Qualities to be on the lookout for when hiring a private investigator

There are private investigators, and then there are private investigators, and the distinction between the two halves of the same thing will be in the credentials that the private investigator is able to present to you.

Credentials and reputation have everything to do with whether or not you hire a particular private investigator. Why? Because should you make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed PI you’ll nowhere to turn should any of his investigative tactics lead to evidence that is tainted due to the manner in which it’s been collected.

At the end of the investigation you should expect a report that reflects a minute attention to detail on the part of the PI in terms of analysing all data and information that is collected. Unfortunately it is in these small details that many investigators fall short of the mark.

Evidence has to be collated in full compliance with strict industry standards for it to be of any value at all, especially if it’s to be used in a court case, and these standards are enforced by the PSiRA in South Africa.

Don’t hire an investigator that’s not registered with PSiRA, for your own sake!

Having a working knowledge of the law and legalities of collecting evidence is another prerequisite for private investigators. With these abilities, the investigator is able to present evidence that is irrefutable and will stand up to scrutiny in any court of law, civil or criminal.

If ethics and honesty are qualities that you’d like to find in your PI, then King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town is the team for you! These core values underpin all investigations carried out by this team of private investigators, no matter where the investigation leads.

Qualities to be on the lookout for before you hire a private investigator in South Africa


If you don’t feel that you can trust your private investigator to treat your information and investigation with absolute confidentiality you’re probably right.

A private investigator should be able to reassure you that your information is kept securely, in other words, that it’s kept off-site of his office in a secure location so that there is no chance that it can be stolen in a robbery.

A foundation of experience

Because an inexperienced PI can endanger an entire investigation, and expose the client to danger, especially in undercover operations, there’s no doubt that nothing beats on-the-ground experience in the world of private investigations

As an example; should an investigator be following a cheating spouse and he is detected by the person under investigation, it will make that person suspicious and possibly lead to awareness that their spouse has hired a private investigator, which is when it could become dangerous for the client.

A foundation of diligence

As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, diligence is ‘the quality of working carefully and with a lot of effort’, which is why the team at King Investigators apply sheer diligence and doggedness in every case they undertake.

This means that King Investigators will pursue every avenue of investigation to the point of exhaustion, before they are satisfied the most reliable results of the investigation, which is an essential quality that should be second nature to any great private investigator.

When it seems that there’s nowhere else to go, this is the team that will push past that point for a breakthrough!

A foundation of networking

A top investigator will acknowledge that PI’s need to have developed a network of trusted contacts/specialists that are available to provide outside support and resources that may be required during an investigation, if necessary.

This networking includes relationships with those who are able to gain access to information not freely available even to investigators, and which often includes working with and assisting the local police where necessary.

Foundational instinctual judgement

When an investigator is out in the field it’s necessary that his instincts are finely tuned enough to adapt quickly to changing circumstances on the ground, and, most importantly, to think on his feet at all times, especially when it comes to undercover surveillance, where it’s easy for things to go wrong.

Foundational communication

Communication is an essential ingredient to the skill set any PI needs for success in his field. He needs to be able to communicate with anyone and everyone during the investigation without raising any red flags.

Naturally, you also want to make sure that you’ll be As the client, you’ll be kept up to date with the investigation as it proceeds, and to have an open line of communication with your investigator.

Hire the best private investigators in South Africa!

As consummate professionals with a superb reputation for delivering the goods, it will stand you in good stead to contact King Investigators today to set at ease any uncertainties you may have about hiring a private investigator in South Africa.

With the very best in credentials to bring to your case, this is the team to rely on to deliver your final report, honestly, insightfully and with integrity, all wrapped up neatly with evidence that’ll make sure you come out on top, whether in court or for private purposes.

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