3 Good reasons to hire a private investigator to conduct a due diligence investigation on your behalf

Before any deal involving purchasing a new business or investing in another business can be signed, sealed and delivered, there’s a lot to be processed in terms of legalities and the backgrounds of these investments, most of which you aren’t able to do as the average person.

It takes a highly trained private investigator to ferret out any form of due diligence investigation that’ll make sure that by the time you do sign the deal, you’ll be doing it based on a solidly informed basis, to protect your future and investments.

By hiring a private investigator to tackle these issues for you, you will have the true facts about whether the business financials are legitimate and fully up to date.

It’s also about ensuring compliance practices, in terms of having the facts about whether the right processes and procedures have been observed in the company you’re considering buying or investing in, because once the deed is done, it’ll be you that ends up on the raw end of the deal.

3 Good reasons to hire a private investigator to conduct a due diligence investigation on your behalf:

Empower & protect yourself with the right information!

There’s never been any doubt about the fact that information is power, whether used for nefarious reasons or legitimate reasons, which is why it makes absolute sense to hire a professional private investigator to do a complete due diligence investigation into a business you may be interested in buying or investing in, or, in terms of bringing in a new business partner.

Once you have all the facts as presented by the PI at the conclusion of the investigation, you’ll definitely be in the position to make decisions that’ll benefit your business, in the short and long term!

Find out about more than mere financial discrepancies!

A due diligence investigation carried out on your behalf wont only bring to the forefront any financial discrepancies in the business you’re interested in buying, investing in or inviting in a new partner.

The last thing you want is to find out that the person at the head of the business or the possible new partner is lying about qualifications, hiding drug or alcohol abuse, a reputation for damaging sexual harassment or a past that includes having been sued by previous business partners!

You also have every right to know about any other corporate affiliations the business owner or potential investor/partner may have, especially if it clashes with what your business and reputation is about.

Protect the safety of marketing plans & customer & supplier databases

Cyber threats abound, as we know due to the fact that there are crime syndicates making a fortune in getting employees to sell them confidential information about your business. Whether its marketing plans, customer information or new product development, never mind about information about your preferred suppliers, you do need sophisticated security measures in place to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build up over the years.

A highly skilled and analytical private investigator will be able to work with you to tackle areas that may need further security measures, checks and balances in place, in order to protect your information. Your customer accounts and even the agreements you have in place with them is pure gold in the market place of crime syndicates!

Trust King Investigators to be your partners in protecting your interests through professional due diligence investigations!

If you want the best private investigators in South Africa to tackle a due diligence investigation on your behalf, contact King Investigators today to find out more about what a due diligence investigation will entail and just how essential it is to protect your business today!

The benefits of adding professional pre-employment polygraph testing to your HR practices

It’s become common practice for most companies, small, medium and large, to use pre-employment polygraph testing as a general rule in their HR practices, when planning to hire new personnel.

Unfortunately CV’s lie, and crime syndicates stand by to help the person applying for a position to act as legitimate ‘references’, and, while no amount of testing initially can be a guarantee that someone who really is honest won’t fall by the wayside at a later stage, it is certainly going to make your recruitment drive one based on in-depth background checks.

Only a professional private investigator is registered and able to carry out pre-employment polygraph testing and to delve deep into the backgrounds of potential employees.

Set the expectation of a pre-employment polygraph test in place at the outset of a recruitment drive

If someone applying for a position in your company knows from the start that they will be expected to undergo a pre-employment polygraph test, they can decide for themselves whether or not to continue with the application.

No one can be forced to take a pre-employment polygraph test, however, if an applicant refuses, you are then under no obligation to take an interview any further.

A professional private investigator, highly trained to carry out polygraph tests knows his field well and will put the most nervous of candidates at ease in a pre-polygraph test chat.  None of us like the idea, and none of us are angels, however, at the hands of a professional, any potential employee will feel completely at ease by the time the test actually starts, and they will know exactly how it works.

Establishing a precedent for using polygraph tests to limit crime in the workplace

In certain industries, like those in which research and development is a major part of the business, such as the pharmaceutical industry, technology industries or any industry that regularly works on bringing out new products and technologies, it may be worth establishing a precedent for using polygraph tests should an occasion arise that calls for it.

Yet again, you cannot force any employee to take a polygraph test, however, if you conduct seminars via professionals who can explain how these tests work, it will set honest employees at ease if you start integrating polygraph tests at random times purely for company security, or, of course, should there be suspicion of employee crime.

Join the upward trend in pre-employment polygraph testing by hiring King Investigators as your go-to team of professionals!

We know how different every company is, and that most positions being filled by a new employee would have a different level of confidentiality, however, there can be no doubt that instituting pre-employment screening goes a long way towards protecting the most sensitive areas in your business right from the get-go!

Contact King Investigators to find out just how much value these professional, highly trained private investigators in South Africa can assist to keep the confidentiality of your business intact, protect your reputation and your assets as effectively as it is possible to do proactively.

Taking a proactive approach towards protecting your business with the assistance of a Private Investigator in SA!

