The role that undercover surveillance plays in private investigations

The gadgets used in James Bond movies are pretty much part of our culture today, a culture in which every second person has a drone for instance, for private use, or a mobile phone that can record anything they want for their own purposes.

This is just one bit of technology that has become commonplace in our technological age, however, the use of any technology today for the purposes of carrying out surveillance has to be approached very carefully from a legal aspect.

Unfortunately private individuals are not up on the laws governing the use of any of these forms of surveillance, which can lead to prosecution if they’re caught doing so by the person under surveillance.

Where it comes to undercover surveillance on the part of a professional private investigator, he will know exactly where the legal boundaries are for every aspect of an investigation.

This is knowledge that’s essential if any part of the evidence gathered during surveillance is to be documented as evidence to be presented in court as irrefutable.

So what is surveillance?

At the bottom line, surveillance plays a major role in terms of time spent on any case in the life of a private investigator. But before you get the idea that surveillance is a thrill a minute for the investigator you need to know that he’ll also spend a major chunk of his time on analysing reams of information and data gathered during investigations.

Surveillance is carried out across a broad range of cases, such as:

  • Locating missing persons
  • Proof of infidelity
  • Proof of fitness to have child custody
  • Proof that visitation rights are in the child’s best interest and are being followed according to the court order
  • Insurance fraud
  • Employee Theft
  • Business surveillance i.e. surveillance of employees and company representatives
  • Civil and criminal investigations i.e. when police are no longer able to continue an investigation and need assistance to gather more evidence in order to bring charges against a suspect
  • Harassment

Remaining undetected during surveillance

Remaining undetected by the subject under surveillance is a technique that requires a high level of training, as well as many years’ worth of experience in the field.

Should an investigator be detected it could damage the case and any chances there may have been for a successful outcome.

Remaining unnoticed requires the use of varied techniques, which includes being able to melt into the background so that not even the general public will be aware of what the investigator is doing.

It’s for this reason that it’s best to use a private detective who’s familiar with the lay of the land and the culture of the country too. As an example, a company such as King Investigators is often used by international investigators to carry out surveillance on their behalf in South Africa.

Technology and surveillance

King Investigators remain at the forefront of technological advances in their industry, which means that you can rely on them to have all the right equipment to carry out all forms of surveillance, while remaining within the letter of the law.

As an example, today GPS monitoring can easily be used to track a subject, which can save time, which also means lowering costs for the client.  The only hitch with using a GPS device for tracking is that it can only be used if the owner gives permission.

If infidelity is suspected, the spouse under investigation often uses a car that is registered to the client, in which case permission is easily granted.

If you’d like to know more about how King Investigators are able to use surveillance as a means of documenting and supporting their findings in a case, then please call Jacques Botha today.

Jacques is a licensed private investigator and heads a team of seasoned investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg who’ve earned a spot as one of the top professional investigative firms in South Africa after over ten years in the industry.

More professional than this you will not find!


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