Are you crazy or is your spouse cheating?

No one who has ever loved another wants to face the possibility that a spouse is cheating on them, nor do we feel strong enough to face concrete evidence about infidelity, however, the sense of betrayal and anger you may be experiencing right now is happening in more lives than you may imagine, unfortunately.

If your 6th sense is telling you something is wrong, that something is ‘off’, you may be the type of person who wants the truth, painful or not, real or imagined!

Sadly, the top cheating spouse detectives in South Africa at King Investigators will tell you that in 85% of these cases, your sixth sense is telling it as it is.

Perhaps you’ve asked the hard questions only to be met with a spouse who tells you you’re imagining things and get’s overly angry in response, because this level of defensiveness is often a good indicator of whether you’re hitting a raw nerve or not.

Of course, not every spouse who starts taking an interest in their appearance or starts staying later at work than usual is a cheater, but there are signs, which if taken together, may convince you that you are being cheated on.

Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for to confirm your suspicions:

  • Your spouse takes out membership and suddenly started working out in the gym, whereas before they’ve never worried about their physique or exercise for that matter. Of course not everyone who has decided to start taking care of their fitness levels is cheating!
  • Your spouse is taking more interest in their appearance, how they dress and in general what they look like, than ever before.
  • Your spouse suddenly starts wearing a different fragrance or aftershave.
  • Your spouse is spending more and more time away from home and is taking a lot of business trips or staying later at the office than ever before.
  • Your spouse is suddenly very secretive about their mobile phone, adding passwords that were never there before. They start taking calls out of earshot or, they suddenly seem to have a lot of wrong numbers calling!
  • Your partner has lost interest in your sex life, or, suddenly wants to try new things that were never part of your life.

Your sixth sense is probably right if your spouse fills too many of these boxes, and, this is the time when you may decide about whether you want the truth, or choose to ignore the signs to keep the marriage or relationship together, no matter what.

If you do decide to hire a cheating spouse detective in South Africa, let the professionals at King Investigators guide you through what will be some pretty rough waters, and to do so with sensitivity.

At King Investigators integrity and professionalism are the bottom line, and to back this up, owner Jacques Botha is a registered PI, and his company is PSIRA registered, both of which are essential if you want the best on your case!

You are welcome to contact Jacques for a confidential chat before taking any major steps. After this you may, at the least, have an honest assessment of what would lie ahead for you should you decide that facing the truth is better than living with suspicion eroding your relationship.

The 5 most common cases private investigators tackle

The seamier side of life in which deviants move, where evil lurks and some of the worst cases of infidelity and depravity come to light, is the world in which professional private investigators learn to toughen themselves out of sheer necessity, in order to close cases and to provide indisputable proof for their clients.

A private investigator has to be objective and to remain focussed on leaving no stone unturned in order to get to the truth in any case, and for those unable to do so alone.

Please note: if you are planning to hire a private investigator in South Africa, you need to check into the background of the firm, and to make sure that they are PSIRA registered. This is to protect you from hiring fraudsters.

5 most common types of cases private investigators tackle:


Truth be told, investigating cheaters is pretty routine for private investigators, a field in which they apply their training, skills and tools of the trade to find proof of infidelity.

There are cases in which clients hire the investigator just to set their minds at ease that they aren’t being cheated on, but more often than not, they are approached by clients who have good reason to believe they are being cheated on.

In-depth background checks

In-depth background checks are used in the instances below:

New business ventures

When a client is planning to invest in a new company, King Investigators will carry out an in-depth background check to make sure that the client knows as much is humanly possible about the new company before signing on the dotted line! Information is definitely power.

Potential employees

Employee background checks – having an investigator do a thorough, in-depth background check on any candidate being considered for a new position has become essential today. This is vital because CV’s and references can be manufactured, and it’s not easy for the employer to go as in-depth as a PI can in order to get to the truth.

New romance

It doesn’t sound very romantic but a lot of people today want to know more about the background of a new romantic interest before they get too involved. They want to know that this new love interest doesn’t have a criminal record, a history of physical or substance abuse and other issues.

This is in an effort to protect them before getting any deeper into the relationship. This type of investigation is something private investigators often undertake, and with good reason, what with the falsification of background information possible today using technology.


Hiring a professional, experienced PI will make searching for a missing person a lot more hopeful when people are not able to get any further on their own in trying to find someone who is missing. An investigator can explore many more avenues than the average man in the street can do, which is where hope comes in.

