How Does a Private Investigator Prove Infidelity?

If you suspect your spouse of cheating, you may be asking; how does a private investigator prove infidelity? You may want to confirm your suspicions about whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, before you go ahead and begin divorce proceedings.

Confirmation of an affair, as painful as it can be, is often easier than living with suspicion and doubt, especially when you’ve confronted your spouse about it and they have denied it.

If, despite all denials, your sixth sense tells you that there is something wrong, and if your spouse is exhibiting behaviour that further feeds your suspicions, its best for you to hire a private investigator rather than to try and prove infidelity on your own.

The objectivity of a private investigator in gathering evidence will make a very painful experience less so, allowing you to base your decision on whether or not to get divorced on real facts, and not on mere suspicion.

Infidelity can have a major impact on certain issues when it comes to court cases, such as whether the injured party is entitled to a bigger share of the marital assets, or the bearing it could have on the lack of principles and character of the cheater when it comes to custody disputes.

How does a private investigator prove infidelity?

In a world where privacy simply isn’t as important as it once was, what with everyone using cell phones constantly to snap pictures or talk on the phone, gathering evidence on a cheating spouse is even easier than before.

King Investigators is a team of registered private investigators that are considered the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and if anyone will provide you with results you can take to court in confidence, this is the team you can rely on.

Should you decide to hire King Investigators to prove infidelity, your first meeting will involve the need for you to provide Jacques with as much information on your spouse and his or her routine as possible, to have a starting point when planning the investigation.

You’ll also be free to discuss your budget at this meeting in order to include this in the way that the investigation will be conducted.

Undercover surveillance

Undercover surveillance is the best way to catch a cheater! As undercover specialists who also use state of the art technology during surveillance, you can rely on this team to leave no stone unturned on your investigation, and to protect you for the duration of the investigation.

As registered private investigators with the PSiRA, any evidence of infidelity gathered, will be done without going against the code of conduct and rules that apply to the field of private investigations.

King Investigators won’t trespass on private property or use any illicit means of gathering evidence. To these consummate professionals, honesty and integrity rank high on their list of priorities, which is why you can trust them to deliver evidence that can withstand the scrutiny of any judge.

GPS tracking devices

A GPS tracking device can only be used in the investigation if you are the registered owner of the vehicle in question, otherwise it would be illegal and render evidence useless.

Camera’s & video recorders

At the end of the investigation, you’ll receive time-stamped photos and videos as proof of infidelity, as well as a written report detailing events that were not captured on camera or video.

Contact the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa!

If there’s one thing you can count on when hiring King Investigators to prove infidelity, it’s that they are able to understand just how difficult this experience will be for you, and with thousands of cases behind them already, they bring a sensitivity to the situation that will be invaluable to you.

If your suspicions are becoming too much for you to live with, contact Jacques, owner of King Investigators, for a confidential chat about what your next step could be. Sure, it’s scary and very painful, but sometimes knowing the truth hurts less than living in uncertainty and suspicion!





How Do You Find Out if Your Spouse is Cheating?

Whatever you do, don’t get friends and family involved, and don’t try to prove infidelity on your own! This can be a highly emotionally charged experience and could become dangerous if your spouse finds out that you or friends are trying to prove that he or she is cheating.

If you or your friends shouldn’t do this, then how do you find out if your spouse is cheating? The best thing you can do to find out if your spouse is cheating, is to find a registered professional private investigator to carry out a well-planned investigation.

This is the only way you’ll have concrete proof that is conclusive, one way or the other, and if it turns out that your spouse is cheating and you want to start divorce proceedings, you’ll be doing it with evidence you can trust to back up your case.

How do you find out if your spouse is cheating?

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, heads up a team of private investigators that are considered the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and it’s here that you’ll find the guidance and support you need as you head into uncharted territory!

Laying the groundwork for finding out whether your spouse is cheating!

Your first step towards finding out whether or not your spouse is cheating on you is to call Jacques for a confidential chat, designed to lay the groundwork for your next step.

From there, should you go ahead with the investigation, it will start with a fact-finding mission to find out everything there is to know about your suspicions and the movements of your spouse in general.

This will include where he or she works, the hours they work and anything else that is the norm as far as routine is involved.

You’ll be able to share all your suspicions and the reasons for them with someone who has had more than 10 years’ experience in this field, and who has already successfully carried out thousands of investigations into cheating spouses.

