How Private Investigators Catch Cheaters?

If you’re living with the painful suspicion that your spouse might be cheating on you, and you’re ready to face the truth by hiring a private investigator, you may be asking the question; how private investigators catch cheaters?

Unfortunately, statistics tell us that wives suspecting their husbands of cheating are right 85% of the time, while husbands are right only 50% of the time.

We’ll look at 6 of the most common signs of cheating here, but you need to keep in mind that one or two of these changes don’t necessarily mean you’re being cheated on, there could be other reasons for these changes:

Suspicious phone behavior: Your spouse suddenly becomes very secretive about their phone, hiding it or deleting call logs and messages, for instance. He or she may also get a lot more calls that turn out to be ‘wrong numbers’.

Differences in intimacy: There could be a definite decrease in affection or intimacy, or the opposite, as well as a complete change in the kind of sexual preferences shown by your spouse, which could definitely mean they’re having an affair.

Appearance changes: Your spouse may suddenly change his/her personal hygiene behavior and/ or completely change their style of dressing or intimate wear, which could well indicate that he or she is cheating.

Grooming & bathing changes: When your spouse showers immediately when they get home, if it’s out of character, changes the perfume or cologne they normally wear, or completely changes their grooming habits, these could be signs of cheating.

Work routine changes: it’s the same old story, but, when your spouse suddenly has to go to a conference more often than ever before, or has to work late, like never before, infidelity could be rearing its head.

Secretive internet behavior: A cheating spouse will change his or her computer habits, becoming secretive about things like making sure the browser history is always deleted.

How private investigators catch cheaters?

If you’re wondering how to go about catching a cheater in a discreet but safe way, your best first step would be to contact King Investigators, the number one cheating spouse detective in South Africa.

Jacques Botha, registered private investigator and owner of King Investigators, along with his team of private investigators have handled thousands of cheating spouse cases, and will put every resource at your disposal to find out whether or not you are in fact being cheated on by your spouse.

King Investigators use a range of investigative tools, which includes undercover surveillance, video footage and still photos, along with state of the art technology, to bring you guaranteed results at the conclusion of the investigation.

Jacques and his team understand how difficult this situation is for you, and with over a decade’s worth of experience in the field, they’ll treat your case with the sensitivity you deserve, and give full weight to your suspicions, as you plan the way forward for the investigation.

Contact King Investigators today!

If living with the suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you is becoming too much for you, and you’d rather face the truth, no matter how hard it may be, contact Jacques for a free confidential consultation today, to find out more about how to get to the truth.

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