How much does a private investigator cost in South Africa?

If you’re ever in the market for hiring a private investigator in South Africa, before you even start to find the right one for your case, you’ll first want to get a good idea about how much it would cost to hire a professional private investigator. Before you decide on hiring a private investigator, you are going to need to do your own background checks into the private investigations firms, and to make sure that you hire the right investigator to handle your type of investigation.

Does the private investigator show integrity?
There are many people who will call themselves a private detective, however, based on the questions you ask each investigator you are in contact with, you will be able to cross of the ones you may be uncomfortable with, based on the way the investigator communicates with you. You can be confident that if you find an investigator in South Africa that is open and up front from the start, you’ll be dealing with a true professional in a field that can sometimes find you dealing with shadier characters than you deserve.

Private investigators must be open about how much the investigation could cost!
A licensed and registered private investigator will be more than willing to discuss how much you may be looking at in terms of costs you may be looking at based on your type of investigation, such as whether it is to get to the truth about whether or not a spouse is cheating, or whether an employee is stealing from you, for instance. In terms of a private investigator cost, this could include whether or not the private investigator will need to carry out an undercover investigation that could also turn out to be the need for the private detective to follow a paper trail with an eye to uncovering hidden assets. Any well-respected investigative company that offers full-service investigation services will remind you that they insist that ‘all rights reserved’, means that there are things they won’t do if they are against the law, or would in any way tarnish evidence produced by the investigation. All rights reserved mean just that!

Is there a governing body for private investigation in South Africa?
If you are planning on hiring private investigators whether in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Pretoria, you will have every right to make sure that he is a licensed investigator, and, that his firm is registered with the PSiRA, which is a governing body that oversees and regulates and ensures that the private investigator will carry out the investigation by sticking to rules of this governing body and it’s legal restrictions. No private detective in Cape Town, South Africa, can take on a case that will require him to cross over to try to manufacture evidence, or overstepping boundaries of the law with an attitude that could well land you in hot water, if the evidence is presented in court and then thrown out due to this.

King Investigators is a private investigation company in Cape Town, South Africa, with branches in Gauteng as well, and, the best thing to do if you want to hire the best private detective available, will be to contact King Investigators for a confidential chat, or to set up a meeting with owner, Jacques Botha, at a suitable time and place to discuss the investigation. Contact us to find out more about the full range of investigative services offered by King Investigators, or to discuss the details of an issue that is at the point of requiring investigation services. Jacques and his team of private investigators will be more than happy to answer all any questions you may have, as well as to answer the question about how much a private investigator will cost!

Here’s where you’ll find Private Investigation companies in South Africa!

Private investigators near me?

Should you find you need of a private investigator in Johannesburg, the first place you will start is to head for Google or any other search engine! This is the shortest way to find what you’re looking for in your area.

Shortlist your choices!
One of the most important factors in the search will be to make sure the company you have shortlisted will be able to tackle all types of cases, with the necessary experience and training.

Check Experience!
Our clients have full confidence that our private investigations team can handle every type of case from finding proof on a cheating spouse to polygraph tests, as we have the experience to do so thoroughly.

Choose the best!
This makes us the top South African team in the industry, as well as bringing over 10 years of experience to your case, making our investigators top notch in the private sector, without a doubt!

Cut down on costs using technology!
We stay on top of the latest in technology, in a way that can shorten the investigation, which can be highly beneficial to cutting down costs.

Choose a full-service investigative services company
There are many different kinds of cases in our industry, often focusing on a variety of investigative services, and we have made sure that we offer a full range of services any individual and business could need.
This is so that you’ll know everything about our ability to cross from catching a drug dealer up to protecting the private sector.
This is in terms of looking after companies struggling with employee theft and fraud, one of the major investigations we undertake.

A fully fledged private investigations company that delivers honest results on time!
As a private investigations firm based in South Africa, one of our strengths is that we are able to deliver honest results with integrity, and our team will be able to deliver results on time!

We carry out international investigations & investigations across local borders!

One of our essential abilities is that we are able to send our team to carry out private investigations as far as South America.
And if you require a professional to carry out an undercover international investigation, it is our private investigators in SA that are ready from the moment of the request.

To our team of private investigators, as our clients you are our sole focus during a case, and we use every tool we have collected over our years in the industry on the case.

Our investigators are highly trained with over 10 years of experience!
While the bulk of investigative techniques use the latest technology, a great deal of our time is spent out in the field.
It is essential for you to know from the first time you contact us, that the pride we take in our reputation as a private investigations company, and our commitment to ensuring that you know, with a certainty, you can rely on the team to keep your information confidential and safe.

Contact us with all your questions!
Whether you contact us to hire us and simply have a few questions to ask our team, your information remains private and well protected!

Private investigations and private security go hand in hand
With an increase in white collar crime as well as an increase in cheating spouse investigations, as a professional team, licensed investigators like owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, are a real gem at this point of our history as crime in general spirals out of control on all fronts.

The best will be registered with PSiRA!
We are registered with PSiRA , which is essential for your protection and ours, should there be anything that is not done in accordance with laws and statutes of this governing body.

Contact us at King Investigators for further information regarding any case you need assistance with!