Discussing the costs of the investigation

You’ll find that King Investigators has a very open and honest approach to private investigator rates, which will make it easier on you when it comes to discussing what your financial situation is.

Your investigation will be run according to the way you want it to go, Jacques and his team will never run rough-shod over your wishes or your budget, and you can rest assured that with a reputation based on integrity, your bill won’t be padded with non-existent expenses either!

Using state of the art technology to save time & money!

Not only will you have a team of undercover surveillance specialists helping you to find out if your spouse is cheating, you’ll also have a team on your side that uses state of the art technology, such as High Definition video equipment, to save you time and money in bringing your investigation to a successful conclusion.

Whether this team is carrying out surveillance in South Africa or overseas, these are true professionals that pride themselves on their ability to remain undetected by the subject under investigation.

You are welcome to call Jacques for a free confidential consultation if you’re ready to find out whether or not your spouse is cheating on you!


Does a Private Investigator Have to Identify Themselves?

A private investigator doesn’t work on the same principle as the South African Police Services when investigating a crime. As a member of SAPS, you have to identify yourself when interviewing witnesses, or carrying out a legal search backed up by a search warrant issued by a judge.

You may be in the position of needing to hire a private investigator in South Africa, in which case you’d like to know just how private the investigation will be run, leading to the question; does a private investigator have to identify themselves.

When a private investigator is carrying out surveillance, it won’t help the case they’re investigating if they have to announce to all and sundry that they are a private investigator, as it negates the undercover issue when it comes to surveillance.

Does a private investigator have to identify themselves?

Professional private investigators such as the team at King Investigators will know when it will help their investigation to let anyone alerted to their presence know that they are private investigators.

If a nosy neighbour notices a private investigator carrying out surveillance and asks what they’re doing in the neighbourhood, the private investigator can always find a good pretext for being there, provided he has extensive experience out in the field and is well prepared.

Good communication skills and the ability to be able to talk to anyone anywhere is a prerequisite for an undercover surveillance expert, and it is an area that requires real experience and knowledge.

A private investigator isn’t required by law to identify himself, in fact, with surveillance experts like the team of registered private investigators at King Investigators, the ability to remain unnoticed is a given.

As well-respected specialists in surveillance when it comes to cheating/infidelity, divorce and child custody cases, owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha brings well over ten years’ worth of experience to bear in every case he and his team undertake.

For Jacques and his team, it goes to protecting their client totally while on a case, which means that they go the distance to make sure that they aren’t even noticed, making sure to protect the client by not having to identify themselves or disclose their purposes.

When does it help for a PI to identify himself?

In cases that involve insurance fraud, tracing and various commercial cases, when information is hard to come by, it can help a private investigator to identify himself in order to get at vital information.

However, because King Investigators has been in the industry for so many years already, this team has been able to build up a network of other people in specialised fields who are able to help them, especially when it comes to gathering data for the benefit of a client.

Under no circumstances will any of these professional, registered private investigators put any client at risk by disclosing that they are indeed private investigators. 

Whatever this team has to do, they will not compromise the integrity of the investigation, your confidentiality and safety is a priority at King Investigators.

Contact Jacques at King Investigators today with regard to any investigation you may need carried out! Whether you need the top cheating spouse detective in South Africa on your side, assistance with proving employee theft or would like to trace a missing relative, no case is off-limits for King Investigators!


Are Private Eyes Legal?

If you’ve never needed to hire a PI but are now considering this possibility, you may ask the question; are private eyes legal? Let’s look at the downside of the private investigations industry before we get to the legalities of being a private eye in South Africa.

It’s unfortunate but true, that there are those who have no compunction about posing as a private investigator simply to fleece people out of their money, which until recent years has cast a shadow over the reputation of the guys who are legitimate PI’s.

The negative image given by these fraudsters to legitimate private investigators is grossly unfair, since it takes a lot of training, experience and knowledge to become an effective investigator.

A bona fide private eye will have studied at a recognised college in order to obtain a degree in private investigations, studies that include gaining a degree in Criminal Justice, since it is essential that any PI has a good understanding of the legalities attached to the industry.

Many private investigators have experience in the police services, which is always a good thing to be on the lookout for when hiring a PI, since this experience, along with further studies, assures you that you’ll be hiring someone who really knows what they’re doing in their field.

