Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you?

If you do, then you’re already going through emotions that range from fear of the truth to the pain of betrayal, along with the anger that may also be a part of the fear and pain.

At this point it may not help to know that you’re not alone, but it’s the sad truth that in our modern society flooded with technology, it’s become easier to have an affair than it ever was before.

Many affairs start online or through the use of mobile apps, which makes it a small leap to setting up a date to meet the person that’s been on the other end of the conversation, opening wide the door to actual cheating.

There are people caught in the same place as you who decide to hire a private investigator simply to set their mind at ease, as many of the signs that point to cheating can be misconstrued, but knowing is better than suspecting!

None of us wants to look the proof in the eye, but if there is proof of infidelity you are then in the position of deciding whether to continue the relationship, with a lot of hard work, or to put an end to it, no matter how painful.

Deciding to hire a cheating spouse detective is entering unchartered waters that are daunting, aside from the emotional cost, but, if you hire the right private investigator you’ll be dealing with a professional who’s already, sadly, seen it all.

Finding a private investigator that handles your case with sensitivity right from the outset is what you deserve during this time. This is so that you’ll feel you have the support and understanding that’ll make your decision to take your suspicions into the realm of reality a little easier to swallow.

How it works when King Investigators handle finding proof of infidelity.

  • The initial consultation

When you meet Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, for the first time, he’ll have a confidential conversation with you about what type of evidence you need, whether it’s for a divorce, or as the kind of proof that’ll allow you to decide on what to do next in your relationship.

  • Costs

There are ways in which the costs of the investigation into infidelity can be structured to suit your budget, and at your initial meeting with King Investigators you’ll know clearly what you’ll be in for where it comes to the cost of the investigation.

King Investigators believes and stands by their commitment to providing information honestly and as timely as possible so as to retain their reputation for integrity and professionalism in the industry and among their clients.

The investigation


As trained, experienced professionals, King Investigators are top in their field in terms of surveillance tactics. This means that the cheater will never be any the wiser to the fact that they are under surveillance, and through the use of the latest technology, everything that is contained in the final report is also documented by time stamped videos and photos where necessary.

Yet again, ethics are at the forefront of the way in which this team gathers information, ensuring that any evidence collected is irrefutable and legally obtained.

Initial planning

In order to lay effective plans for surveillance in your case, King Investigators will need as much information as you can provide about your spouse and his or her movements in general.

This also determines the type of surveillance that will be carried out, such as whether more than one investigator will be needed to carry out the surveillance.

Stepping back on your part

One of the most important roles you’ll have to play during the investigation is to keep things as normal as possible so that you don’t in any way let him or her know what’s going on, which could compromise the investigation.

King Investigators knows that this won’t be easy, which is why they’ll give you tips about being able to cope during the investigation.

The conclusion

At the conclusion of the case, King Investigators will provide you with a professionally compiled written report, supported by video and photographic evidence, which will be able to be used in a court of law without compromise.

Why King Investigators is considered the top cheating spouse detectives in South Africa

Simply put, along with honesty and integrity as a baseline for the way in which this team operates, King Investigators in no way steps outside of the law when gathering evidence.

As a result of this, you can trust this team to provide evidence that’s untainted and strictly in accordance with the code of ethics enforced by PSIRA, which is the governing body overseeing the industry.

Contact King Investigators today if you need professional advice about how to take the next step in finding proof of cheating or infidelity.





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