drug addict, among others, into your life.

The elite team of private investigators at King Investigators in South Africa know exactly where to dig to find the truth, and, with the evidence they present you with, you’ll be able to decide about your next move. It’s empowering yourself to do this, and it’s worth it in the long run!

As licensed private investigators, the team at King Investigators have access to sources that are not available to the general public, in order to provide you with accurate and honest reports, without wasting your time or money!

On a business level, it’s essential that you recognise and then protect your business from crimes such as industrial espionage or sensitive company secrets that could cause devastation if they’re handed to your competition.

As a full-service investigative company with well over ten years in the industry, King Investigators will take on all manner of business investigations, which include misappropriation of corporate assets, embezzlement, fraud, theft of trade secrets and other sensitive company information.

Contact owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, to find out more about what they can do to protect your personal and business interests on a discreet, professional and confidential manner!

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