Family law

Because of their working knowledge of the law, private investigators often work hand in glove with lawyers in various types of cases, such as custody and divorce cases, making sure that all the evidence is in before each side settles equitably.

Let King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town tackle your case so that you can rely on the fact that they’ll get to the truth, without compromising on the honesty and integrity which has made them one of the top investigative firms in South Africa.

Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you?

If you are living with suspicions that you’re being cheated on, you’re probably already going through emotions that range from fear of the truth to proof of betrayal, along with an almost inevitable anger that will also play a role in the fear and pain of the situation.

While it may not help your heart to know that you’re not alone, it’s a sad fact that in a society flooded with technology it’s become even easier to have an affair than ever.

Unfortunately, because of the convenience and anonymity of the internet, affairs today often start online, which then takes just a it a small step to set up a date to meet the person that’s been on the other end of the conversation, opening wide the door to cheating in the ‘real’ world.

While it’s true that burying your head in the sand for as long as you can stand it seems easier than taking the next step, however, if there is proof of infidelity you will then be able to decide whether or not to continue the relationship.

Deciding to hire a cheating spouse detective in South Africa is going to be a challenging step for you into unchartered waters. Setting aside the emotional toll to decide which course of action is best, make sure that if you hire PI you’ll be dealing with a professional who’s already seen it all and can fully understand your pain.

How King Investigators work to provide evidence of infidelity:

The first step

If there’s one thing that’ll set your mind at ease under difficult circumstances, it’ll be the confidential conversation you have with owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, as you explore the type of evidence you need.

Investigative rates

There are many ways in which an investigation into cheating can be structured to meet with your budget, and, on your first meeting with King Investigators you’ll find that you’re dealing with a team that believes in being upfront and honest about costs, and who won’t pad your bill with unnecessary expenses!

This team stands firmly by their commitment to provide evidence honestly and as quickly as possible so as to retain their reputation for integrity and professionalism in the industry and among their clients.

Steps of the investigation

Planning the investigation

The more the team at King Investigators about your spouse and his or her movements in general, the more effectively they can plan with you the best course of action for the investigation.

Undercover surveillance

King Investigators are at the top in their field in terms of undercover surveillance tactics.

They make sure that the cheater will not pick up that they are under surveillance, and, by using the latest technology, everything contained in the final report handed to you at the conclusion of the case will be backed up by time stamped videos and photos where necessary.

Yet again, ethics are at the forefront of the way in which this team gathers information, ensuring that any evidence collected is irrefutable and legally obtained.

Keeping yourself uninvolved

Probably one of the toughest roles you’ll ever have to play in life will be while you act as if nothing is happening for the duration of the investigation. This is to ensure that you don’t in any way let your spouse know what’s going on, or you could compromise the investigation.

Conclusion of the investigation

At the conclusion of the investigation, the team at King Investigators provide you with a professionally compiled written report, supported by video and photographic evidence. This evidence is of such a high quality that it can be used in a court of law and stand up to any scrutiny.

What makes King Investigators the top cheating spouse detectives in South Africa?

Simply put; trust! Add to this an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity as a baseline for the way in which this team operates, King Investigators remains entirely within the boundaries of the law in their collation of evidence.

With this in mind you can be confident that this team is able to provide evidence that’s untainted and strictly in accordance with the code of ethics enforced by PSiRA, which is the governing body overseeing the industry.

Contact King Investigators today to get any guidance and professional advice about how to take the next step in finding out whether your spouse is cheating on you.





Undercover surveillance in private investigations

We’re not that far from the gadgets James Bond gets to use, in fact, they’re a big part of our society today. Everyone owns a mobile phone that can record voices and capture video, and, almost every 3rd person owns a drone.

In terms of getting real evidence during undercover surveillance that is untainted by underhand tactics, your PI needs to know exactly where the legal boundaries are for every aspect of an investigation.

Legal knowledge is essential on the part of the PI if any part of the evidence gathered during surveillance is to be documented to be presented in court.

What is undercover surveillance

In the majority of cases, undercover surveillance plays a lead role in terms of time spent on any case in the life of a private investigator. However, beyond the experience to carry out successful undercover operations, a private investigator also has to spend a lot of his time on analysing information and data gathered during an investigation.

When is undercover surveillance used?

