What Services Do Private Investigators Provide?

Legitimate private investigations companies in South Africa is a growing industry, and as such, leaves many people wondering what services do private investigators provide?

This is a fair question, since many private investigators focus solely on corporate investigations, while others focus mainly on catching cheating spouses.

What you really want is a full-service private investigative company like King Investigators in your corner, especially because this team, headed by registered investigator Jacques Barlow, are able to tackle a full range of investigative services across the board.

Some investigations may involve a lot of data research, as well as surveillance, in which case, you’ve got the best on your side with this team.

Although King Investigators has earned a reputation for being the number one cheating spouse detectives in South Africa, they are so much more than this.

What services do private investigators provide?

Before we get to the services provided by King Investigators, let’s look at their profile after more than a decade in the field. They are registered with the PSiRA, which is very important if you’re going to hire a private investigator.

Most people don’t know that it is illegal to hire an unregistered private investigator, but it is. In fact, it is so illegal that it could result in a hefty fine or jail time, for you as client and for the PI you hired.

The basics of services provided by King Investigators;

Background checks

Digging into the background of a new client, current or former spouse, employee or boss and even a potential new business partner isn’t something you can do on you own without the right set of tools and resources, which is when it’s best to hire a private investigator to gather the information on your behalf.

King Investigators provide clients with fully comprehensive background reports that can be returned to you within 24 hours.

There are other reasons when an in-depth background report is necessary, such as in a divorce when assets are being hidden, finding out whether or not a potential lawsuit will be worth it, as well as when a will is being contested and much more.

Infidelity or Cheating Spouse investigations

King Investigators is well known as the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa, which means that this team of professionals fully understand the pain associated with what you are going through when you come to them for assistance.

You may not want to face the truth, but, living with the uncertainty and suspicion is far worse in the long run, and does far more damage to you and the relationship.

Owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, will treat your case with the sensitivity you deserve, and take seriously your concerns, working with you to make sure that the investigation runs according to your comfort levels, as difficult as it is.

Polygraph Testing/Lie Detector Testing

Business Intelligence Investigations

This includes financial and background investigations, covert operations and undercover investigations, internal theft investigations, theft of trade secrets, product theft, counterintelligence and more!

Tracing Services

King Investigators has, after well over a decade in the industry, a vast amount of experience in locating missing people, whether they are loved ones, people you may have a criminal or civil case against, long lost relatives and friends.

If you need someone found, this is the team to trust with the case!

Contact Jacques for a free, confidential consultation to find out what he and his team at King Investigators can do to assist you with getting the evidence you need, the quality of evidence that will stand up in court!


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