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In order to be able to claim to be a full-service private investigative company in South Africa, King Investigators provides investigative services that range from cheating spouse investigations, right through to business intelligence services, without missing a beat.

This is a team of professionals that’ll track down employees that are stealing from your business; follow a paper trail of a spouse hiding assets in a divorce case or carry out professional lie detector tests.

In addition to the analytical ability this team of investigators has in following paper trails wherever they lead, or analysing reams of data to get to the bottom line, they also remain on the cutting edge of state of the art technology as it develops.

This technology is used by this team to improve investigative timelines and save clients money, especially when it comes to combining analytical skills with extensive experience in undercover surveillance.

Naturally, the explosion of technology that continues on an upward trajectory has already had a major impact on the way that criminality has changed.

There are a lot more ways to commit fraud, lie, steal and cheat through technology than there ever was before, and, even having an affair and cheating on your spouse has become a different ballgame with technology!

Here are a few examples of the full range of investigative services provided by King Investigators in South Africa:

In-depth background checks

Having been in the investigations field for over ten years, King Investigators has the necessary resources and connections to make sure that whether you need an in-depth background check into someone you’re planning on employing or someone you’re taking on as a new business partner or, perhaps someone that’s a possible new love interest in your life, you’ll know everything about that person before you make any decisions!

Expert undercover surveillance

The team of licensed private investigators at King Investigators bring many years worth of experience to what can sometimes be the dangerous field of undercover surveillance.

They know exactly how to disappear into the background and how to adapt to changing situations on the ground during an undercover operation, which is absolutely necessary, not just for a successful investigation, but also to protect themselves and their clients!

Cheating spouse detectives

Cases involving cheating spouses are unfortunately one of the main reasons individuals hire King Investigators, and, having carried out thousands of cases involving infidelity, you can rely on this team to produce evidence that’s true and cannot be disputed.

It’s for this reason that King Investigators is known as the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, to the extent that they have the experience of carrying out investigations in other Sub-Saharan countries and internationally!

Polygraph testing

Using the very latest in polygraph technology, King Investigators will, through the use of polygraph services in a range of cases, such as for pre-employment screening, criminal testing, domestic disputes and more!

If you’d like to be able to identify risks before they are set in motion, such as protecting your business from hiring employees that could cause damage to your business, polygraph testing and voice stress analysis testing are the best proactive steps you can take to minimise risks, whether in your personal or business life.

Along with these types of investigations, the experts at King Investigators are also uniquely able to provide Business Intelligence Services and Due Diligence Services, which, as you can see, makes them a top full-service private investigative company in South Africa!

Contact owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha to find out more about what he and his team of professional investigators can do to assist you with any investigation you may need them to undertake on your behalf.

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