How important are in-depth background checks today?

There’s no doubt about it, in-depth background checks, no matter how uncomfortable they may be for anyone, are here to stay. They are a vital step towards protecting business and private interests, taking a proactive approach rather than having to remedy the effects dishonesty can have on a company or on an individual when it’s too late.

With technology having made it child’s play to invent and manufacture a false CV, business owners are urged to dig deeper than on the surface, and to remember that potential employees can enlist the help of others to act as false references for previously held positions, which would leave you none the wiser.

Companies that have dismissed or fired an employee seldom include the reasons in the reference they give the perpetrator, all they want is to get rid of the employee.

It’s important to note that if there is nothing that speaks to the character of the ex-employee in the CV they hand you, you’ll need to trust facts that can be dug up by a private investigator rather than your sixth sense.

Here are a few reasons people in their private capacity and businesses rely on in-depth background checks today:

For Business

Potential new business partners

Before you allow anyone into your business affairs, whether as a partner or board member, your best possible protection is to call in a professional to carry out a full-spectrum background check on the potential partner or associate.

An in-depth background check carried out by a private investigator will bring to light whether the new partner has a clean background or one muddied by crimes such as fraud, dispersion of hidden assets and/or crimes such as selling company secrets and company databases.

With the full background story, you’ll feel more confident about whether or not you’ll be able to trust the new partner or investor with your company. This knowledge will go a long way to protecting you from future loss, whether financially or by way of impacting your reputation negatively.

Pre-employment background checks

Today, many employers rely on the facts that an in-depth background check reveals rather than on the content of CV’s, before they employ anyone, which is why it’s become commonplace practice to institute pre-employment screening and a background check on a potential employee before they are hired or not.

If you’re looking to fill a sensitive position of trust within your company, one in which the employee will have access to highly confidential data, or financial management, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and money by doing a background check, rather than trying to deal with the fallout after the fact, once losses have been tallied up.

For private individuals

Divorce & custody cases

The desire to hide assets from a spouse during a divorce settlement is often a high priority for one or the other spouse, to make sure that the ‘winner’ walks away with most assets intact, and this is where divorce can become a vicious battlefield.

Without an in-depth investigation, if you aren’t up to date with the financial details in your marriage, you could well end up on the losing side, and, if you have children, cause them losses as well as they grow older.

Only a highly trained, experienced professional private investigator can carry out a real in-depth check into assets your spouse may be hiding, which is why private investigators are often used by lawyers during divorce cases.

Romance in 2020

Past abuse, drug abuse and fraud are just a few of the issues one might want to know something about before getting in too deep with a new love interest.

While it may be unpleasant to carry out a background check on a potential new love, keep in mind that it’s about self-protection in the long term.  In the case of abusive partners, they more often than not start out behaving in a way that would make any woman feel like a queen, and, only once in your life, the ugly truth starts coming out!

If your new love is using drugs and you don’t have experience about these things, it can initially be hidden, however, drug abuse is another issue that can be hidden initially, but at some point later in the relationship things start to unravel, and by then it’s too late.

The pain caused by issues such as drugs, gambling and other crimes can be avoided by being proactive about your protection right from the start, hiring a private investigator to dig where you aren’t able to.

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