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Most investigations cross a broad spectrum of fields, some of which can evolve into both the criminal and civil arena during an investigation. Here are a few examples of how one case often leads an investigation elsewhere.

From infidelity to divorce to tracking hidden assets

A prime example of this kind of crossover in investigations would be in a divorce case that also involves large financial portfolios in which one party is denied their rightful share according to the law.

The private investigator then not only be gathering proof of infidelity to assist in the case, but will also need to track and find undeclared assets that may have been hidden in an attempt to defraud one or the other party in the case.

If you’re planning to hire a private investigator to provide proof our spouse is cheating, you need to make sure that he can also follow the trail of your spouse’s finances and assets, since the proof of infidelity on its own will not protect your financial interests when the case comes before a judge and assets have been hidden successfully.

Insurance claims investigations & workman’s compensation claims

An insurer will often hire a private investigator to gather evidence if insurance fraud is suspected. This is so that the investigator can produce video and photographic proof to be used against the fraudster.

Fraudulent workman’s compensation claims are also rife, and, since people will go to great lengths to defraud workman’s compensation, it is necessary to call in a trusted private investigator to prove whether or not the claim is in fact fraudulent.

Child custody & visitation rights

Common sense does not prevail when it comes to highly emotive child custody cases, and, if there is any suspicion that a child will be in circumstances that indicate the danger of abuse or neglect, it is best left to a private investigator to provide proof that will protect the child.

This kind of proof is absolutely necessary in cases where the parent is an addict or alcoholic, since this is often the doorway to other forms of abuse.

A private investigator will also be able to provide proof of whether visitation rights are being observed correctly by either party, so that if there are problems, the proof can be brought to the attention of the court to adjust visitation rights if necessary.

Business Intelligence Services & Due Diligence Investigations

A large number of businesses rely on the services offered by private investigators to provide business intelligence on new partners, a new investment opportunity or other transactions, before they make any critical decisions that will affect their financial and business future.

This is brought about mainly by the increase in white collar crime today, and the services offered by private investigators to businesses include covert operations, counterintelligence and undercover investigations, the evidence of which is then used by the company to determine the next step in any business transaction.

Choose a PSIRA registered private investigator

As professional investigators registered with PSIRA, King Investigators is a team of professionals that cover virtually every field of investigations, including polygraph testing and voice stress analysis, assistance with criminal cases and debugging of homes, offices and vehicles.

Contact owner Jacques Botha today to discuss the role he and his private investigators can play in protecting your personal or business life.

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