The main reasons people will hire a private investigator in South Africa

None of us likes the idea of having to hire a private investigator to get proof that things are not what they seem on the surface, whether in a personal or business matter, but it’s the surest way of getting to the truth in any type of situation.

Depending on the circumstances of an investigation, a private investigator uses a variety of skills and tools, along with undercover surveillance to produce results that can be trusted to be truthful and honest.

If a private investigator is willing to do underhand things to gather evidence, including the use of manipulated and manufactured evidence, is going to do nothing but put your case in jeopardy.

Even if the evidence gathered isn’t destined to be used in court, it is evidence that will be used to by an individual or a business owner to make decisions on weighty issues that could have far reaching consequences for all involved.

It’s a must that you hire a private investigator with an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity, because in this the true measure of the quality of service and evidence produced at the conclusion of a case can be gauged.

The main reasons people hire private investigators in South Africa are:

Cheating spouses

There’s no getting around it, but cheating spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends is one of the main reasons people hire a private investigator in South Africa.

Proof of infidelity isn’t something any of us wants to face, but, when decisions need to be made about going forward with a relationship or ending it, having credible evidence on which to base your final decision carries far more weight than that of your sixth sense, which can often confuse us.

In-depth background checks

There are three main reasons people will request an in—depth background check on anyone:

  1. Pre-employment test – it’s so easy to create a false CV today, which has made it company policy for many businesses to hire a private investigator to carry out pre-employment background checks, so that you’ll know everything about the person you plan on hiring before you discover that they can do your business damage!
  2. Civil cases – hiding assets is a favourite gambit of people who are facing an expensive lawsuit. This makes it a good idea to hire a private detective to gather evidence of this before going ahead with the lawsuit.  If the person being sued really doesn’t have money, you’ll know that pursuing the case will cost more than it’s worth.
  3. Divorce cases – in acrimonious divorce cases, parties will attempt to hide assets in an effort to short-change the other party, in which case, only an experienced private investigator will be able to gather evidence that is a true reflection of the financial situation when it comes to an equitable settlement.


Child custody cases

Any family court making a ruling on child custody makes the safety of the child a first priority, especially if there is the suspicion of any form of abuse. If this is the case, only evidence gathered by a professional private investigator will be accepted to used as the basis for the ruling by the court on custody.

Suspicion is not enough, there has to be proof that the child will face neglect in an environment that would cause physical and psychological harm, before any judge can make a decision.

Missing people

Tracing missing people is something only an experienced, professional private investigator is able to do. This is because of the network he has built up over the years and his ability to gain access to information across various platforms that would not be available to the general public.

Business intelligence and due diligence services

These are investigative services that require a high level of experience on the part of a private investigator. Dealing with investigations that range from financial investigations to counterintelligence, through to providing in-depth information to companies planning on investing in new ventures, requires in-depth knowledge across various information platforms

There are many other reasons that people hire private investigators, which is also why it is necessary to make sure that the investigator you are planning on hiring has the ability to tackle your particular case.

Ultimately, highly trained and experienced private investigators will be able to expand any investigation into areas that lead off from these main reasons for hiring them.

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