The 5 most common cases private investigators tackle

The seamier side of life in which deviants move, where evil lurks and some of the worst cases of infidelity and depravity come to light, is the world in which professional private investigators learn to toughen themselves out of sheer necessity, in order to close cases and to provide indisputable proof for their clients.

A private investigator has to be objective and to remain focussed on leaving no stone unturned in order to get to the truth in any case, and for those unable to do so alone.

Please note: if you are planning to hire a private investigator in South Africa, you need to check into the background of the firm, and to make sure that they are PSIRA registered. This is to protect you from hiring fraudsters.

5 most common types of cases private investigators tackle:


Truth be told, investigating cheaters is pretty routine for private investigators, a field in which they apply their training, skills and tools of the trade to find proof of infidelity.

There are cases in which clients hire the investigator just to set their minds at ease that they aren’t being cheated on, but more often than not, they are approached by clients who have good reason to believe they are being cheated on.

In-depth background checks

In-depth background checks are used in the instances below:

New business ventures

When a client is planning to invest in a new company, King Investigators will carry out an in-depth background check to make sure that the client knows as much is humanly possible about the new company before signing on the dotted line! Information is definitely power.

Potential employees

Employee background checks – having an investigator do a thorough, in-depth background check on any candidate being considered for a new position has become essential today. This is vital because CV’s and references can be manufactured, and it’s not easy for the employer to go as in-depth as a PI can in order to get to the truth.

New romance

It doesn’t sound very romantic but a lot of people today want to know more about the background of a new romantic interest before they get too involved. They want to know that this new love interest doesn’t have a criminal record, a history of physical or substance abuse and other issues.

This is in an effort to protect them before getting any deeper into the relationship. This type of investigation is something private investigators often undertake, and with good reason, what with the falsification of background information possible today using technology.


Hiring a professional, experienced PI will make searching for a missing person a lot more hopeful when people are not able to get any further on their own in trying to find someone who is missing. An investigator can explore many more avenues than the average man in the street can do, which is where hope comes in.

Family law

Because of their working knowledge of the law, private investigators often work hand in glove with lawyers in various types of cases, such as custody and divorce cases, making sure that all the evidence is in before each side settles equitably.

Let King Investigators in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town tackle your case so that you can rely on the fact that they’ll get to the truth, without compromising on the honesty and integrity which has made them one of the top investigative firms in South Africa.

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