Undercover surveillance is an art form that demands extensive experience in the field to be successful

Undercover surveillance plays an integral role in many types of cases tackled by a private investigator, and to be able to carry out undercover surveillance successfully, a private investigator has to have more than training, he has to have experience in out in the field.

Head knowledge won’t make a PI good at undercover surveillance. It’s often a dangerous job, one that can blow up in the face of the PI and create danger for the client if his surveillance is blown and the subject of the investigation realises he is being investigated.

It’s especially dangerous when it comes to carrying out undercover surveillance that involves finding evidence of infidelity for instance, especially if an acrimonious divorce is in the works.

Having boots-on-the ground experience means that the PI will know exactly how to remain undetected during the surveillance, and being able to adapt to changing circumstances such as when the subject under investigation decides to walk instead of drive, or vice versa for instance.

The PI has to be able to think very quickly on his feet to carry out undercover surveillance successfully, and, he has to be able to communicate well with every type of person in many different situations.

Everything is about how close the PI can get to the subject without being detected, which means that surveillance techniques may have to change often to avoid detection.

Your case may require more than one investigator to be out on undercover surveillance, especially in situations where public transport is used or if the subject is being dropped and picked up at different locations that vary.

Having been in the industry for over 10 years already, Jacques and his team at King Investigators will be able to decide on a course of action to make sure what would be best to maintain surveillance without being compromised.

The case of finding evidence of infidelity!

If you’ve decided that you need proof of whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, and you contact King Investigators to carry out the investigation, they will ask you to provide them with as much information as possible about your spouse, which will enable them to lay out an investigative plan to suit your requirements as well as to suit your budget.

Important to note is that King Investigators will not do anything underhanded to gather evidence in your case. They are registered with the PSiRA, which is the body that oversees the industry to make sure that no evidence is gathered using illegal tactics like invasion of privacy, misrepresentation or any other tactic that will render evidence null and void.

Jacques and his team at King Investigators will take your suspicions of infidelity seriously, but, at the same time, they will encourage you to keep things as normal as possible, no matter how difficult, so that the investigation will not be compromised in any way.

If you want evidence of cheating to stand up to scrutiny in court, then contacting King Investigators in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town will be where your investigation will be safest!

Contact Jacques today for a confidential chat regarding your case, he will give you all the information you could possibly need to make an informed decision about whether or not to go ahead with hiring these professional private investigators!

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