4 Signs Your Spouse Might Be Cheating On You

Nobody wants to be with a cheating spouse, but the harsh truth is that cheaters will cheat, and, with the rapid growth of social media platforms and the existence of online dating sites and apps, life has been made a lot easier for cheaters than ever before.

Let’s look at four different types of suspicious behavior to keep in mind, though to be sure, it takes more than these to account for infidelity. While it’s not a fact that your partner is a cheater simply because they won’t share phone or email passwords, if your sixth sense is telling you otherwise, you could ask for a valid explanation for being shut out.

Unexpected Lack of Interest

If your partner suddenly loses interest in you – whether physically, mentally or emotionally – it could be that they are looking for fulfillment somewhere else. A total disinterest in intimacy or affection that’s out of the ordinary, with no explanation, could be a warning sign that something has changed. If your partner stops being attentive to you or begins to ignore you outright, it may be an indication of deeper issues than those on the surface.

Changes in Physical Appearance

You’ve possibly heard this one before, but if your spouse starts dressing up for weekly “meetings,” gets a makeover and begins spending nights at the gym, there may be another person involved. That’s not to imply that a sudden desire for exercise or a surge in social functions is suggestive of infidelity, but if he or she refuses to share this with you openly on one too many occasions, it may be a reason to start looking a little deeper than superficial circumstances.

Newfound or Increased Secrecy

It’s true that relationships need to have a firm foundation of trust, however, if both of you are happy, with no passwords to social networking sites standing between you and this suddenly changes, something could be up.  If you’ve suddenly been locked out of social networking sites or email accounts that were previously open, and there’s a new sense of secrecy about it, it may be worth having an open conversation about what has changed.

Suspicion of Cheating Turned on You

So you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, and suddenly you’re the one being wrongly accused of having an affair. Sadly, this behavior is fairly common with cheaters. Most of the time, they feel a sense of guilt and refocus their shame on you as a coping mechanism, as well as to deflect suspicions away from them as a defense for their own behavior.

Even if your spouse displays all of these behaviors, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that he or she is having an affair. However, these behaviors and actions are often related to an increased probability of cheating.

The ideal strategy is to bring up the subject immediately – if you’ve been accused of infidelity, ask why they would believe that. If you’re being disregarded by your spouse, take a moment and discuss how your needs are not being fulfilled. But, don’t ignore your gut. Unfortunately according to statistics, 85% of people who suspect that their partner is involved in an extramarital affair are correct.

If your sixth sense is indicating that something isn’t right, listen to it. If you want the truth, which is never easy to face, let King Investigators help you to find out whether you’re imagining an affair or not.  King Investigators has the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, and they’ll give you the honest support you need to get through these uncharted waters.

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