What do Private Investigators Do?

In real, daily life, private investigators are nothing like their counterparts portrayed in movies. Life is in fact a lot tougher for private investigators in South Africa, bound as they are to the code of conduct enforced by the governing body overseeing their activities, which is the PSiRA.

They can’t just go ahead and pick locks to trespass and enter a private property at will, whether residential or business, since this is the surest way to have evidence thrown out in court.

But what do private investigators do? In general, the public has the perception that all private investigators do is to catch cheating spouses, and though catching cheaters in the act is a large part of their business, there’s a lot more to a professional private investigator’s portfolio than this.

There’s the civil arena and the criminal arena, and a few grey areas in-between that call for the services of a bona fide private investigator, which is mainly in the business sector, though it includes gathering evidence for civil cases brought by individuals against another person.

A criminal investigation can take many different avenues, which could involve anything from evidence of drug dealing to kidnapping and murder, especially when you take into account how stretched the South African Police are in terms of funding and being severely understaffed.

When you look at a private investigations firm such as King Investigators, you get the whole picture of just how varied their investigations are, especially as a full-service investigations firm, able to carry out a wide variety of investigations.

What do private investigators do?

As a full-service investigations firm, there is no type of case that is off-limits to owner of King Investigators, Jacques Botha, and his team, all of whom are professional, experienced and registered private investigators.

These are the caliber of private investigators you want on your side in any type of investigation, knowing you can rely on the integrity and honesty that drives these guys, to give you guaranteed results that can be relied on in court.

Even if you’re not planning on taking the evidence produced by King Investigators to court, you’ll have quality evidence based on the truth by the time they complete an investigation, and this team doesn’t waste your time, nor will they waste your money!

Having been in the industry for well over a decade, Jacques and his team value the reputation they’ve earned as being totally committed to the pursuit of truth on behalf of their clients.

In the search for truth, Jacques and his team put the needs and expectations of the client first, leaving out any unnecessary frills in their pursuit of quality evidence.

Here’s a short list of investigative services provided by King Investigators

  • Cheating spouse/infidelity investigations
  • Child custody surveillance – putting the safety of your children first
  • Employee theft and fraud investigations
  • In-depth employee background checks
  • Professional Polygraph and lie detector services, using the latest technology
  • Tracing services that help you to locate a birth parent, adopted child, missing friend or relative, as well as locating witnesses in criminal cases and those hiding from civil cases
  • Background checks into the background of people you’re planning to enter into business with, so that you know exactly who you’re dealing with, before your business or finances are put in jeopardy
  • Due Diligence investigative services and business intelligence services, which means that nothing is off-limits for King Investigators when it comes to protecting your business interests
  • Surveillance; King Investigators are surveillance experts, and any time surveillance is required on any case, you can rest assured that these professionals will protect you and the integrity of the investigation through their extensive experience

Need to know more about what King Investigators do?

King Investigators is home to the top private investigators in South Africa, and if you want a trusted private investigator to handle your investigation in search of truth, then contact Jacques today for a free, confidential consultation.

This will be your introduction to private investigators who will treat your case with the professionalism you deserve, while taking great care to work within your budget to produce results based on fact.

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