Take a proactive approach to the security of your company by instituting pre-employment polygraph tests

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that people have been lying since the dawn of time, and will continue to do so as long there is breath in the body, the difference today though, is that with the aid of technology, manufacturing false CV’s is made so much easier.

As it is, it’s human nature to want to see the best in everyone, to take them at face value on the strength of a CV that looks good a good gut feeling, but this is often where deception first starts with a prospective employee.

An employer can only go so far in terms of checking into the background of any potential candidate for employment, such as contacting references, but with crime syndicates involved in business today, there’ll be someone ready to take the call to confirm previous experience fraudulently, so this doesn’t help much either.

It takes an experienced private investigator with the knowledge and experience to use avenues of information gathering that the general public does not have access to, to do an in-depth background check.

These avenues include access to databases, platforms of information and other exploratory methods they are allowed to use when gathering everything needed to present an in-depth profile of a potential employee to the employer.

As an example, if your company is involved in research and development of new products, it’s vitally important to know as much as is humanly possible about anyone you employ for a position that offers access to high value company secrets.

Business crime syndicates are on hand to offer small fortunes to anyone willing to sell your trade secrets or even your client database.

Dealing with issues involving fraud, misappropriation of company assets or theft after the fact costs far more than hiring a private investigator to assist with pre-employment polygraph tests, taking a proactive approach to protecting your interests before someone is hired.

Other potential pitfalls for employers are things such as pre-existing drug or alcohol abuse on the part of a potential employee, as well as any indication of sexual abuse or misconduct. These are very costly errors for any company to make when employing someone, especially if they’re employed in a managerial position.

Although an employee cannot be forced to take a polygraph test, many companies have instituted pre-employment polygraph testing, which a potential employee can refuse, though it would not bode well for them if they’re reluctant to do so to secure the position.

The rising cost of white collar crime has led businesses to form professional relationships with trusted private investigators, in an effort to stem the tide and nip any chance of hiring the wrong person in the bud.

Take a proactive approach to lowering the risk of employing people who could do your company harm by contacting King Investigators in South Africa, to find out more about how these professionals can assist with confidential pre-employment polygraph testing.

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