  • Civil and criminal investigations i.e. when police are no longer able to continue an investigation and need assistance to gather more evidence in order to bring charges against a suspect
  • Cheating
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation rights
  • Locating missing people
  • Business; PI’s can be ‘employed’ to carry out undercover surveillance at your business if you suspect there are crimes causing your company loss of finances and assets.
  • Insurance fraud
  • Workmen’s compensation fraud
  • Harassment

Blending into the background during undercover surveillance

If a PI is to remain undetected by the subject under surveillance, he needs a high level of training and many years’ worth of experience in the field to be effective.

Remaining undetected means applying different techniques to suit each situation, which means a PI has to be able to think on his feet, quickly!

This is also why it’s best to hire a local investigator who knows the lay of the land and the culture of the country too, especially in a country as diverse as South Africa.

King Investigators, technology & undercover surveillance

King Investigators remain at the forefront of technological advances in their industry, which means that you can rely on them to have all the right equipment to carry out all forms of surveillance, while remaining within the letter of the law.

Remaining within the law in collecting evidence would include, as an example, the fact that though GPS monitoring devices can be used to track a subject and save costs on the investigation, the only way a PI can do this legally is to have permission of the vehicle owner.

If your client suspects that a spouse is cheating on him or her, and the car the spouse uses belongs to the client, then it’s no problem to get permission to attach a GPS tracker, otherwise it’s a no-no and won’t hold up in court.

If you prefer to hire true professionals, contact owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha. Jacques is a licensed private investigator heading up a team of seasoned investigators in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

With an investigative firm like this that’s at the top of its field in South Africa after over ten years in the industry, you won’t find more professional than this!


How important are in-depth background checks today?

There’s no doubt about it, in-depth background checks, no matter how uncomfortable they may be for anyone, are here to stay. They are a vital step towards protecting business and private interests, taking a proactive approach rather than having to remedy the effects dishonesty can have on a company or on an individual when it’s too late.

With technology having made it child’s play to invent and manufacture a false CV, business owners are urged to dig deeper than on the surface, and to remember that potential employees can enlist the help of others to act as false references for previously held positions, which would leave you none the wiser.

Companies that have dismissed or fired an employee seldom include the reasons in the reference they give the perpetrator, all they want is to get rid of the employee.

It’s important to note that if there is nothing that speaks to the character of the ex-employee in the CV they hand you, you’ll need to trust facts that can be dug up by a private investigator rather than your sixth sense.

Here are a few reasons people in their private capacity and businesses rely on in-depth background checks today:

For Business

Potential new business partners

Before you allow anyone into your business affairs, whether as a partner or board member, your best possible protection is to call in a professional to carry out a full-spectrum background check on the potential partner or associate.

An in-depth background check carried out by a private investigator will bring to light whether the new partner has a clean background or one muddied by crimes such as fraud, dispersion of hidden assets and/or crimes such as selling company secrets and company databases.

With the full background story, you’ll feel more confident about whether or not you’ll be able to trust the new partner or investor with your company. This knowledge will go a long way to protecting you from future loss, whether financially or by way of impacting your reputation negatively.

Pre-employment background checks

Today, many employers rely on the facts that an in-depth background check reveals rather than on the content of CV’s, before they employ anyone, which is why it’s become commonplace practice to institute pre-employment screening and a background check on a potential employee before they are hired or not.

If you’re looking to fill a sensitive position of trust within your company, one in which the employee will have access to highly confidential data, or financial management, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and money by doing a background check, rather than trying to deal with the fallout after the fact, once losses have been tallied up.

For private individuals

Divorce & custody cases

The desire to hide assets from a spouse during a divorce settlement is often a high priority for one or the other spouse, to make sure that the ‘winner’ walks away with most assets intact, and this is where divorce can become a vicious battlefield.

Without an in-depth investigation, if you aren’t up to date with the financial details in your marriage, you could well end up on the losing side, and, if you have children, cause them losses as well as they grow older.

Only a highly trained, experienced professional private investigator can carry out a real in-depth check into assets your spouse may be hiding, which is why private investigators are often used by lawyers during divorce cases.

Romance in 2020

Past abuse, drug abuse and fraud are just a few of the issues one might want to know something about before getting in too deep with a new love interest.

While it may be unpleasant to carry out a background check on a potential new love, keep in mind that it’s about self-protection in the long term.  In the case of abusive partners, they more often than not start out behaving in a way that would make any woman feel like a queen, and, only once in your life, the ugly truth starts coming out!

If your new love is using drugs and you don’t have experience about these things, it can initially be hidden, however, drug abuse is another issue that can be hidden initially, but at some point later in the relationship things start to unravel, and by then it’s too late.