Are private eyes legal?

In order to become a private eye legally and officially in South Africa, the PI has to be registered by the regulatory body that oversees the conduct of the investigations industry, which is the Private Security Industry Regulation Authority (PSiRA).

If the PI you are looking into isn’t registered with the PSiRA, you would be doing yourself a great disservice by hiring him. In a world that can often be very shadowy, what you want is a private investigator who values integrity, one you know will see your case through to its conclusion the right way.

If you look at a private investigations firm such as King Investigators in Gauteng, you’ll find that this team meets all these requirements and more, to the extent that they are willing to guarantee the results of any investigation undertaken by them.

Owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, is a registered private investigator, meeting all the standards expected of private investigators by the PSiRA, and with almost 14 years’ experience on the ground, you simply can’t find better to handle your case.

King Investigations handles civil & criminal investigations

As Jacques likes to say, King Investigators is a full-service private investigations firm, with a team of professionals who don’t view any case as being off-limits.

In order to be able to hand both civil and criminal investigations, it takes an exceptional ability to cross over from carrying out surveillance on a subject to then delving into data which takes analytical skill, in order to provide clients with all the information they may need on the subject under investigation.

This ability to cross over means that you can rely on the team of investigators at King Investigators to be equipped with exceptional surveillance skills, the ability to communicate with anyone on any level, and the ability to carry out sometimes-monumental research and analysis.

If you’d prefer the best private investigator in South Africa on your case, contact King Investigators today for a free confidential consultation, or to find out more about private investigator rates.

You can rely on King Investigators to deliver the goods with honesty and integrity, which is exceptionally valuable if you want evidence that can stand up to scrutiny in court! 

What Crimes Do Private Investigators Investigate?

It’s the ability to obtain what’s considered admissible evidence that can be presented in court for a criminal case that sets one investigator apart from the next, irrespective of the crime, but, what crimes do private investigators investigate?

In general, murder, rape, blackmail, fraud, home invasions, drug trafficking, human trafficking and other violent crimes are all crimes that can be investigated by the team of highly trained, experienced private investigators at King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa.

No case is off-limits for this team of highly respected professionals, and, if you’re a victim of any of these crimes, friend or family member of someone who has been a victim, King Investigators is the team you want on your side, to bring fresh insight and evidence to light in the investigation of a crime.

Although owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, can’t carry out an arrest when it comes to catching a criminal, he and his team can, through their professional relationship with SAPS, assist the police in carrying out the arrest and then taking the case to court with evidence that’s irrefutable.

What crimes do private investigators investigate?

In all the crimes mentioned above, it’s about presenting a criminal or civil court with enough quality evidence to reach a verdict or finding that is beyond a reasonable doubt!

You won’t see the name of Jacques, any of his team of investigators or King Investigators in the news or spotlight, too many of the cases this team investigates are sensitive and often high profile, and, as the ones behind the evidence, these PI’s can’t afford to bask in the limelight if they are to remain effective in their field.

In fact, Jacques has crossed many borders in Southern Africa and over into Brazil and Argentina, to carry out high risk investigations that have called on all his skill as an investigator and analyst to bring cases to a successful conclusion, so he is no stranger to the dangers that come with criminal investigations!

Of the Southern African countries to which King Investigators travel to, these include Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique and Namibia. This means that as much as no case is off-limits for King Investigators, neither is any border crossing off-limits!

Serious & violent crime statistics on the rise in South Africa

Like any other country in the world, South Africa has an embattled and understaffed police force desperately trying to keep up with increasing serious and violent crime statistics, under constantly challenging circumstances.

As such, SAPS can only go so far and no further in certain criminal cases in terms of gathering further irrefutable evidence, further interviewing of witnesses and more, which is where King Investigators is able to render assistance that will help them to charge a criminal and bring the case to court.

King Investigators also assist families and other individuals in digging deeper into a police investigation to bring a case to conclusion, ensuring that perpetrators of crime don’t get away with it.

King Investigators guarantee results!

Contact Jacques and his team of registered private investigators at King Investigators in South Africa today, if you need help with any criminal or civil case. 

You’ll find that you’ll be dealing with an investigative firm with well over 10 years experience in the field, who can perform under extreme pressure to make sure that they deliver guaranteed results that are within your budget.


