4 Steps to locating a missing relative

There are a host of reasons that families lose touch with each other, some acrimonious and some simply a result of lives growing apart, but, in many cases the time comes when some want to reunite with long lost relatives, which is where the growth of the internet can begin to shed some light on where they may be.

It’s a simple first step to locating a missing family member, but, not all are on social platforms or even remotely involved with technology, but it’s a good place to start on your own.

Here are 4 steps you can take to begin the journey of finding a missing relative, or any other missing person for that matter:

Put together as comprehensive a list as possible with all the information you may have on hand for your missing relative

It’s going to take a bit of research among other relatives and friends to start getting facts together that can give you a starting point in the search for your relative

Details like where they went to school, past home addresses and phone numbers, cars they might have owned, all these small details can be a great help to you.

This first step is all about gathering as much information as possible to be able to know where to start.  It’ll also be of great value should you decide to hire a private investigator to locate someone that is missing.

Make use of social networking sites

Social platforms such as Facebook, which has almost one and a half billion users worldwide, would be a good place to start. Friends you may have had in common will be of value, as the family member you’re looking for may be in contact with them.

If you have managed to get information on the work history of your missing relative, you could try LinkedIn using that information to follow up on their movements career-wise.

Make use of primary search engines like Google

We all know that you can find virtually anything you’re looking for on primary search engines like Google, which is the leader when it comes to being a powerful search engine.  You could also try search engines such as Yahoo and Big, you have nothing to lose and you may just hit pay dirt this way.

Meta search engines are a highly effective way to harness information from many search engines simultaneously, examples of which are Dogpile, Monster Crawler or WebCrawler.

Hire a professional missing persons Private Investigator

The safest, less complicated route to take to locate a missing person is to hire a professional private investigator with experience in locating missing persons.

Whether you’re trying to locate a missing relative, old friend or perhaps even someone that’s skipped out on a court case, you’d be doing yourself a favour by hiring well trained and experienced investigators, which is exactly what you’ll find with King Investigators.

The team at King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town will cut to the chase and track down anyone missing without wasting valuable time.

As long as you can give them all the information you may have on the missing person, they’ll follow the trail and go places to find information that is not available to private individuals, and you can rely on the fact that any information you get will be reliable and trustworthy.

Integrity, honesty and professionalism is the driving force for the team at King Investigators, which is exactly what you need when you decide to call in the professionals to find a missing person in South Africa and overseas!

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