Who Hires Private Investigators?

Before you go about hiring a private investigator in South Africa, it’s essential to do your own investigation into the top registered private investigators out there.

Taking into account that there are currently only around 550 PSiRA-registered private investigators in South Africa, you really need to be very careful that you avoid hiring anyone who isn’t registered.

If you’ve never had cause to hire a private investigator, you may be asking the question; who hires private investigators?

This is unfamiliar territory for most of us, and it helps to have an understanding about who hires private investigators to make our decision a little more comfortable.

Most people don’t know about this, and Jacques Botha, registered PSiRA private investigator, and owner of King Investigators, is passionate about educating the general public about this, so that no one is taken in by fraudsters out there posing as PI’s.

Anytime anyone needs to obtain evidence they can’t acquire on their own, they’ll turn to professional private investigators who bring experience, training and skill to an investigation, knowing that PI’s have access to avenues of information that the general public doesn’t have.

It’s also very dangerous, in most cases, to try and obtain evidence of wrongdoing on your own, whether it’s proof of a spouse cheating, or an employee stealing from a company.

Who hires private investigators?

Before we get into who hires private investigators in South Africa, we need to look at the full scope of investigations a top private investigations firm like King Investigators in Gauteng and Cape Town is able to conduct successfully.

These range from investigations into employee theft, cheating spouses, financial crime investigations, criminal and civil investigations. In addition to this, King Investigators offer professional Polygraph and lie detector tests, tracing missing people, domestic cases such as child custody and divorce.

Along with this, King Investigators are surveillance experts, as well as having the skill and knowledge necessary for corporate investigations, due diligence services and money-laundering investigations.

Here we’ll get back to who hires private investigators, in order to give you an outline that may assist you in making the decision to hire a private investigator;

Private individuals

Private individuals will hire a private investigator to obtain evidence on a cheating spouse, to carry out surveillance that helps to protect children in a custody case, to find a long-lost relative, friend or someone who is necessary in a civil case you are involved in.

Private individuals will also hire a private investigator to find out whether their spouse or partner is involved in activities such as gambling or drugs, especially for those who have met a new romantic partner and want background information on them, before taking the relationship to another level.

Law firms

Lawyers and prosecutors will hire a private investigator to obtain evidence on behalf of their client, which can assist them in either a civil or criminal case.

Police Services

Because most police detectives have cases piling up on their desks, with little in the way of resources, or enough time to focus on one case at a time, victims or families of victims will hire a private investigator to obtain vital pieces of information, as well as further evidence, in order to bring a case to court successfully.

Corporations & Businesses

Corruption and fraud is rife in our toppling economy, which is why many companies and corporations will hire a private investigator to carry out investigations into employee theft, misappropriation of funds or company goods and time, or, as has become a norm, to carry out in-depth background checks on potential employees.

Due diligence and business intelligence services are designed to protect the owner and business from being dragged into crimes like money laundering, or to make sure that the person they’re considering as a partner is who they say they are.

Whenever large sums of money are involved, it’s essential that you know what you’re buying, if it’s a company, and who you’ll be involved in, if it’s a potential investor or partner.

International Clients

King Investigators may be based in South Africa, but owner and registered private investigator, Jacques Botha, has undertaken his fair share of dangerous, challenging investigations that have taken him and his team across the borders of South Africa, and to countries like Argentina and Brazil.

Many international private investigators rely on the professionalism, integrity and honesty of the team at King Investigators to assist them with on-the-ground investigations in South Africa.

This is especially valuable to international clients conducting investigations, due to the fact that the team at King Investigators knows the lay of the land locally like the proverbial back of their hand.

If, for any reason, you find that you need to hire a private investigator in South Africa, contact Jacques at King Investigators for a free consultation that’ll give you the guidance and advice you may need to get your investigation underway.

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