What Can Private Investigators Do and Not Do?

When things go wrong and someone needs proof of wrongdoing, whether as an individual or a corporation, this is when hiring a bona fide private investigator becomes a reality.

Many people ask the question; what can private investigators do and not do? The answer to that is really quite simple; if they are real professionals registered with the PSiRA and have the necessary knowledge of the legalities involved in investigations, they cannot break the law.

If you hire a PI who is willing to break the law, trespass or pose as a police man, you are going to be in for a whole lot of trouble, which could involve an expensive fine or jail time!

When there is no other way to get to the truth, it’s time to call on the team at King Investigators, who have all the experience, skill and training you could want on your case.

You can be absolutely certain that this team won’t rip you off and leave you with evidence that has been obtained illegally, making it of no use in court.

Honesty and integrity are bottom line for owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, and crossing the wrong lines would be out of the question. 

He and his team use well over a decade’s worth of experience in the field, both in South Africa and internationally, to deliver evidence that is incontrovertible.

What can private investigators do and not do?

What PI’s can do;

In general, what private investigators can do is to carry out in-depth background checks, carry out surveillance on cheating spouses, using their analytical skill to research everything they can when it comes to a civil or criminal case, as well as when it comes to a personal legal investigation.

Private investigators also work with the police when they are unable to go any further with their investigation, and although they’re allowed to carry a licensed firearm, they may not impersonate or perform any act only the police can perform, such as making arrests.

The role of PI is often to present their evidence in court, in conjunction with the police, which means you really need to make sure you hire a private investigator you can trust and rely on.

What PI’s cannot do;

As mentioned above, private investigators are not allowed to break the law, under any conditions or for any reason. It’s only the fact that a team like King Investigators has a full range of tactics, tools, experience, skill and resources that makes them different to the average man in the street, and they know how to gather information in a way we cannot.

A private investigator isn’t allowed to attach a GPS device to any vehicle without the permission of the vehicle owner, which is when undercover surveillance comes into play.

In terms of hacking into phones, cell phones or computers, this is a definite no-no for any private investigator.

The only way, as with GPS devices, to investigate email accounts, social media profiles that have a high level of privacy and bank accounts, again, the PI will have to have the permission of the owner to do this kind of investigation.

Contact King Investigations to find out more!

Contact King Investigations for a free, confidential consultation with Jacques, should you require any assistance in getting to the truth the right way!

He will also be able to fill you in on what is and isn’t possible to do, in terms of the direction you want your case to go.


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