How Much Does A PI Cost Per Hour?

Most of us can’t imagine a scenario in which we’d need to hire a PI, however, there are situations that call for the professional services only an experienced private investigator can provide, whether we like it or not.

You may suspect your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend of cheating on you and would prefer to deal with the truth, no matter how hard, than to live with what suspicion can do to you. 

Or, you may be planning to invest in a company but need to know more than what’s presented to you on paper by the company.

Perhaps you’re struggling with employee theft and need to get the quality of proof required to take legal steps to put an end to it. 

Divorce cases that involve custody battles and custody arrangements also often call for the services of a private investigator, in order to ensure that the best interests of the children are maintained.

Whatever the reason for hiring a private investigator, you’d probably want an answer to the question; how much does a PI cost per hour? The answer isn’t quite that clear-cut or easy, since every investigation is different, even if it’s the same type of case and, every budget is different.

Because of the individual demands of every case, you need to find a trusted, registered PI who will be open and aboveboard with you about private investigator rates. 

Any PI who dodges your questions regarding how much he charges per hour, or whether he can charge a flat rate for your case, isn’t worth your time.

How much does a PI cost per hour?

We’re going to take a look at what you can expect cost-wise, when you hire reputable private investigators in South Africa like Jacques Botha and his team at King Investigators, as the best possible example of how it should be when it comes to the financial aspect of an investigation.

As a registered private investigator with close on 14 years in the field, you can rely on Jacques to play open cards with you from the first time you speak to him in confidence about your case.

Once you’ve set up a meeting with King Investigators, you’ll find that this team is all about cost-effective investigations. At this meeting, you’ll be taken through the various options that would be best to gather the evidence you require, which will depend on various factors, such as:

  • Whether an hourly rate or flat rate would work best for the investigation
  • Whether the case will require the services of more than one PI
  • Whether undercover surveillance will be required and how long it’ll last
  • The amount of travelling involved in the investigation
  • Whether there’ll be flights involved in the investigation, accommodation or car rental.

Let King Investigators tailor your investigation to your budget!

It needs to be said here that King Investigators uses state of the art technology, added to years of experience locally and internationally in the field, to shave off unnecessary costs on any investigation.

Knowing that the bottom line for the investigators at King Investigators is all about honesty, integrity and the delivery of guaranteed results that you can take to court with confidence, will give you the peace of mind you deserve, when it comes to hiring top private investigators in South Africa.

Contact Jacques at King Investigators for a free confidential consultation before you speak to anyone else about your case, or about how much a PI will cost per hour!


How Much Does a Cheating Investigator Cost?

Once you’ve moved past the pain of facing the possibility that your spouse is cheating on you, at least to the point where you’re ready to face the truth, whatever it may be, you’ll want answers to the question; how much does a cheating investigator cost?


A lot depends on how the investigation will be run and other factors, which will be discussed at your first meeting with the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa at King Investigators.


Chatting to owner and registered private investigator, Jacques Botha, will be easier than you may imagine, as you head into this challenging and uncharted territory.


You can rely on the fact that, as professionals with going on 14 years experience in the field of cheating spouses, Jacques and his team know full well just how tough this experience will be for you emotionally.


With this knowledge and the experience of having carried out thousands of cheating spouse investigations, King Investigators will treat you with the sensitivity you’re going to need as they leave no stone unturned to find out whether you are, in fact, being cheated on.


How much does a cheating investigator cost?


There are a few factors that will determine what a cheating investigator will cost, including but not limited to:


  • How many investigators will need to be on your case, especially when it comes to following someone who may suspect that they’re under investigation, most often brought on by guilt!


  • How complicated or straightforward the undercover surveillance will need to be


  • In general, undercover surveillance will involve billable hours as well as being billed for mileage covered


  • If travel is involved, you could be looking at flight costs, car rental costs and accommodation costs, especially if the PI has to follow someone across borders, either in neighbouring Southern African countries or overseas.


What makes King Investigators worth it?


Jacques and his team of skilled investigators work hard to bring results in quickly and within budget, using state of the art technology in order to lower costs.


It’s all about bringing in cost effective investigations at competitive private investigator rates when it comes to King Investigators. As PSiRA registered investigators, you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with consummate professionals committed to delivering guaranteed results.


