Facing a divorce & need to hire the top private investigator in South Africa?

There are few experiences in life that can compare to the agony that comes with divorce, and especially if it is one that will be acrimonious and cruel. That will be the queue for you to hire a trusted private investigator to protect your interests leading up to the actual court date.

Divorce is seldom anything but ugly, and, when emotions run high over issues such as child custody, withholding of assets or infidelity, it  gets even uglier, which is when you need a professional PI to gather proof of wrongdoing that’s able to withstand scrutiny in court.

Whatever you do, don’t try to gather the evidence on your own, and don’t involve family or friends in the search either. There is too much volatility and emotions running high to risk what could end in danger for you and your family if you take this route.

Most attorneys have a standing relationship with private investigators they know they can rely on to get to the bottom of any case and to produce reliable, legally gathered evidence on your behalf, however, you can also do the research to find the right investigator you feel comfortable trusting.

A major benefit to hiring a private investigator to see you through your divorce is that he is able to view the situation without emotions clouding his judgement, which will be of immense support for you during a deeply personal experience.

You also need to be sure that the investigator you hire does things legally, because if he flouts the rules and the law, you’ll end up with evidence that has absolutely no value for you, and that could in fact taint your case.

King Investigators, owned by licensed private investigator Jacques Botha, brings a sensitivity to your case that you deserve, and the range of experience he and his team brings to any case includes undercover surveillance, which is a skill that requires experience if it is to be done safely.

When it comes to sniffing out hidden assets, Jacques and his team have the analytical skill that’s required to sift through any data that may need to hidden assets.

On the financial end of private investigations, you can trust that King Investigators will not rob you blind or pad the account with non-existent expenses that leave you out of pocket.

Integrity and honesty is a code of conduct this team is proud to lay claim to after over ten years in the field, and what’s more is that they’ll work around your budget and still deliver the goods honestly and on time!

As the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, King Investigators is the team to have on your side if infidelity is involved in your divorce. They’ve cleared hundreds of cases involving cheating spouses over the years, and they know exactly where to find everything you need to produce in court with confidence.

If one spouse in the divorce is a substance abuser or known to be either verbally or physically abusive to the children, you face one of the most painful battles of your life, however, with King Investigators on your side you can rely on them to go into battle for evidence on your behalf, to ensure that your children will be safe in the end.

There is not one among us who wants to deal with the devastation that divorce or ugly custody battles bring, however, you can arm yourself fully and appropriately by hiring King Investigators to protect you during the investigation and to bring it to a successful conclusion for you.

If you’re facing a nasty divorce or custody battle, contact Jacques at King Investigators today for a confidential chat to get the ball rolling to protect yourself and your children.

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