Top Private Investigators in South Africa

If you’re looking for the top private investigators in South Africa, then King Investigators is the place to start!

This team of professionals, headed by owner Jacques Botha, has gained so much experience over many years, that they’re able to undertake any type of investigation you throw at them…as long as it’s legal, that is!

King Investigators will dig deep into people’s backgrounds, on a personal and business level, trace someone that’s missing, dig for more evidence in criminal cases, working with the police services, follow a cheating spouse or find out which staff member is stealing from your company.

With such a broad range of services, it stands to reason that Jacques and his team is one that you can trust to deliver the goods, qualitatively and quickly, leaving no grey areas to question.

This level of honesty and integrity in a private investigator registered with PSiRA is rare, and well worth investigating for yourself if you need to hire a private investigator, whether criminal, civil, personal or on a corporate level.

Top private investigators in South Africa

You may think that private investigators are a dime a dozen in South Africa, but, they’re not! There are only just over 600 registered private investigators in this country, and, as many, if not more, fraudsters out there, waiting to fleece unsuspecting clients and leave them empty-handed, with nowhere to turn.

You won’t be one of them if you hire King Investigators! Based on reputation, success, integrity and years out in the field, this team is led by the top private investigators in South Africa, and they’re registered with the PSiRA!

Jacques and his team knows exactly what they can and cannot do in their pursuit of the truth, in an effort to provide clients with real evidence, based on facts that they can rely on in court, and they don’t blur the lines!

Clients that rely on King Investigators services

Because King Investigators is able to tackle virtually any type of case you can think of, they have a range of clients that include:

  •         Law firms
  •         Police services
  •         Insurance companies
  •         Corporations – involving everything from uncovering fraud to going undercover to catch employees stealing from a company in more than just one way, right through to carrying out in-depth employee background checks before you hire someone.
  •         Individuals – involving a range of investigative services that reach from tracing a lost relative, carrying out in-depth background checks on a new romantic interest or finding evidence in the case of a cheating spouse…and more.
  •         International clients
  •         Clients in neighboring countries such as Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland and Namibia.

Contact King Investigators today!

You may not be sure about all a private investigator can do for you to strengthen your case, whether civil or criminal. You may also have no idea about what you might be looking at in terms of private investigator rates in South Africa.

You’ll make having to hire a private investigator a lot easier by contacting the top private investigators in South Africa today with your questions; at King Investigators! A free confidential chat with Jacques and his team will shed light on everything to do with your investigation!



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