4 Steps You Should Take To Stop Harassment

Harassment has fast become a widespread threat as modern forms of communication grow in a virtual world. An important thing to remember is that it’s NEVER your fault. You are the victim in this situation, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take in order to protect yourself against harassment. You don’t need to stay a victim anymore, and even the justice system is finally catching up with those who harass and threaten others.

To offer yourself the very best opportunity of getting the unwanted texts to stop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Document and compile the texts

For someone to investigate the harassment, you’re going to have to keep a record of the text messages. Each time an individual continues to harass you via text message, you’d be best protected by taking a screenshot of the text and collating it all in one folder sequentially. Equally as important is that you collate your replies telling the person to stop harassing you.

Every bit of communication has to be recorded in a way that’s it’s easy to follow the trail of the threats and harassment, preferably by date and time.

Take it a step further by contacting your cell phone carrier to get records of your text message data. They will be able to supply you with time-stamped records that will list how many texts are sent and received by specific numbers, which will help to keep facts straight.

Step 2: Organize the texts

After you have compiled your screenshots and text information from your service provider, you’ll want to get them arranged in a format that is clear and easy to understand once law enforcement gets involved. Make sure your contact details are clearly visible so that your file doesn’t get lost on a busy detective’s desk.  Make sure to make duplicate copies of everything to keep in your own file too.

Step 3: Report it to law enforcement

Once you decide to involve the police, go to your local police station to report the situation to a detective, not to a uniformed police officer, as the detective is able to investigate cases such as yours in-depth. If there is no detective in the station, make sure to get their business card to contact them later. Trying not to be emotional when dealing with the detective may be tough, but, it’s more important that you concentrate on the facts that are vital for them to know, so that they can move on your case.

Remember that if your child is being harassed via text messages, you have a right to report it on their behalf to protect them and prevent further harassment and bullying.

Step 4: Hire a private investigator

If the local police department can’t help you, hire a registered private investigator. Handling online (and offline) harassers is a frequent request received by King Investigators, which has given them precisely the experience required to assist their clients effectively.

The most important thing a private investigator does to stop harassment is in being able to identify the perpetrator quickly, and to pass that information and any other evidence they’ve uncovered on to the police force, particularly if they haven’t been able to find the perpetrator on their own. This information plays a vital role in securing and enforcing court orders to end the harassment.

Whether or not you choose to use a private investigator, remember that there is always something you can do about harassment. If you aren’t certain about any of this and what your rights are, please feel free to contact King Investigators for a confidential chat to answer your questions.

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