Affordable Private Investigator in Johannesburg

If you’re looking for an affordable private investigator in Johannesburg, then the best place to start would be with the professionals at King Investigations!

This team of investigators, headed by owner Jacques Botha, are all registered, experienced private investigators, able to provide a full range of investigative services of the highest quality, at affordable rates.

This team is not out to rip you off. In fact, integrity, honesty and transparency are qualities that have made King Investigators one of the most successful, long-term investigations firm in South Africa.

Excellent training and many years on the ground, carrying out a wide variety of investigations, has equipped this team of investigators with all the tools you could possibly require in any investigation you need undertaken.

Affordable private investigator in Johannesburg

Affordable does not translate to a lack of quality, especially in terms of the evidence King Investigators will hand you at the conclusion of your investigation! 

This team uses state of the art technology in such a way that it saves you time and money, and, you can trust King Investigators to work with you, in terms of making your budget work to your best advantage.

Having been in the industry for well over ten years now, Jacques and his team of professionals have the experience you’ll need to tailor your investigation, to meet your needs and your budget, without compromising on the quality of evidence collected!

Full-service private investigative services

There is no type of case that is off-limits for the team at King Investigators, unless you require them to do something underhanded and illegal! 

Being registered with the PSiRA means you can rely on this team of investigators to stick to the code of conduct enforced by this governing body, assuring you of incontrovertible evidence.

Ultimately, if you hire a private investigator that uses underhanded and illegal tactics to gather evidence, you are going to end up in court with evidence that gets thrown out, and, could land you in hot water with the law.

King Investigators offer the following services…and more:

  • Cheating spouse/infidelity cases
  • Business intelligence services
  • Employee background checks
  • Due diligence services
  • Custody cases
  • Tracing
  • Undercover surveillance
  • Polygraph and lie detection services
  • In-depth background checks

As undercover specialists with superb analytical skills necessary for the dissemination of data, this is definitely the team of investigators you want on your side for any case that may involve one or more of these services in tandem.

Choose the most affordable private investigator in Johannesburg

Not only does Jacques and his team pride themselves on their attention to detail, they will do all they can to assist you within your budgetary constraints, and still be able to deliver quality evidence you can bank on in court.

Because of the experience and professionalism provided by King Investigators, locally and internationally, you can be assured of the fact that, although they offer affordable rates, you’ll have the best private investigators on your case.

Results will be delivered without anyone dragging their feet or trying to pad an expense account just to suck you dry…this is not policy at King Investigators!

Contact King Investigators if you want the very best private investigators in Johannesburg on your side!


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