The art of undercover surveillance is one that requires extensive experience on the ground

Surveillance is an art form that can only be carried out successfully by an experienced and licensed private investigator. While there are many cases that call for undercover surveillance to be undertaken, the basic principles remain the same when carrying out an investigation undercover.


A professional investigator knows exactly where to station himself in order to be in a position to monitor activities of a subject, so that even if the target leaves the area, the investigator will be in a position to continue the surveillance either on foot or in a vehicle, without being detected.


There are many factors an investigator has to take into account when it comes to the surveillance technique that will be put into effect for a particular case. For instance, whether neighbors will notice the investigator, whether there are any obvious routes to and from a home or office, as well as how close the investigator can get to the subject without being noticed.


In some cases, more than one investigator will be necessary, especially where the target of the investigation is using the public transport system, or is picked up and dropped off at different locations.


King Investigators  is able to determine very quickly whether or not another investigator will be necessary in order to maintain surveillance, but, with over ten years’ worth of experience in the industry, these investigators will only advise this if it would compromise the investigation not to do so.


When King Investigators is called in to investigate a cheating spouse or partner, they will work with you in order to determine the most suitable schedule for the surveillance, as this information will be essential to gathering evidence of infidelity that cannot be denied in any court of law.


Covert videotaping can only be used when your spouse is out in any public location, but private investigators at King Investigators will also make sure that all privacy laws are observed; something like invasion of privacy can nullify any evidence gathered.


As a rule of thumb, if you have hired a private investigator to carry out surveillance on a cheating spouse, it is important that you do not in any way expose the investigator by being in the vicinity while he’s operating. This is because it could endanger both you and the investigator.


No matter how hard it is to pretend that nothing is happening, so that your spouse doesn’t become suspicious, let the professional handle the surveillance without interference.


Surveillance and undercover operations are by no means the beginning and end of the investigative services offered by King Investigators, but, if you want to ensure that any surveillance is carried out with thorough professionalism, then this is the team to approach, without a doubt!

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