How Private Investigators Find You?

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be found, you may be wondering; how private investigators find you? If someone wants to find you, and they have information about you that could prove helpful, such as your ID number, your name or nick-names, names of friends and relatives, career information or any other background information, including other places where you’ve lived, things could move pretty quickly.

Private investigators like the team at King Investigators, have cut their teeth on tracing people, and having been in the industry for well over a decade, they know each step it takes to find someone like the back of their hands.

How private investigators find you?

Here are a few of the steps it’ll take for a private investigator to find you:


The first step will be to start the tracing process, which is also known as skip tracing, aptly named for people who have skipped out for one reason or the other and need to be traced.

This is about collecting as much information as possible about the subject under investigation, turning to public resources that include:

  • Public Records Databases
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Loan Applications
  • Court Records

In this way, King Investigators are able to gather a phenomenal amount of information very quickly, making it easier to find the person.

Undercover Surveillance

With all the information on hand, the team at King Investigators can use it to carry out undercover surveillance on the subject at an address they have found. If there is no sign of the subject after a period of time, further undercover surveillance will have to be carried out to find out if the subject may be living with someone else, who he or she may be living with. They may also find out where the person is working, which will make finding them even easier.

The basics of how a private investigator locates people

Successfully locating people is like putting together a puzzle made up of the pieces of information, just waiting to be put together, to form a complete picture. 

This is the gathering of tracing information, analytical skill, surveillance and other investigative techniques that finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together, to point towards where the subject is more than likely to be found.

Using all the information gathered throughout the investigation, the private investigator will then be able to find and finally locate the subject of the investigation for the client.

More about King Investigators – from SA to Argentina

King Investigators aren’t limited to operating in South Africa. In fact, Jacques and his team have handled some pretty high risk investigations that have taken them from Mozambique, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland, right across the ocean to Brazil and Argentina.

This is the level of experience you want on your side, whenever you need the services of a private investigator in South Africa, whether it’s for business intelligence services, background checks, polygraph and lie detector tests, and more.

There is excellence in exploratory and analytical skills brought to each investigation, with this team able to work under tremendous pressure, while multitasking without missing a step.

Contact Jacques at King Investigations today, to find out more about what he can do to find someone for you, or to help you with any other type of investigation. Your call will be free and confidential, and will also give you an opportunity for you to ask about private investigator rates.

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