The evidence you receive at the conclusion of the investigation


King Investigators will provide you with time-stamped video evidence of any cheating, along with time-stamped photos, accompanied by a written report that sums up every move of your spouse that could not be captured on video or photo.


If you need the evidence for a divorce case, you can trust in the fact that whatever evidence is delivered to you by King Investigators will stand up to scrutiny in court.


Surveillance is a speciality at King Investigators, ensuring that you are kept safe in the knowledge that they know exactly how to remain undetected by the subject under investigation, and, your confidential information remains just that; confidential!


Contact King Investigators for a free confidential consultation!

If you’re feeling a little shaky about hiring a private investigator to prove whether or not your spouse is a cheater, give Jacques a call for a free confidential consultation that will give you the peace of mind you’ll need to face the truth, whatever it may be.

Can a Private Investigator Take Pictures of You in Your Home?

When you take into account the plethora of myths surrounding what private investigators can and cannot do, it’s easy to get confused about where and when a PI can take pictures of you, which leads us to the question; can a private investigator take pictures of you in your home?

This is a very touchy subject, especially if you’re looking for evidence of wrongdoing that can be taken to court and not be thrown out due to any unlawful actions on the part of a private investigator.

Private investigators are not above the law, contrary to much of what we see in detective movies, and, in South Africa, any private investigator worth his salt has to be registered with the PSiRA, which is the body that regulates the security industry, ensuring that a PI sticks to the letter of the law when it comes to gathering evidence of value.

You should ask any Private investigator you plan to hire for his registration number and verify it on the PSiRA website. This is the best way to ensure that you’re dealing with a private investigator who is legitimate and also a good way of knowing you’ll have recourse if, for any reason you feel you’ve been taken for a ride by a PI.

Can a private investigator take pictures of you in your home?

The short answer to whether or not a private investigator can take pictures in your home is; no! You have a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy in your home, and, a private investigator can’t even take photos of you in your backyard, despite the fact that you are in plain sight.

As private investigators registered with the PSiRA, owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha knows full well that the only places he and his team of professionals can take pictures is only in public places.

While they can’t take pictures of you in your home, the moment you leave your property and move into public places, they are well within the law to then begin taking as many pictures as they need, to bring to light evidence of wrongdoing that’ll stand up in any court.

If you hire a private investigator willing to take pictures of someone in their home, you’re looking at ending up with egg on your face when you take that evidence to court! 

In the first place, the evidence will be declared false, and in the second place, you could face prosecution yourself for bringing illegally acquired evidence before a judge!

King Investigators don’t cross the line into invasion of privacy!

King Investigators in Johannesburg and Pretoria do not break into houses to take pictures of you, or anything else that could be going on in your home.

This is a team of experienced, registered PI’s who are dedicated to uncovering the truth the right way, to best serve their clients, which is exactly the type of PI you want on your side for any case.

You’ll have the confidence of knowing that this team of private investigators understands the legalities involved in gathering evidence and they stick to it, for your own protection!

Whether you are the one doing the hiring or the one under investigation, it’s essential that you know where you stand in terms of your right to privacy.

Contact King Investigators to get evidence the right way!

Contact Jacques and his team of experienced private investigators today to find out more about what it means to have the law on your side, when you bring your case to King Investigators.

Let this private investigator team get your evidence the right way, on time and according to your budget.


Why Are Private Investigators So Expensive?

Private investigators can be very expensive, especially if they have no respect for your budget and are happy to pad expense accounts to the hilt, for imaginary expenses of course.

If you’ve never hired a private investigator, or, you’ve hired the wrong one, it’s fair for you to ask the question; why are private investigators so expensive?

If you take into account all the equipment a private investigator invests in to use on your case, and we’re talking about state of the art technology here, added to video and camera equipment, liability insurance, registration fees, travel and accommodation costs, it costs a pretty penny to set up a professional investigative firm, and to run an investigation.

However, this doesn’t justify the general public being taken for a ride financially when it comes to private investigator rates, and, if that’s happening or has happened to you, it’s because you haven’t hired King Investigators!

Why are private investigators so expensive?

Depending on what your case will involve, there are investigations that won’t be cheap, but the end results, depending on what you expect to get out of high-value evidence, could be well worth the investment.

