4 Signs that could mean your spouse is cheating on you

The rapid spread of social media platforms and other online dating platforms has made cheating on a spouse easier than ever before, and, once the conversation starts, it’s a short step to an actual physical encounter.

This may not mean that your spouse is cheating physically, but it does mean he or she is cheating on you emotionally, and, if your senses are telling you that something is off, perhaps its best to consider finding out whether your spouse is cheating or not.

No matter how painful, once you know the truth, you can base your decisions about the relationship on facts and not on mere suspicion, so that if your spouse is in fact innocent, you have the opportunity to work on the relationship.

If your spouse has suddenly locked you out of their phone and email by changing passwords, it’s a red flag, and, if your sixth sense is telling you that something is definitely off, it may be worth asking why you’ve been locked out, but it won’t guarantee you’ll get the truth!

There are four basic kinds of suspicious behaviour you could keep an eye out for, however, bear in mind that it doesn’t mean you’re living with a cheater if he or she displays one or two of them.

There are many other signs that you can be on the lookout for if you do research on the internet, so be sure your spouse is displaying too many of these signs to be ignored, before you believe you’re being cheated on.

Major changes in physical appearance

When your spouse suddenly starts taking more of an interest in his or her appearance, getting makeovers, suddenly joining a gym, changing what he or she wears obviously, it could indicate that there’s something going on.

It could be nothing more than wanting to take care of themselves as time passes, however, some of these signs are a pretty good indication that something is going on, especially if you’re being kept out of it all.

Loss of interest in you and your relationship

If your spouse has previously been intimate and affectionate with you and begins to withdraw from this, showing a loss of interest in the relationship, you can be pretty sure they may be looking for that intimacy elsewhere. If this is completely out of the ordinary and totally unexpected, without any explanation or discussion, you may have to face the painful truth that you’re being cheated on.

Your spouse turns your suspicion of infidelity on you

If things have reached the point where you’ve asked the hard questions and been told you’re imagining things, you may well find that your spouse begins to turn your suspicion against you and start accusing you of cheating!

This is a pretty common manipulative technique used by cheaters, turning their own guilt on you in defence, or to deflect suspicion away from them because of their guilt at their own behaviour.

Sudden increased secrecy

In most relationships based on trust there is no need for either spouse to feel the need to lock you out of their phone or social networking site by becoming secretive about new passwords.

When you’re able to tell the distinct difference between the way it was and the way it’s changed, with all the new secrecy, and your questions are met with derision, it may be time to consider finding out the truth, no matter how painful.

Sadly, according to statistics, 85% of people who suspect that there is cheating on them and having an affair are right, and, your sixth sense also sounds the alarm loud enough for you to pay attention.

While the truth may be painful to face, allow yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing and not just suspecting, since suspicion can do a tremendous amount of damage and your spouse may not even be cheating on you!

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