What Does a Private Investigator Do On a Daily Basis?

If you’ve hired a highly experienced private investigator, you’ll know that he’s not the guy wearing a trench coat with a slouch hat, he’s the one who simply blends in among other people, without drawing any attention to himself.

Movies and pop culture have given us a false concept of private investigators, in that their days are lived at high speed and in great danger.

Although they do have to move quickly when information comes in, and danger is present in certain cases, their days are sometimes filled with mind-numbing research, which is essential to close a case, tying them to their desks.

Most private investigators have been in the police forces for many years and have an intimate knowledge of the legalities involved in gathering information, and, like the team of registered private investigators at King Investigators, they need a very diverse range of skills to stay on the cutting edge of their field.

What does a private investigator do on a daily basis?

With a private investigative company such as King Investigators in Gauteng, South Africa, you’re looking at what is termed a full-service private investigations team, which translates to the fact that no case is off-limits to these experienced investigators.

King Investigators, owned and managed by Jacques Botha, who is a registered private investigator with well over a decade in the field, you can expect he and his team to be able to tackle virtually any case that you may bring to them.

What’s important to note at this point, is that King Investigators and Jacques are registered with PSiRA, which is essential if you want to hire a legitimate private investigator in South Africa.

Here are a few examples of cases King Investigators tackle, generally speaking:

  • Cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Locating missing people, such as a birth parent, adopted child, someone who has skipped out on a criminal or civil case, or a long-lost friend
  • Assistance with custody cases through the use of surveillance to ensure that children are safe and parents are abiding by court mandated custody arrangements
  • Polygraph testing and lie detector testing
  • Investigating suspected employee theft, fraud or those who may be in violation of agreements, misuse of company time etc.
  • Surveillance services where employees are suspected off damaging or stealing company equipment and giving away free services.
  • In depth employee background investigations.
  • Background investigations for clients who are planning to choose a new partner in a business venture.
  • Insurance claims investigations
  • Due Diligence investigations
  • Corporate investigations

Why choose King Investigators?

King Investigators is about honesty, integrity and being able to offer clients 100% satisfaction with the outcome of their investigation, without wasting their time or money!

Speaking about money, you’ll find, when you chat to Jacques, that he is open and upfront about private investigator rates, and will always work to find a way to make your investigation meet with your budget.

Contact King Investigators to find out more about how they can assist you with your case, and join many other individuals, law firms, corporations, international clients and insurance companies who trust this team of professionals to deliver what they promise!


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