Private Investigators to find Family Members

Family members become estranged for a variety of reasons and, many people in South Africa hire private investigators to find family members, especially when they’re certain their family member is just out of contact but believed to be alive and well otherwise.

We’re going to focus here on adult children that have become estranged from their parents, for whatever their reasons are. They may have moved and changed jobs more than just a few times and their parents are no longer able to find out where they are.

If you’re a parent that’s lost contact with an adult child, without any suspicious circumstances attached to their disappearance, and you simply want to know that they’re okay, it’ll be worth hiring a private investigator to find them.

The opposite is also true in certain situations, where the child may be ready to reconcile, but, due to circumstances such as a move, changing jobs or retiring, is no longer able to contact their parents to start the journey towards healing the relationship.

Private investigators to find family members

If you’re planning to hire private investigators to find family members, find out as much as you can about the private investigator, before you trust him with such a personal and sensitive investigation.

You need to know that he has experience, that he is registered as a PI and that he has had a successful track record in locating missing people for other clients.

In fact, you can ask the PI for references before you decide to meet with him. Most of us have a pretty good radar for detecting people that are less than transparent and slightly ‘off’ once we meet them. However, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by contacting the well trusted team of professionals at King Investigators in South Africa right off the bat!

Start with as much background information as possible

King Investigators will request as much background information from you as possible on your family member they are to locate, and, every little detail could have a major bearing on getting the case off the ground the right way.

How much do you want the PI to do when they find a family member?

You may ask the private investigator simply to locate your family member but not to approach them. You may prefer to have their contact details to give yourself time to decide on how to approach them, depending on the circumstances of your loss of contact and estrangement.

Think hard before hiring private investigators to find family members

Depending on the reasons for losing contact with your family members, you need to really think about your motives before you hire a PI to find them. They may be upset if they find out that you are having them investigated, which could cause further damage to an already estranged relationship.

If there is any chance that your desire to find your family member could be construed as being intrusive or even disrespectful of their boundaries, it could worsen the situation.

Have a plan in place to effect reconciliation

It’s important that you have a good understanding of what has caused the estrangement from your family member, and have come to have insight into your own role in the situation; you should have a good plan in place to start the journey to reconciliation.

You need to know what you want to achieve by finding your family member and to have a goal in mind where it comes to any future relationship that may develop out of the first contact you have with them.

Contact King Investigations to find family members

While each case of finding family members is unique, and in some cases may require field work, the team of experienced, highly trained private investigators at King Investigators will give their all to find your family member as quickly as possible.

This team has found thousands of missing family members in the many years they’ve been in the industry, and, with your input, will do all they can to find your loved one too!

Contact owner Jacques Botha today to start the process of finding a missing loved one!

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