3 Steps to take to protect yourself & stop cyber-harassment

Harassing and bullying someone in the virtual world of mobile phones and the internet is the act of a coward, but, that knowledge doesn’t change the fear and anxiety that comes with being targeted for harassment.

Nobody deserve to be bullied, in any way, and threats via mobile phones and email means that you’ll have to take steps to put an end to it, to take yourself from being a victim to the victor by stopping the harassment the right way.

While the justice system has been a bit slow in catching up, there are now laws in place that are designed to protect people from cyber-harassment, allowing you to protect yourself legally too.

It’s seldom that cyber-bullies show their faces, but, if there’s ever any hint that the person who may be bullying you could well become a physical threat, it’s essential that you keep everything documented to take the right legal steps to protect yourself in time.

We’re going to look at cyber-harassment here and what you can do about stopping harassment via texting:

Document texts sequentially

It’s essential that you keep every harassing text in sequential order, date and time, so that if you can’t get the person to stop by yourself, you can take the evidence to the relevant police services.

Keep screenshots of every text that comes in and your own replies requesting that the harassment stops, make sure you keep everything in one folder that will be easy to hand over to the authorities should it come to that.

Organise texts in an easy format to present to law enforcement

If you’ve decided to approach the police with your case, handing them all the information they could possibly need to stop the harassment is going to make it easier for them to get to the culprit. Make sure that everything is dated and that the time is recorded of every text, in addition to making sure that you keep copies of everything you hand over to detectives.

Bear in mind though, that the police services are swamped and understaffed at the best of times, especially at this time in history when the COVID-19 pandemic has stretched their resources even thinner than ever before!

Hire an experienced, trusted private investigator

Being on the cutting edge of the latest technology available gives King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town all the experience they need to find your tormentor and put paid to the harassment once and for all.

In fact, when you hire a licensed PI to stop cyber-harassment of any form, you’ll have the kind of support that could even lead to convicting the person harassing you, should you wish to do so.

Often, once Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, is able to identify the perpetrator they’ll be scared off, however, if this isn’t the case, King Investigators are able to provide the police with enough evidence of the harassment, including the identity of the perpetrator, to open a case against them.

This kind of evidence is vital if you plan on securing a court order to stop the harassment!  All of this information applies to any form of online bullying and harassment as well, as long as you keep it all together, you’ll be able to put an end to it!

Contact King Investigators today for a free, confidential chat about what they can do to stop your tormentor and to keep you safe during the investigation.

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