Call the best cheating spouse detective in South Africa if you need evidence that’ll stand up in court

If you’ve reached the point of wanting to find a private investigator because you suspect infidelity on the part of your spouse, you already know you’re entering uncharted and overwhelming territory. What may help is to keep in mind, that though you may know of no one who has taken this route, many have. If it weren’t so, there would be no need for a cheating spouse detective!

The best you can do for yourself is to find an investigator who will offer you the support and understanding you’re going to need during a painful experience like this!

Another point think about, is that you may want a private investigator who is able to network with other professionals around the globe if your  suspected cheating spouse is traveling extensively.

This is the type of experience you’ll have at your disposal if you chose to hire the seasoned professionals at King Investigators in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

This team works with international clients who may need someone on the ground in South Africa. This is due to the fact that only someone who understands the local culture and if familiar with the local scene will be effective in carrying out surveillance without being detected.

As a result of having carried out investigations, some of which have been high risk, in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland and Namibia, there is really no border a cheating spouse can cross, without a King Investigator acting as a shadow!

How does a private investigator go about gathering evidence of whether or not a spouse is cheating?

  • Surveillance

Whatever you do, don’t try to carry out undercover surveillance on your own! All that will do is add further pain and possibly more complications than it’s worth!  It takes extensive training and experience to use techniques that’ll leave a cheater completely unaware that they’re under surveillance.  Undercover surveillance includes recording videos and taking photos of all your spouse’s activities during the investigation. What can’t be seen on a photo or in a video will be given to you in a written report at the conclusion of the investigation.

  • Sticking to the rules of undercover surveillance

King Investigators is registered with the PSIRA, and in the many years they’ve been in the industry as a top investigations company in Gauteng, South Africa, they’ve yet to overstep or flout the rules and regulations governing the surveillance industry.

  • Expert planning for surveillance

The team at King Investigators will meet with you to get as much insight into your situation as possible before the actual planning of the investigation begins.

They’ll need to know as much as possible about your spouse and his or her usual routines, before they can provide you with a cost effective surveillance plan, according to your budget. They will always keep in mind and respect that whatever they do is done solely according to your requirements.  Whether one or more investigator will be required will be decided at this stage, depending on the information you’ve shared with the team, as well as on the general behaviour and routines of your spouse.

  • Your role in the investigation

Once owner Jacques Botha and his team begin undercover surveillance on your spouse, you have to do everything to try and keep things as normal as possible in the meantime, so that you don’t compromise the investigation.

Don’t start asking your spouse questions you haven’t asked before, or behave any differently than before, no matter how challenging this will be under the circumstances.  By doing this, you’ll ensure that your spouse doesn’t become suspicious during the investigation.

  • Presentation of the evidence

As specialists in undercover surveillance, Jacques and his team make use state of the art video equipment to provide you with video evidence, as well as with time-stamped still photos. This would include a detailed professional report once all the evidence has been obtained. This is evidence you can rely on to be incontrovertible, to the extent that it’ll stand up to any scrutiny, including in a court case.

If you’re sixth sense won’t leave you in peace about whether you’re living with a cheater, and you’ve taken the decision to hire the best cheating spouse detective in South Africa, take that step and speak to King Investigators about a free consultation, in absolute confidence. They know how tough this call will be and will deal with your concerns with a sensitivity you will find comforting at this difficult time.

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