How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost in South Africa

Most people think that hiring a private investigator will be out of reach of their budget, however, though the question of how much does a private investigator cost in South Africa can’t be answered here, you need to be sure that you start with a bit of background research yourself, before putting pen to paper.

It’s not that difficult to find a cheap private investigator, but, how can you be sure he’ll carry out the investigation with integrity, experience and honesty?

The private investigator has to be able to give you recommendations, as well as to be able to prove that he has been an active, registered PI for many years in the field.

No matter how much training an investigator has, the fact is that it’s out in the field and on assignment that he gets the best experience. 

Without this boots-on-the ground experience in the private investigator you hire, you will more than likely end up with someone that has no scruples, and then delivers evidence that won’t hold water in court. 

How much does a private investigator cost in South Africa

In the first place, you’ll more than likely need a PI who will be able to offer a full range of investigative services. 

Many investigations may include the need for undercover surveillance as well as requiring analytical skill from the PI, especially when it comes to following a money trail for hidden assets, such as you could expect in a divorce case that involves a cheating spouse.

Starting with a call to Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigations in South Africa will be a breath of fresh air in an industry that sometimes includes a few shady characters, who try to pass themselves off as professional investigators.

Jacques is a registered private investigator, as are the rest of his team of investigators, and, the bottom line for him is honesty, integrity and transparency.

You can call him for a free consultation that’ll give you guidelines in terms of what your investigation may entail, as well as what you could be looking at financially. King Investigations has a sterling reputation for service excellence and for offering highly competitive rates for private investigations.

Here are a few pointers regarding costs that may be incurred during an investigation, depending on the location of the investigation of course:

  • Hours spent on surveillance, if required, as well as how many investigators are needed for surveillance.
  • Travelling costs
  • Accommodation costs
  • Type of investigation, i.e., cheating spouse, lie detector tests, background checks, business intelligence services, due diligence services, tracing services, murder investigations and more.

State of the art technology

You can expect King Investigators to use state of the art technology, not only to bring in the highest quality of evidence, but also to lower the cost of investigations.

This team offers a guarantee that you’ll be fully satisfied with their investigative services, and they’ll carry investigations out in the most cost effective way possible, in an effort to meet your budget and still get the best results.

Contact King Investigators for cost effective private investigations

Whether you’re taking on a new business partner, suspect your spouse of infidelity or need help with proof of employees involved in theft or fraud, contact King Investigators, before you go anywhere else.

With well over ten years’ experience in the field, in South Africa, overseas and into Sub-Saharan Africa, you can expect nothing less than the best from this professional team of private investigators.

Knowing that King Investigators is PSiRA registered will also give you the peace of mind you will need when entering into the world of private investigations!


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