Private Investigators for hire

There is a huge pool of private investigators for hire in South Africa to tap into when you need the specialised services of a PI, however, one needs to have good discernment about who you’ll trust with your private, intimate information.

Not every PI is on aboveboard unfortunately, and, a lot of the dodgier types will be only too happy to take your money, manufacture evidence or gather it illegally, and then leave you holding the bag with evidence that not only gets thrown out of court, but that could also land you in hot water with the law!

Private investigators for hire

If you’re looking for trusted private investigators for hire in South Africa, you’d be taking a step in the right direction by contacting the professionals at King Investigators.

King Investigators operate throughout South Africa, from Pretoria and Johannesburg, right down to Cape Town, which means that you could have a PI on your case within hours of contacting the team, for any of their extensive range of investigative services.

Full-service private investigators

Similarly to the medical profession, you’ll find that some private investigators for hire also specialise in specific fields. Some only carry out business intelligence services while others concentrate on criminal investigations, for instance.

A full-service investigations company such as King Investigators is so versatile that they can cross from business intelligence and criminal investigations, to finding missing people, investigating cheating spouses and carrying out background checks, along with polygraph testing and more.

This versatility means that if you hire them for a divorce case in which infidelity is suspected, they also have the resources to find any assets that may be hidden by one or the other spouse in the divorce case.

King Investigators also carry out investigations into the safety of children in custody cases, as well as investigating that custody arrangements are being observed, and that the children are safe wherever they are.

From investigations in South Africa to Sub-Saharan Africa & international countries

Owner of King Investigators Jacques Botha is a seasoned private investigator with well over 10 years in the industry. He has carried out high risk investigations in South America, South Africa and into Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and right across to Mozambique.

He heads a fearless team with the experience to cross over from undercover surveillance to using extensive analytical skills, to uncover important evidence scattered in reams of data few can understand.

No matter what the case is, if there is truth that is hidden, this expertly trained team of professional private investigators will uncover and bring to light all that you need, to protect yourself as an individual or as a business owner.

If you need the truth & nothing but the truth, contact King Investigators! 

Whether you need to hire a private investigator in South Africa as an individual, law firm, corporation or insurance company, start by contacting King Investigators today, to find out more about what these professionals can do to bring the truth to light, without wasting your time or money!


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