The pain caused by issues such as drugs, gambling and other crimes can be avoided by being proactive about your protection right from the start, hiring a private investigator to dig where you aren’t able to.

Hire King Investigators to carry out background checks today to protect yourself or your company!

Trusted by lawyers, businesses and private individuals for over ten years now, King Investigators in South Africa has a team of professional investigators who now their field inside and out, making sure that if you need the bottom line, they’ll find it for you, with the minimum of hassle.

Contact King Investigators today for a confidential chat about how owner Jacques Botha and his team of professionals can provide you with comprehensive background checks that include a turnaround time of 24 hours, unless yours is a complicated case that follows many different avenues.

Invest in background checks to save yourself time, money and heartache in the long run!

Qualities to be on the lookout for when hiring a private investigator

There are private investigators, and then there are private investigators, and the distinction between the two halves of the same thing will be in the credentials that the private investigator is able to present to you.

Credentials and reputation have everything to do with whether or not you hire a particular private investigator. Why? Because should you make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed PI you’ll nowhere to turn should any of his investigative tactics lead to evidence that is tainted due to the manner in which it’s been collected.

At the end of the investigation you should expect a report that reflects a minute attention to detail on the part of the PI in terms of analysing all data and information that is collected. Unfortunately it is in these small details that many investigators fall short of the mark.

Evidence has to be collated in full compliance with strict industry standards for it to be of any value at all, especially if it’s to be used in a court case, and these standards are enforced by the PSiRA in South Africa.

Don’t hire an investigator that’s not registered with PSiRA, for your own sake!

Having a working knowledge of the law and legalities of collecting evidence is another prerequisite for private investigators. With these abilities, the investigator is able to present evidence that is irrefutable and will stand up to scrutiny in any court of law, civil or criminal.

If ethics and honesty are qualities that you’d like to find in your PI, then King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town is the team for you! These core values underpin all investigations carried out by this team of private investigators, no matter where the investigation leads.

Qualities to be on the lookout for before you hire a private investigator in South Africa


If you don’t feel that you can trust your private investigator to treat your information and investigation with absolute confidentiality you’re probably right.

A private investigator should be able to reassure you that your information is kept securely, in other words, that it’s kept off-site of his office in a secure location so that there is no chance that it can be stolen in a robbery.

A foundation of experience

Because an inexperienced PI can endanger an entire investigation, and expose the client to danger, especially in undercover operations, there’s no doubt that nothing beats on-the-ground experience in the world of private investigations

As an example; should an investigator be following a cheating spouse and he is detected by the person under investigation, it will make that person suspicious and possibly lead to awareness that their spouse has hired a private investigator, which is when it could become dangerous for the client.

A foundation of diligence

As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, diligence is ‘the quality of working carefully and with a lot of effort’, which is why the team at King Investigators apply sheer diligence and doggedness in every case they undertake.

This means that King Investigators will pursue every avenue of investigation to the point of exhaustion, before they are satisfied the most reliable results of the investigation, which is an essential quality that should be second nature to any great private investigator.

When it seems that there’s nowhere else to go, this is the team that will push past that point for a breakthrough!

A foundation of networking

A top investigator will acknowledge that PI’s need to have developed a network of trusted contacts/specialists that are available to provide outside support and resources that may be required during an investigation, if necessary.

This networking includes relationships with those who are able to gain access to information not freely available even to investigators, and which often includes working with and assisting the local police where necessary.

Foundational instinctual judgement

When an investigator is out in the field it’s necessary that his instincts are finely tuned enough to adapt quickly to changing circumstances on the ground, and, most importantly, to think on his feet at all times, especially when it comes to undercover surveillance, where it’s easy for things to go wrong.

Foundational communication

Communication is an essential ingredient to the skill set any PI needs for success in his field. He needs to be able to communicate with anyone and everyone during the investigation without raising any red flags.

Naturally, you also want to make sure that you’ll be As the client, you’ll be kept up to date with the investigation as it proceeds, and to have an open line of communication with your investigator.

Hire the best private investigators in South Africa!

As consummate professionals with a superb reputation for delivering the goods, it will stand you in good stead to contact King Investigators today to set at ease any uncertainties you may have about hiring a private investigator in South Africa.

With the very best in credentials to bring to your case, this is the team to rely on to deliver your final report, honestly, insightfully and with integrity, all wrapped up neatly with evidence that’ll make sure you come out on top, whether in court or for private purposes.