7 lesser-known facts about what it’s like to be a private investigator

The image we’ve been fed in the movies about shady PI’s is just what it is, an image, and, in most instances, a false one. The majority of private investigators are highly trained professionals who more often than not come from a law enforcement background, which means they know right from wrong in terms of gathering evidence legally.

In general, these professionals are hired to investigate anything from hidden assets to locating missing people or finding proof of infidelity, among other investigative services.

Let’s look at what it really means to be a private investigator for hire, and to clear up any myths and misconceptions about the professionals who deserve better for their hard-earned abilities.

Your PI will tap phones or hack into computers

Not so at all! If you’ve hired the team from King Investigators you’ll find that the fact that they’re all licensed, experienced professionals, means that they do have more leeway in terms of accessing certain records for personal and corporate investigations, however, there are limitations to what they can and can’t do legally in some of these investigations.

Only if the owner of a mobile phone, bank account or email account gives permission can the investigator dig into information that may lead to the discovery of wrongdoing, such as in the case of a spouse suspected of cheating.

A PI can assist if you’re being phished online

For many people involved in romances that start online, private investigators have become a great help in checking into whether the person a client is chatting to is who and what they say they are. This is especially necessary when someone starts suspecting that they’re being scammed by the person they’re chatting to online.

The bottom line though, in avoiding the need for a PI in a situation like this is simply to quit talking to people you don’t know online, however, many still get scammed into parting with a lot of money and more, out of sheer innocence.

Private investigators can break the law

This is a fallacy and misconception that certainly doesn’t suit professionals such as the team at King Investigators! This is a team of professionals who are highly trained to use all the skills and tools of their trade to access information the average person is unable to do, but, they do it by sticking to the code of conduct enforced by the PSiRA in South Africa, which is the governing body that keeps a watchful eye over the conduct of the security industry.

Private investigators are able to carry out in-depth background checks on anyone

The fact is that even hiring a housekeeper or new employee has become a risky business in a climate in which crime rates are soaring. This is when the team from King Investigators come in handy, with their ability to carry out an in-depth background check into anyone new, whether on the romantic front, domestic front or in terms of hiring a new employee.

A lot of people simply aren’t what they say they are or what their CV’s say they are, and, if you want to be protected from the start, an in-depth background check is the most proactive way for you to know what you’re getting into!

Private investigators are experts at undercover surveillance

It’s essential that if your hire a private investigator to carry out undercover surveillance, that you make sure they have on the ground experience in this specialised field.

They have to be able to think quickly and adapt to changing circumstances out in the field, making sure that they blend into the background and in doing so, are not picked up by the subject under investigation.

Book learning won’t help with undercover surveillance; only being out in the field for many years will ensure that you as client will be protected for the duration of the investigation.

No nine to five hours for the private investigator!

In most cases, a private investigator may need to work around the clock to gather information and evidence then have the skill to analyse everything that has been brought to light, in order to provide the client with a comprehensive report and trustworthy evidence at the conclusion of a case.

It’s not a thrill a minute as we have been led to believe, a private investigator often has to spend days analysing reams of data to get to the bottom line in order to provide the information required by a client, which is anything but thrilling!

Hire the best private investigators in South Africa by contacting King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, to discuss the way forward in terms of any investigation you need carried out, whether on a business or personal basis!




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