Choose the #1 PI in South Africa if you’re looking for evidence that sticks!

King Investigators, with owner Jacques Botha at the helm, brings over ten years’ worth of experience to their ability to gather evidence of high value to clients, earning this team its #1 spot in the industry by providing a full range of services that serve the interests of every client.

From your first conversation to the conclusion of your case, you’ll not only know you’re dealing with professionals, you’ll also know exactly what’s happening with your case through the open channel of communication King Investigators offers clients.

King Investigators is ahead of most in terms of being able to offer affordable investigative services, with an open policy about discussing rates right from the start, without dodging any of your questions.

King Investigators will make sure that you know where the costs of an investigation can be cut, and will let you know exactly what can be achieved in reality, through the use of various investigative methods, without having to fleece you or pad an expense tab with unnecessary costs.

As private investigators operating out of South Africa, many international investigators rely on the fact that King Investigators is in the unique position of being able to assist them with investigations on the home ground they know well, and to do so with integrity.

The reason these international investigators rely on King Investigators is because they don’t have the knowledge needed to carry out surveillance in a country such as ours with its great diversity of customs and culture, nor would someone from overseas have the necessary intimate knowledge of the areas and cities in which an investigation will take place.

Jacques and his team of professional highly trained operatives, use high level skills where it comes to the analysis of evidence gathered, bringing together a broad cross-section of exploratory methods to get the best results under tremendous pressure.

In any investigation there will be varying types of tasks that can only be carried out by someone who has had the best in training and experience, which is where being able to multitask, is also essential.

High risk investigations that have been carried out by Jacques and his team have taken them into Sub-Saharan Africa, including Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique and Lesotho, as well as having headed up sensitive investigations in Brazil and Argentina.

With a local and global perspective such as this team has gained, clients trust this team to deliver evidence that is irrefutable and that will stand up to scrutiny in any court!

Whether you need the services of a private investigator in your capacity as an individual or as a business owner, make sure that King Investigators is the first call you make.

You’ll find that the rest pale into insignificance in the light of the professionalism and integrity that sets King Investigators apart from the rest.

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