What do Private Investigators Have Access to

‘The truth will out; this is the bottom line for any registered, professional private investigator, and this is exactly what you can expect from the highly trained private investigators at King Investigators in South Africa.

This is where you’ll know you’re safe, safe from being fleeced financially, safe from ending up with evidence that’s tainted and worthless, safe from underhanded investigative tactics, and safe from everything that doesn’t smack of integrity and honesty!

Until you end up on the winning team in court, based on solid evidence, you may not be able to appreciate that private investigators have to stick to the law, as much as any of us have to, and that if your PI uses underhanded, illegal tactics in gathering evidence, you’ll be the loser.

What do private investigators have access to

Private investigators in South Africa do have access to certain information that may be more difficult for a civilian without experience to find, such as when public records that are needed are old, such as birth and death records, but only when they become available to the public.

It’s a simple fact; you need a lot of experience to find your way through records, that, though they may be public, are more like a maze you never get out of if you don’t know the way.

Jacques Botha, owner of King Investigators, and his team, have as much access to criminal and civil case records, as well as records relating to divorce, marriage, mortgages and other information as the general public has.

However, it’s about having the skill to wade through and analyze countless documents and make sense of them, that gives King Investigators the edge for their clients.

Private investigators cannot access financial records

Unless the PI has permission from the account holder, he cannot have access to private financial records, and, despite the fact that divorce cases often lead to monumental financial battles in which either one or the other spouse is hiding assets, private investigators have other, legal ways in which they can find hidden assets.

As professionals who know exactly how to find what is hidden, the team at King Investigators are experts at exploring every legal avenue to find evidence on behalf of their client.

The reality of undercover surveillance

If you hire a private investigator that is not registered with the security industry governing body, PSiRA, you could end up with a so-called PI that’ll do anything to get the evidence they want by breaking privacy laws, which will leave you out of pocket and empty-handed in terms of real evidence.

There is a lot of evidence that can by gathered through undercover surveillance, and, as undercover specialists, the team at King Investigators abides by the code of conduct expected of them by the PSiRA.

Undercover surveillance may only be carried out in public areas, such as in restaurants, casino’s, shopping malls, hotels, pubs and clubs, as long as they are not trespassing on private property, which renders evidence inadmissible in court.

Through the use of state of the art technology, King Investigators is able to cut down on time spent undercover, which contributes towards lowering the cost of investigations.

Many services, but one governing body

Most people don’t realize that virtually anyone can pass themselves off as a private investigator, waiting to defraud innocent people on the hunt for the truth, whether in their private or business life.

When you hire a private investigator from King Investigators, you can have confidence in the fact that you’ll have actionable, incontrovertible evidence that can stand up to scrutiny in any legal situation, whether criminal or civil.

This is because they have fulfilled a fundamental commitment to the quality of their investigative techniques, abilities and services, by ensuring that King Investigators is one of only around 600 registered private investigative firms in South Africa!

If you want the best private investigators on your case, contact King Investigators today for a free confidential consultation! You’ll soon know that you’re dealing with a team of investigators that value integrity and honesty very highly!


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