Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you?

If you are living with suspicions that you’re being cheated on, you’re probably already going through emotions that range from fear of the truth to proof of betrayal, along with an almost inevitable anger that will also play a role in the fear and pain of the situation.

While it may not help your heart to know that you’re not alone, it’s a sad fact that in a society flooded with technology it’s become even easier to have an affair than ever.

Unfortunately, because of the convenience and anonymity of the internet, affairs today often start online, which then takes just a it a small step to set up a date to meet the person that’s been on the other end of the conversation, opening wide the door to cheating in the ‘real’ world.

While it’s true that burying your head in the sand for as long as you can stand it seems easier than taking the next step, however, if there is proof of infidelity you will then be able to decide whether or not to continue the relationship.

Deciding to hire a cheating spouse detective in South Africa is going to be a challenging step for you into unchartered waters. Setting aside the emotional toll to decide which course of action is best, make sure that if you hire PI you’ll be dealing with a professional who’s already seen it all and can fully understand your pain.

How King Investigators work to provide evidence of infidelity:

The first step

If there’s one thing that’ll set your mind at ease under difficult circumstances, it’ll be the confidential conversation you have with owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, as you explore the type of evidence you need.

Investigative rates

There are many ways in which an investigation into cheating can be structured to meet with your budget, and, on your first meeting with King Investigators you’ll find that you’re dealing with a team that believes in being upfront and honest about costs, and who won’t pad your bill with unnecessary expenses!

This team stands firmly by their commitment to provide evidence honestly and as quickly as possible so as to retain their reputation for integrity and professionalism in the industry and among their clients.

Steps of the investigation

Planning the investigation

The more the team at King Investigators about your spouse and his or her movements in general, the more effectively they can plan with you the best course of action for the investigation.

Undercover surveillance

King Investigators are at the top in their field in terms of undercover surveillance tactics.

They make sure that the cheater will not pick up that they are under surveillance, and, by using the latest technology, everything contained in the final report handed to you at the conclusion of the case will be backed up by time stamped videos and photos where necessary.

Yet again, ethics are at the forefront of the way in which this team gathers information, ensuring that any evidence collected is irrefutable and legally obtained.

Keeping yourself uninvolved

Probably one of the toughest roles you’ll ever have to play in life will be while you act as if nothing is happening for the duration of the investigation. This is to ensure that you don’t in any way let your spouse know what’s going on, or you could compromise the investigation.

Conclusion of the investigation

At the conclusion of the investigation, the team at King Investigators provide you with a professionally compiled written report, supported by video and photographic evidence. This evidence is of such a high quality that it can be used in a court of law and stand up to any scrutiny.

What makes King Investigators the top cheating spouse detectives in South Africa?

Simply put; trust! Add to this an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity as a baseline for the way in which this team operates, King Investigators remains entirely within the boundaries of the law in their collation of evidence.

With this in mind you can be confident that this team is able to provide evidence that’s untainted and strictly in accordance with the code of ethics enforced by PSiRA, which is the governing body overseeing the industry.

Contact King Investigators today to get any guidance and professional advice about how to take the next step in finding out whether your spouse is cheating on you.





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