Facing a divorce & need to hire the top private investigator in Gauteng?

Nothing comes close to being as personal as a divorce case, and as such, having an investigator on your side that you can rely on completely and trust implicitly will be of more value to you than you may think while weighing up the decision to hire a private investigator or not.

When the ugly head of divorce rears its head, there is often a highly emotive issue involved, such as custody of children, infidelity or the hiding of assets, the only way to get incontrovertible proof that will stand up to scrutiny in court, is to hire a trusted private investigator.

The first reason for this is that if you or family members try to gather the proof yourselves, the emotions that run high in these situations can cause dangerous blowback, and result in evidence that’s of no value in a court case.

Secondly, though the reasons you may have for hiring a private investigator are deeply personal, the right investigator will be of great support during an investigation, helping to guide and protect you when things get difficult on the way to a conclusion of the case.

The fact that the investigator is not emotionally involved in your situation gives him the ability to focus on doing things the right way, without allowing emotions to get in the way.

Doing things the right way means that the investigator understands the lawful gathering of evidence, and that he sticks to the letter of those laws in order to deliver honest results that will stand for you in court.

This is a field in which King Investigators in Gauteng have extensive experience, which includes everything from undercover surveillance to sifting through and analysing reams of data that may pertain to issues such as hidden assets.

This is a team of private investigators who aim to protect your best interests in the case, without ripping you off or padding non-existent expense accounts, which is a clear indication of the integrity that underlies all investigations carried out by King Investigators.

If infidelity is involved in the divorce, King Investigators are considered the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, having investigated hundreds of infidelity cases for over 10 years to date, and they know exactly which rock to turn over to find the evidence that will support you in court.

Custody battles are never pretty, but what makes some worse than others is if one or the other party is abusive, using drugs or alcohol, and is negligent, or worse.

In these dangerous situations, hiring a private investigator you can trust will be one of the best ways to arm yourself to do battle on behalf of your child, and, with registered professionals like King Investigators and owner Jacques Botha, getting it done the right way.

None of us wants to deal with the heartache of infidelity, divorce or ugly custody battles, but, putting on the right armour in the guise of a registered, trusted investigator will be tangible protection when you need it most.

Contact King Investigators today to find out more about how these private investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg can be of service to you.


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