Having a private investigations company on retainer can benefit your company on many levels, assisting to protect the company’s reputation and brand from reckless and illegal action from either insiders or outsiders.

Company theft statistics are constantly rising, especially in this digital age, forcing businesses to ensure they have the correct safety precautions in place. If you’re considering hiring a private investigator to protect your business, here are a few ways in which they can assist;

Putting proactive employee crime prevention strategies in place

It’s an old adage, but still very true; prevention is ultimately better than a cure! This is where a private investigator can join your business as an employee, undercover, to pinpoint areas where fraud, misappropriation of assets, company time theft or product theft can be tightened up.

It’s about streamlining these areas in order to set rules and regulations in place that will make it hard for any employee to steal from your business, and to clamp down on losses you’ve been experiencing.

The necessity for real evidence of wrongdoing before disciplinary action, dismissal or criminal charges can be taken

Should an employee be suspected of any crime in the workplace you will need concrete evidence of the crime before you do anything. Irrespective of whether its product theft, mismanagement of company assets, kickbacks, fraud or non-existent overtime that’s being paid, evidence will be essential, depending of course on the course of action you wish to pursue.

Hiring a private investigator to come in to carry out undercover surveillance to obtain evidence of employee crime, or administering professional employee polygraph tests, is going to save you infinitely more money than you are more than likely losing already.

He can also assist with ensuring that your security systems and technology involved in surveillance systems is set up in the best way possible to avoid the possibility of tampering, and, they can also advise you on any dead zones that could be problematic and help you to get these covered with surveillance too.

Start from the ground up by hiring a private investigator to work with your HR department for pre-employment screening & in-depth background checks

The bigger your business, the busier your HR department will be, which means that in terms of recruiting new employees, a few suspect people may slip through based on a cursory background check.

Hiring a private investigator to carry out an in-depth background check on potential new employees will go a long way to sifting the chaff from the wheat.

Unfortunately there are syndicates that are so well set up that they will act as supposed references listed on a CV that is made up of lies, and, it’s easy to be fooled by those who seem to be who they say they are, especially in a busy HR department!

In general, companies that have fired employees for criminal behaviour, whatever it may be, will give a reference, and, even though it certainly won’t be a glowing reference, no mention will be made of what the employee has done, which means you won’t have the truth either!

Hire King Investigators in South Africa to protect your business from employee theft/fraud or other blue collar crimes!

With a sterling reputation with legal firms, small to medium businesses, major corporations, insurance companies and workman compensation, you can be absolutely sure that King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town will be the best partners you can hire as a proactive protection for your business and legal interests!

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Integrity, honesty and transparency is the motto for this team, which should give you absolute peace of mind in terms of finding out what they can do to assist and protect you on all levels.


Important points to know when planning to hire a private investigator

If you’ve been brought to the point at which you may well need to consider hiring a private investigator in South Africa, you’ll need to know a few things about finding the right guy for the job, to make sure you aren’t misled or set up with useless evidence.

Finding a reputable, registered private investigations company can seem somewhat overwhelming, which is why we’ve set out these few points that you can use on your search for the right PI for your investigation:

Check to make sure he’s licensed as a PI & that his firm is registered with the PSiRA

No PI is allowed to legally operate in South Africa if he is not registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), which is the governing body of the security industry and holds PI’s accountable for their practices, to the extent that they could face prison for non-compliance.

This is also your assurance that the PI you hire is above board and will make sure that your evidence is legally obtained and irrefutable. Ask for proof of his license to act as a private investigator too, this is very important or you could end up on the wrong side of the law yourself.

Be your own PI when doing a background check on a private investigator!

It’ll be well worth your while to find out as much as possible about any private investigator you are considering hiring. Ask him about how long he’s been an investigator and the scope of his investigative services, and, very importantly, ask for references from clients that have hired the private investigator for a case similar to yours.

If a PI only handles fraud cases, he’s not going to be much help to you if you are dealing with a cheating spouse, which is why it’s good to know his full range of investigative services from the get-go.

Talk about possible costs of an investigation at your first meeting

If there’s one thing you can be absolutely certain of, it’ll be that if you are meeting with an investigator that ducks and dives questions about possible costs that could be incurred during your investigation, you’re at the wrong place!

With a team like that at King Investigators, with Jacques Botha at the helm, you will have absolute transparency about your budget concerns. He and his team have been in the industry for well over 10 years now and are more than willing to discuss openly how you can get results based on your budget.

This is one professional team you can rely on not to pad an expense account with non-existent expenses!

The downside to hiring a non-professional, unlicensed private investigator

The short answer to this? You could be left holding evidence that has been manufactured or obtained illegally, which will get you into hot water in a court, and, you’ll definitely be out of pocket with nowhere to turn to redress the dishonesty and loss!

Contact King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria & Cape Town for the real deal!

If you’re looking to hire a full-service private investigations company in South Africa that ticks all the right boxes, King Investigators is going to be your safest route to an investigation carried out with integrity, honesty and without wasting your time or money!

Contact Jacques at King Investigators today for a confidential chat about getting the investigation up and running, the right way!