When you deal with a firm like King Investigators, you’re dealing with professionals that have been in the field for well over a decade, honing their skills under the experienced guidance of owner Jacques Botha.

Considering the level of experience, training, background, company stability and skills brought to bear by these registered private investigators, you can be forgiven for thinking they’d be too expensive.

In fact, asking why private investigators are so expensive is a bit unfair, especially if you haven’t dealt with a team of consummate professionals like those at King Investigators.

What impacts private investigator rates?

If all you want to do is have a straightforward in-depth background check into a potential employee or perhaps a new romantic interest, it’s obviously not going to involve undercover surveillance and other tactics that would apply to another type of investigation, making it relatively inexpensive.

Ultimately, what will influence the cost of your investigation will depend on just how much your case will require, whether in man-hours, undercover surveillance, data analysis or in the case of high-risk investigations.

What makes PI rates different at King Investigators?

Well, for Jacques and his team, it’s very much about integrity and honesty right off the bat, no matter what the case. With so much experience on their side, this team is able to think outside the box in order to tailor investigations to meet the budgets of clients, and still deliver high-quality results!

In addition to this foundation of integrity, the team at King Investigators uses the very same expensive state-of-the-art technology to benefit their clients, cutting down on man-hours in many cases, to save time and money for their clients.

This is just a part of what makes private investigator rates worthwhile with Jacques and his team, for individuals, corporations, insurance companies and international clients.

Speak to Jacques today about how King Investigators can assist you with your case in the most cost-effective way possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the down-to-earth honesty you’ll come face to face with, once you’ve had a confidential chat with Jacques and his team about your case.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for incontrovertible evidence gathered legally, you need only share your budget and needs with King Investigators, to change the way you look at private investigator rates forever!

Should I Hire a Private Investigator to See If My Husband Is Cheating?

It’s not that easy to define an answer for unique individuals if you’re asking the question; should I hire a private investigator to see if my husband is cheating?

We’re all different, this we know, and, as such, we all react differently to the possibility that a husband may be cheating on us. Some women prefer to just let it be, for more reasons than we can go into here, but for some it simply becomes the status quo of the relationship.

However, not all of us are willing to accept living with a husband that is cheating on us, and, no matter how painful the truth may be, it’s preferable for some of us to know for sure than to continue in the agony of not knowing!

There’s no doubt about the fact that infidelity and cheating in a marriage more often than not leads to the divorce courts. Once the suspicion exists, the relationship will start coming apart at the seams. Suspicion of cheating on the part of your husband can take on many different forms in how it affects you and the relationship.

If you’re brave enough to confront your husband, he can easily make you feel as if you’re imagining things, which is not a good place to be, because it makes you start doubting your own sanity.

Should I hire a private investigator to see if my husband is cheating?

If you’re planning to get divorced based on your husband cheating on you, you’re going to need concrete evidence of his infidelity, in which case, hiring a private investigator you can trust is the best thing to do, to protect yourself during the proceedings.

There’s also the issue of husbands who try to stash assets so that the wife gets less than what is her due in the divorce settlement, which is where an expert private investigator like Jacques and his team at King Investigators is invaluable.

It takes a lot of analytical skill to follow the paper trail and chase down evidence of a husband hiding assets, which is right up the alley of the team at King Investigators.

If there’s one thing you can expect from an investigation into whether or not your husband is cheating, it’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing the truth. 

It sometimes happens that wives discover that their husbands aren’t cheating, which, in many cases, can save a marriage that might otherwise have broken up, without cause, however, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Do you really want to know whether your husband is cheating on you?

This is a very important question to ask yourself, because, once it comes to facing the truth of what an investigation uncovers, you can’t un-see or un-hear any of it, which will change your life forever.

If you’ve come as far as to want to hire King Investigators to find out whether or not your husband is cheating on you, know that you’ll have one of the best investigative companies in South Africa on your side.

Contact King Investigators to find out whether your husband is cheating on you – the right way!

Whatever you do, avoid fraudsters who exaggerate their abilities without a client base to back them up, and who are willing to do unethical and illegal things to get the evidence you need.

All this will do is cost you more than it’s worth, and leave you with evidence that has absolutely no legal value at all!

Contact King Investigators to find out more about how they can help you to see if your husband is cheating on you. This is a team you can trust to do things the right way, and always to keep your best interests at heart!